What we are

The Hump of the Camel is an international group of Christian thinkers and writers who are convinced that the core teachings of classical Christianity are thoroughly compatible with good science. This includes particularly the matter of origins – together with all that is included in the historical doctrine of creation. They wish to provide a forum in which this can be openly affirmed, in which arguments for it can be developed not only from science and theology, but from philosophy, metaphysics, history and sociology, and in which discussion is  open, cordial and productive.

Because they come from different academic backgrounds and from a variety of Christian traditions, the writers represent both a healthy diversity of views on the issues, and a mutually correcting environment which, they hope, will be a model for moving the discussion away from entrenched positions. They hold both science and theology in deep respect, but regard both as open to criticism wherever they seem to depart from God’s two books: that of nature and that of revelation.

The ultimate purpose of The Hump is to help restore to the Christian faith its historic position at the forefront of the study of, and reverence towards, the natural world, without compromising the theology of the Bible and of the historic Church traditions. In other words, we aim to re-enchant the good creation of the Trinitarian God.

It is Christ’s Church, and those seeking God, whom we most wish to serve through The Hump.nightchews