Books we like

Barfield, Owen  Saving the Appearances



Bartlett, J & Holloway, E  Naturalism and its Alternatives in Scientific Methodology


BealeBeale, G K  The Temple and the Church’s Mission



Briggs, William  Uncertainty – The Soul of Modeling, Probability and Statistics



buellBuell, Jon (ed)  Darwinism: Science or Philosophy



carrollCarroll, Sean B  Endless Forms Most Beautiful



Chabarek, Michael (OP) Catholicism and Evolution: A History from Darwin to Pope Francis


Chabarek, Michael (OP)  Aquinas and Evolution



cunninghamCunningham, Conor   Darwin’s Pious Idea



darwinDarwin, Charles  The Origin of Species & The Voyage of the Beagle



bdaviesDavies, Brian  The Reality of God and the Problem of Evil



daviesDavies, Paul  The Mind of God



Davies2Davies, P & Gregersen N H Information and the Nature of Reality



DembskisDembski, William A  Being as Communion



510GGN01Q8LDenton, Michael J  Evolution: A Theory in Crisis



dentonDenton, Michael J  Nature’s Destiny



41Cy4Ll+KyLDenton, Michael J  Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis



douthatDouthat, Ross Bad Religion



51LAYn39IkLEddington, Arthur Stanley The Nature of the Physical World



417YlDRfqULEllul, Jacques  Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes



feserFeser, Edward  Aquinas



flewFlew, Anthony  There is a God



garteGarte, Seymour   Where We Stand



Gay, Craig M  The Way of the (Modern) World



gilsonGilson, Étienne  From Aristotle to Darwin and Back Again



gloverGlover, Gordon Beyond the Firmament



DembskiGordon, B L & Dembski, W A   The Nature of Nature



guinnessGuinness, Os  The Last Christian on Earth



hannamHannam, James  God’s Philosophers



HimmelHimmelfarb, Gertrude  Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution



hoffHoffneier, J K & Magary, D R  Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith?



Horowitz, Wayne  Mesopotamian Cosmic Geography



kuhnKuhn, Thomas S  The Structure of Scientific Revolutions



lennoxLennox, John C   God’s Undertaker



Lewis, C S  Miracles – A Preliminary Study



lewisLewis, C S    The Abolition of Man



Lewis, C S  Studies in Words



LindbergLindberg, D C & Numbers R L  When Science and Christianity Meet



livingstoneLivingstone, David N   Adam’s Ancestors



LivingstoneLivingstone, David N  Darwin’s Forgotten Defenders



PlaceLivingstone, David N  Putting Science in its Place



Lovegrove, Roger  Silent Fields – The long decline of a nation’s wildlife



LovejoyLovejoy, Arthur O  The Great Chain of Being



MacKayMacKay, Donald M  The Clockwork Image



mccabeMcCabe, Herbert  God Matters



McCannMcCann, Hugh J  Creation and the Sovereignty of God



mcgrathMcGrath, Alister  The Reenchantment of Nature



McGrath2McGrath, Alister Darwinism and the Divine



mcgrath3McGrath, Alister  Dawkins’ God: Genes, Memes and the Meaning of Life



Marshall, Perry  Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design


meyerMeyer, Stephen C   Signature in the Cell



MeyerdoubtMeyer, Stephen C Darwin’s Doubt



Middleton, J Richard  The Liberating Image



middletonsMiddleton, J Richard  A New Heaven and a New Earth



Nagel, Thomas  NagelMind and Cosmos



nobleNoble Denis  The Music of Life



numbersNumbers, Ronald L  Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths about Science and Religion



packerPacker, James I  Knowing God



Paley, William   paleyNatural Theology



piperPiper J, Taylor J, Helseth PK Beyond the Bounds



plantingaPlantinga, Alvin  Where the Conflict Really Lies



polanyiPolanyi, Michael Personal Knowledge – towards a post-critical philosophy



Postell, Seth D  Adam as Israel: Genesis 1-3 as the Introduction to the Torah and Tanakh


PremackPremack, D & A  Original Intelligence



51D8eR+wIBLRichards, Jay W  God and Evolution



Rieppel, Olivier  Turtles as Hopeful Monsters



Rochberg, Francesca  Before Nature – Cuneiform Knowledge and the History of Science


ozRossiter, Wayne D  Shadow of Oz



rouxRoux, George Ancient Iraq



burtonRussell, Jeffery Burton   Exposing Myths about Christianity



rrussellRussell, Robert John  Cosmology from Alpha to Omega



SailhamerSailhamer, John H  The Meaning of the Pentateuch



scrutonScruton, Roger   Modern Philosophy



shapiroShapiro, James A  Evolution – a View from the 21st Century



Stanley, Matthew  Huxley’s Church and Maxwell’s Demon: From Theistic Science to Naturalistic Science



TraherneTraherne, Thomas     Centuries of Meditations



41jdmVneAALsWallace, Alfred Russel  The World of Life



walton1Walton, John H  The Lost World of Genesis 1



walton2Walton, John H  Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology



waltonadamWalton, John H  The Lost World of Adam and Eve



wardWard, P D & Brownlee, D   Rare Earth



warfieldWarfield, Benjamin B   Evolution, Science and Scripture



westWest, John G (Ed)  The Magician’s Twin



917slrNyGILWhitehead, NE & BK  My Genes Made Me Do It!: Homosexuality and the Scientific Evidence



wilcoxWilcox, David L   God and Evolution



518fc0Qks8LWright, N T   Surprised by Hope



wybrowWybrow, Cameron   The Bible, Baconianism, and Mastery over Nature



YockeyYockey, Hubert P  Information Theory, Evolution and the Origin of Life