Three non-Amazon book plugs

As the title suggests, there are three interesting new books which, at this time, are not available from Amazon.

The first is an important new book on Climate Alarm by the leading environmentalist Michael Shellenberger, Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All, and it’s not on Amazon simply because it’s not published yet. You can pre-order it, though.

Its importance lies in that it comprehensively demolishes climate alarm from the inside in 400 detailed pages, not least admitting that the reason people like him have not spoken up to backtrack on the worst excesses of fearmongering is fear of the consequences for themselves. The “climate consensus” is indeed, as skeptics have been saying all along, a mixture of poor science, propaganda and intimidation of dissidents.

Though the book is not yet out, you can read its message in a major article by the author here. The fact that this piece was originally posted on Forbes, but was taken down the same day, is itself very informative. You may anticipate the character assassination and authoritative rebuttals that will hit Shellenberger in the near future, just like those made against Patrick Moore, Greenpeace founder, when he left because of its leftist politicization.

The defection of Shellenberger follows the recent film by Michael Moore, Planet of the Humans, exposing the sham of the renewable energy industry (since taken off You-Tube for “editing” after Moore was more or less cancelled by the environmentalist cabal), and that of the Extinction Rebellion leader known as Zion Lights, who after following Greta’s advice to look at the science instead of listening to Greta, is now lobbying in favour of nuclear power.

This is all to the good, though given the economies already being ruined by useless decarbonisation measures, the discrediting of science, and the dire effects on the mental health of children and others over thirty years, it’s a shame Shellenberger didn’t speak out earlier. Saving the world is less important than saving ones own reputation and generating book sales, it seems, for mainstream environmentalists.

The second book, published by the UK’s New Culture Forum, is Marc Sidwell, The Long March: How the left won the culture war and what to do about it, which is available for free download here. This too has no Amazon entry, though the publishers say it is available from there in hard copy for £10. Maybe it’s just not gone through their system yet. There’s a great taster interview with the author on YouTube to whet your appetite.

As the title suggests, it’s a very comprehensible overview of how our society has got to the situation so many of us have been noticing, of Postmodern morality and leftist politics swamping our world, apparently without any effective opposition even from “conservative” governments here and elsewhere.

To some extent, it’s the book I wrote last year (vide infra) but couldn’t interest any potential endorsees in, and I’m actually glad that what needed saying is out there in an accessible form. A very informative read on the realities of Cultural Marxism, with some positive suggestions about how you can contribute to its weakening.

The third book is the one I wrote last year but couldn’t interest any potential endorsees in! It’s Jon Garvey, Seeing Through Smoke: living the truth in an age of deception. You can download it as another free pdf via the dedicated page on this site here (there’s also a permanent link in the header).

Unlike Sidwell’s book, mine is addressed specifically to Christians, especially church leaders, whereas his is aimed at political conservatives (though he too is a Christian and a churchgoer). And so I’ve set it in the context of the biblical narrative of spiritual deception, and especially in the multiple prophetic, dominical and apostolic prophecies of end-times apostasy and satanic delusion. I’ve tried to avoid making apocalyptic predictions of an imminent Armageddon, whilst explaining how the Bible urges us to be watchful and wise in all circumstances.

Another difference from Sidwell’s book is I try to show not only what deceptions are prevalent now, but how they deceive through the techniques of propaganda, psychological intimidation and so on. And my solutions, such as they are, are specifically intended to get Christians thinking about their unique role as the Church of Christ, “the pillar and foundation of truth” to the world. Unfortunately, up until now it seems the churches have been more part of the problem than the solution by their wholesale capitulation to the evils (disguised as good, in Satan’s age-old way) of the age.

The book was deliberately pitched primarily to Brits, though my New World readers may find the transatlantic aspect adding to their understanding of the global*, rather than American, nature of the problem, and perhaps they will appreciate the English Civil War history that has such a bearing on the founding of the USA.

*Truly global, indeed - a Sri Lankan pastor, not a reader here, e-mailed me today, remarking that "'the mystery of lawlessness is already at work.' His word is being fulfilled before our own eyes. All glory to Jesus."

I’ve published the book in this samizdat way because this blog actually reaches a wider readership than academic publishers do, in far less time and at less cost to readers. Since there’s little financial reward in books not promoted as best-sellers, it doesn’t even hurt my pocket much to distribute it free in electronic form.

I hope you benefit from any or all these books. Let me know if you do.

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    Many thank yous for all of this.

    Excited to read your book. Intend to start today! I do wish that you would post a way to donate.

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