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Over the weekend, I had the notion that it might be worthwhile gathering the posts I did on COVID-related matters during the madness into a small paperback, and getting a few copies privately printed to hand out to friends as a kind of “war diary.” Everyone has their own baneful memories of those times, of course, some of which are slowly starting to heal. But my USP, I thought, might be of historical interest as a doctor who had just completed a book on propaganda and state deception when the business began.

What actually prompted the idea was the comment of a friend along the common lines of “Nobody knew anything at the time.” Knowing that to be tosh, since I’d read and written plenty questioning the policies at the time, I thought that the contemporaneous record of a published blog might refute it for good.

But alas! When I cut and pasted the columns relating to the subject, I found that those from 2020 alone would fill 420 academic-sized pages, and only take us up to the first UK “vaccine” rollout and the second UK lockdown. So it’s probably not going to happen, unless any readers want to commission a subscription tome like those dealing with abstruse theological subjects in Victorian times. Otherwise, I fear my Journal of the SAGE Year will fall into oblivion when I die or when my Black Rock owned web host takes The Hump down. History is so ephemeral nowadays.

Be that as it may, I’ll just record a couple of general findings only noticed in retrospect (apart from the fact that the COVID scare struck just as my Generations of Heaven and Earth was published, trashing the sales ever since. Nobody was going to invite me to a conference on Genealogical Adam in 2020!).

The first thing is confirmation of how everything that needed to be known about every controversial aspect of COVID was known as it happened, or soon afterwards… or in many cases beforehand. For example, as soon as I learned that the “vaccines” they were rushing to produce were mRNA technology, it was immediately possible to find all the theoretical drawbacks that have now come to fruition, together with documentation of the failure to use the technology to produce a safe vaccine hitherto.

Indeed, the most surprising thing, in retrospect, was that by around May 2020 I, like many others, more or less had the whole dismal situation sussed, from the uselessness of lockdowns and the relative mildness of the “killer virus” to the Great Reset lurking in the shadows.

The other intriguing thing, from the conspiracy point of view, is that my list of blogs in January 2020, trumpeting my forthcoming book release and a variety of unrelated subjects, ended with a post on January 31st which was simply a Union Jack. I was celebrating the finalising of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, which happened that day.

Now, I’ve heard a good many commentators say that there have been two events that caused most panic amongst Globalist elites. One was the unexpected result of Britain’s Brexit referendum. The other, of course, was the election of the outsider and Deep-State nemesis Donald Trump in the USA. The reasons are obvious: cleaning out the Augean stables of Washington would rob Globalism of its hegemonic capital. And the Brexit vote, if seen to be a success, would be likely to lead to the breakup of the subsidiary power structures on this side of the Atlantic. In retrospect, then, the intensity of the efforts to undermine both revolutions makes perfect sense.

Four years on, when it’s easier to put past events into context, it is interesting that COVID, now almost certainly known to be a lab leak in which US operators were heavily involved, occurred just as the political efforts to derail Brexit had finally run out, and just as the fanatical efforts to destroy Trump looked like failing in election year. Both the Brexit completion, and the US election, were after all events timetabled well in advance, so if perchance anyone nefarious had decided a pandemic would be a useful strategy for weakening those particular threats, there had been four years in both cases to get one organised.

That’s actually no more tin-foil-hat than the general suspicion, voiced back in 2020, that SARS-CoV-2 was either produced, or weaponised, to further a major transfer of power and wealth to a new world order. In fact it gives a reason for the particular timing, and even accounts for a degree of panic from working to an unexpected deadline.

If this conspiratorial possibility is accepted as a hypothesis, the first question is whether Brexit and a potential Trump landslide would have been reasonable grounds for such a major intervention. That depends on whether either, or both, were seen as existential threats to an unfolding plan for a new world order. As I have said, a number of commentators from various walks of life have suggested they were seen as such, and the evidence comes in the form of the veritable firestorm of activity to prevent them both coming to fruition from 2016 on.

I don’t think we need concern ourselves with wondering what kind of people might use a global disease for political or material gain. We have only to look at the cancellations, the care-home deaths, the outlawing of effective treatments, the covering up of vaccine harms, the total destruction of Western economies by COVID policies, the “coincidental” fomenting of BLM riots and their statue-demolishing aftermath, the provocation of a European war and the sabotage of negotiations that might have save a million or so lives… we are thoroughly used to the idea of the global sociopath now. Indeed, anyone who wants to produce a global revolution with no concern for the people’s own wishes except to manipulate them psychologically, is by definition a psychopath.

