Books we like

Barfield, Owen  Saving the Appearances



Bartlett, J & Holloway, E  Naturalism and its Alternatives in Scientific Methodology


BealeBeale, G K  The Temple and the Church’s Mission



Beale, G K  A New Testament Biblical Theology



Briggs, William  Uncertainty – The Soul of Modeling, Probability and Statistics



buellBuell, Jon (ed)  Darwinism: Science or Philosophy



carrollCarroll, Sean B  Endless Forms Most Beautiful



Chabarek, Michael (OP) Catholicism and Evolution: A History from Darwin to Pope Francis


Chabarek, Michael (OP)  Aquinas and Evolution



Collins, C. John  Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?



cunninghamCunningham, Conor   Darwin’s Pious Idea



Darwall, Rupert  Green Tyranny



darwinDarwin, Charles  The Origin of Species & The Voyage of the Beagle



bdaviesDavies, Brian  The Reality of God and the Problem of Evil



daviesDavies, Paul  The Mind of God



Davies2Davies, P & Gregersen N H Information and the Nature of Reality



DembskisDembski, William A  Being as Communion



510GGN01Q8LDenton, Michael J  Evolution: A Theory in Crisis



dentonDenton, Michael J  Nature’s Destiny



41Cy4Ll+KyLDenton, Michael J  Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis



douthatDouthat, Ross Bad Religion



51LAYn39IkLEddington, Arthur Stanley The Nature of the Physical World



417YlDRfqULEllul, Jacques  Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes



feserFeser, Edward  Aquinas



flewFlew, Anthony  There is a God



garteGarte, Seymour   Where We Stand



Garvey, Jon  God’s Good Earth



Gay, Craig M  The Way of the (Modern) World



gilsonGilson, Étienne  From Aristotle to Darwin and Back Again



gloverGlover, Gordon Beyond the Firmament



DembskiGordon, B L & Dembski, W A   The Nature of Nature



guinnessGuinness, Os  The Last Christian on Earth



hannamHannam, James  God’s Philosophers



Heisenberg, Werner  Physics and Philosophy



Hess, R.S. & Tsumura, D.T.  I Studied Inscriptions from Before the Flood



HimmelHimmelfarb, Gertrude  Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution



hoffHoffneier, J K & Magary, D R  Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith?



Horowitz, Wayne  Mesopotamian Cosmic Geography



kuhnKuhn, Thomas S  The Structure of Scientific Revolutions



lennoxLennox, John C   God’s Undertaker



Lewis, C S  Miracles – A Preliminary Study



lewisLewis, C S    The Abolition of Man



Lewis, C S  Studies in Words



LindbergLindberg, D C & Numbers R L  When Science and Christianity Meet



livingstoneLivingstone, David N   Adam’s Ancestors



LivingstoneLivingstone, David N  Darwin’s Forgotten Defenders



PlaceLivingstone, David N  Putting Science in its Place



Lovegrove, Roger  Silent Fields – The long decline of a nation’s wildlife



LovejoyLovejoy, Arthur O  The Great Chain of Being



MacKayMacKay, Donald M  The Clockwork Image



mccabeMcCabe, Herbert  God Matters



McCannMcCann, Hugh J  Creation and the Sovereignty of God



mcgrathMcGrath, Alister  The Reenchantment of Nature



McGrath2McGrath, Alister Darwinism and the Divine



mcgrath3McGrath, Alister  Dawkins’ God: Genes, Memes and the Meaning of Life



Marshall, Perry  Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design


meyerMeyer, Stephen C   Signature in the Cell



MeyerdoubtMeyer, Stephen C Darwin’s Doubt



Middleton, J Richard  The Liberating Image



middletonsMiddleton, J Richard  A New Heaven and a New Earth



Nagel, Thomas  NagelMind and Cosmos



nobleNoble Denis  The Music of Life



numbersNumbers, Ronald L  Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths about Science and Religion



packerPacker, James I  Knowing God



Paley, William   paleyNatural Theology



piperPiper J, Taylor J, Helseth PK Beyond the Bounds



plantingaPlantinga, Alvin  Where the Conflict Really Lies



polanyiPolanyi, Michael Personal Knowledge – towards a post-critical philosophy



Postell, Seth D  Adam as Israel: Genesis 1-3 as the Introduction to the Torah and Tanakh


PremackPremack, D & A  Original Intelligence



51D8eR+wIBLRichards, Jay W  God and Evolution



Rieppel, Olivier  Turtles as Hopeful Monsters



Rochberg, Francesca  Before Nature – Cuneiform Knowledge and the History of Science


ozRossiter, Wayne D  Shadow of Oz



rouxRoux, George Ancient Iraq



burtonRussell, Jeffery Burton   Exposing Myths about Christianity



rrussellRussell, Robert John  Cosmology from Alpha to Omega



SailhamerSailhamer, John H  The Meaning of the Pentateuch



scrutonScruton, Roger   Modern Philosophy



shapiroShapiro, James A  Evolution – a View from the 21st Century



Stanley, Matthew  Huxley’s Church and Maxwell’s Demon: From Theistic Science to Naturalistic Science



TraherneTraherne, Thomas     Centuries of Meditations



Turner, J Scott  Purpose and Desire



41jdmVneAALsWallace, Alfred Russel  The World of Life



walton1Walton, John H  The Lost World of Genesis 1



walton2Walton, John H  Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology



waltonadamWalton, John H  The Lost World of Adam and Eve



wardWard, P D & Brownlee, D   Rare Earth



warfieldWarfield, Benjamin B   Evolution, Science and Scripture



westWest, John G (Ed)  The Magician’s Twin



917slrNyGILWhitehead, NE & BK  My Genes Made Me Do It!: Homosexuality and the Scientific Evidence



wilcoxWilcox, David L   God and Evolution



518fc0Qks8LWright, N T   Surprised by Hope



wybrowWybrow, Cameron   The Bible, Baconianism, and Mastery over Nature



YockeyYockey, Hubert P  Information Theory, Evolution and the Origin of Life