Take me to your leader, if you know who he is

When George III went mad, his son was appointed as Prince Regent. The thing was complicated by party politics, and by the fact that George became sane again, for a while, before the relevant formalities were done. Two centuries earlier, when Edward VI was too young to rule, he too had an appointed substitute, so that whether they like or hate policies during Edward’s early reign, historians know they must look to the Duke of Somerset’s position rather than Edward’s own.

Well, now we have the crisis of Joe Biden’s mental involution becoming mainstream through the DOJ’s pessimistic report on lack of his criminal accountability. It’s a great defence against impeachment. But any dispassionate observer was aware of his decline even before he was elected – if indeed he was elected after a no-show campaign much like his present one so far. It’s hard to believe that 80 million voters (or whatever the figure was) really failed to see that their great-granny was more coherent than Biden.

The really striking thing is that only now is the vexed question of who is actually running the disastrous US administration becoming mentionable in the public sphere, though it has been an obvious one to ask for four years. And it has been crucially important with foreign wars multiplying, the US southern border in crisis and all the rest of it. This question was thrown into sharp relief during the Carlson-Putin interview in which, when Carlson asked who, in view of Biden’s frailty, was actually in charge of the USA, Putin shrugged and said he didn’t know. In all likelihood he doesn’t. The same day, the journalist Peter Doocy asked Biden’s press secretary who was making policy if Biden isn’t, and got no satisfactory reply.

And so for all we know, the head of the Mafia, or Biden’s doctor, or the Wizard of Oz could be deciding to foment World War III and blow up Nordstream (Tucker denied responsibility for the latter, saying he was busy that day, and Putin laughed and replied that he might have an alibi, but the CIA doesn’t).

Now, since even your car mechanic has noticed that Biden should really be in a nursing home, you can be sure that the Western leaders who have actually been meeting with him over the last four years are fully aware that he cannot be the person running the show. They may pay lip-service to his role as President, but they are fully aware that, like The Head in C. S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength, greater forces are moving the mouth into a barely coherent babble.

It is impossible to believe that the mediocrities running Western governments have been let in on the secret of the actual power structure of the present US regime. They show all the signs of having no more insight about it than Peter Doocy or Vladimir Putin. Yet not only do they show no curiosity, or express gentle sympathy and diplomatic hints about his stepping down, but they slavishly follow the crass policies of a hidden and unaccountable person, or people, from depleting their armed forces in Ukraine to demolishing their economies through Net Zero (and acquiescing in America’s hostile destruction of Germany’s energy system).

Now, if you or I were trying to sort out a problem with our car warranty or our mortgage, and were constantly fobbed off by minions who clearly knew nothing and cared less, we would insist on speaking to the manager. And we would know instinctively when we’d reached the real power by their taking the matter in hand and by giving us their name and personal contact details. Yet the heads of nations appear happy to listen to – and more importantly obey – instructions from people without names, credentials or a democratic mandate.

The administration itself is clearly happy with things as they are. Or at least they have been until, now, clearly priming the media to start discussing senility, since now seems to be the time to ditch Biden and roll out some new figurehead for the 2024 election. Michelle Obama is rumoured to be a possible choice, cashing in on blackness, femaleness and even a rumour that she is gay or trans, as well as the undeserved reputation of her husband, but who knows? An honest White House staff would have long ago persuaded Biden to step down, or for the sake of the nation invoked whichever constitutional amendment deals with unfit presidents. Failing that, they would have acted as a caretaker government, holding the country together non-controversially until they could solve the problem with an election.

But the radical nature of their programme, from the manufacturing of the January 6th Nonsurrection and the transparently intensive prosecutions of Donald Trump to… well, think of a US policy that isn’t radical and divisive… shows that indeed someone considers themselves to be firmly in charge. And although there seems no evidence that Bojo, or Sunak, or Trudeau, or Scholz, or Mitterand (oh no, he’s dead, isn’t he?) are secret disciples of Barak Obama, or of Hilary Clinton, or of the head of the CIA, or of the true idiots like Victoria Nuland or Antony Blinken, whom they certainly outrank, the whole bunch of them maintains the charade that they are dealing with a duly elected U. S. president wisely policing the world.

Unfortunately, that conclusion leaves us no closer to distinguishing whether our ruling elites are engaging in cock-up or conspiracy. The former seems impossible, because even if your local Pensioners’ Lunch Club were in charge, they’d be meeting up behind close doors to discuss what to do about their deranged chairman, either working to replace him or sidelining him in decision making.

But conspiracy, in the conventional sense, seems implausible too, given our leaders’ apparent ignorance of just who they are serving. However, one mechanism for what we see seems to be under the spotlight in the current elections in Pakistan. If you’re not aware, at US behest the army there ousted the popular Imran Khan when he stepped out of line on Ukraine, and jailed him on trumped up charges whilst outlawing his party. But all the candidates from that party have stood as Independents, and won a landslide in the provisional count. However, local sources inform us that the final result is likely to reverse that, by the customary expedient of bribing or torturing the elected candidates to change sides. Such is the politics of Islam’s “Place of the Pure.”

But perhaps that system is more widespread than we think. Suppose that Western politicians are told that their financial or sexual misdemeanours are known to “very powerful people” and could easily be released to the press… or even if they are shown the evidence that some President’s early demise was not accidental at all. In that case it would become very easy for them to stop asking questions and toe the party line without any knowldge of who “the party” actually is.

It would make the “free world” nothing but an extortion racket, of course. But maybe we have suspected that since somebody shot John F. Kennedy and his brother, and the official records are illegally still secret.

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  1. shopwindows says:

    Especially after the Benz Tucker interview is it even credible to assert which way is up? Broadly we are told when to jump and how high. Given that other than Putin and Mugabe, etc politicians have sub decade tenure clearly hidden multi decade authorities must be orchestrating the performance. Previously I actually believed manifestos were statements of intent or at least aspiration.

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      Quite so – since international UK/US relations are still in lockstep, it’s clear our security services are fully aware who is running America, and is happy to work with them.

      The revelation that the 5Is network was recruited by the CIA to gather information for the Trump dodgy Russiagate dossier shows how little democratic processes have to do with anything in the west.

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