A second question is the extent to which a deliberately managed pandemic might be expected to succeed in getting rid of both Brexit and MAGA.

The case of Brexit is quite straightforward, it seems to me. Remainers are now saying that Brexit has failed economically. Whilst that is not quite true, in that Britain’s economy is not failing quite as badly as most of the EU, it is certainly true that COVID measures, initiated within a few weeks of the deal being completed, managed both to trash the UK economy for the foreseeable future, and to hinder and distract from what should have been the UK government’s priority of sorting out trade deals around the world. That’s hard to do when world trade has been cancelled, just as the new sense of national independence is quashed when we are in lockstep with Europe over a supposed health issue.

Ministers were partying and snorting cocaine as ordinary people were locked up, and peaceful demonstrators against vaccine passports were bludgeoned by police in riot gear, as politicians globe-trotted to climate conferences and only masked up for press photos. They seemed, in practice, untroubled by COVID, but had been falling over themselves to prevent Brexit.

As for Trump, remember that a major factor in the Democrat campaign was his failure to deal well with the virus. Remember Biden et al saying they would never take an untested vaccine Trump had produced (before mandating it once they got into power). Remember the twisting of Trump’s statements about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, to the extent of both demonising and banning these safe and effective treatments. And remember, too, what we have learned from Scott Atlas, Robert F. Kennedy and Congressional hearings about how the COVID Task Force was used to work against the President, rather than under him.

And remember how this was only part of the dirty-tricks campaign against Trump, at a time when supposedly the nation was on a united war-footing against the biggest health threat since Spanish Flu.

If the idea of a Globalist deep-state is credible at all, then I think the use of a pandemic to destroy two major threats to it is not too implausible. The timing, after all, was immaculate. But although the elites think they are gods, they are but mere men. Britain may soon fall back into line again under a globalist Labour government, but the European Project is in disarray as popular sentiments shift sharply to the right, and are reflected in votes. And it looks as if nothing but the death penalty for Trump under the current absurd lawfare will prevent an even greater landslide in the coming election.

The ordinary people of the world would not take another supposed pandemic as passively as the last, especially just four years on, although Bird Flu might provide a useful sideshow. However, a global war against Russia and China requires only a few NATO boots on Russian soil. Conscripting the rebellious young men will keep them away from the AfD or Reform voting booths. And even Donald Trump would find it hard to make America great again once the missiles start falling on Alabama.

Down the rabbit hole we go again…

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  1. Peter Hickman says:

    Last night I was in conversation with my ‘home group’, including a friend who has just got back from doing three months of voluntary work in Ukraine. It did not surprise me to learn, from a credible source, about NATO boots already on the ground in Ukraine; indeed, this fact was leaked and reported on by the BBC over a year ago:
    Now that Ukraine has been given permission to fire on Russian territory, it seems only a small step for Ukrainian troops to cross the border (if they haven’t already done so); if any of them are captured on Russian soil it won’t help if NATO personnel are amongst them.

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      Ah, but there have to be boots on the ground and missiles in the city to prevent Russian aggression increasing against Europe. Or something. A bit like sneering at a mugger to stop him mugging you.

  2. shopwindows says:

    Chronicling Pepys into the past as our Overton windows were moving a bit like an express moving out of the station, particularly as medical quandaries were rapidly joined by war, climate, food and we realised something was afoot globally? But what will settled history say? Have we discovered that our understanding of the Spanish Flu and many other seminal events turned out to be approved narrative myth rather more than fact? Will the manufactured hysteria, the lab leak, the zoonotic natural origin, the furin cleavage manipulation, the biological and mind bending warfare dominate?

    It seems quite comical to hear debate on the odd billion when money was clearly no object when the 2020 show was played out. Eat out to help out! Really!!

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      Well, on historical myths, over the years I’ve tracked a number of “scientific myths” on here, from the Christian flat earth to Newton’s “God of the Gaps.” But the sheer proliferation of reboots to society since COVID has, as you say, minded our boggles astonishingly.

      As for the disproportion of money matters consider, as well as the £100 bn for the testing Moonshot and “Eat out to help out,” that (a) the current estimated enrichment of oligarchs at the world’s expense is now estimated at $6 trillion from 2020-2023 (which of course misses out much of Black Rock’s Ukraine war booty) and (b) the paltry compensation both for vaccine damage and the Postmasters’ scandal is still hotly disputed for each case, and in very few has actually been delivered.

      And all that is before the collapse and replacement of the world financial system concentrates the wealth to the few even more.

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