Peace, peace – but there is no peace

If there’s one well-circumscribed subject that demonstrates the utter depravity into which our national life has sunk, it’s the treatment of Tommy Robinson, a dogged working-class fighter for truth who, if you’ve not done any research, you’ll only know as a far-right fascist. The following long-form interview with Jordan Peterson will disabuse you of the last impression.

If you’re interested, there is also an interesting long-form video of Tommy with Gad Saad, though this is more of an insight into how the transformation of predominantly Christian Lebanon into a Muslim failed state might very well be happening here next.

What I want to take from this video (does it not give every indication of ringing true factually?) is just how many of our institutions must, necessarily, have been involved in well over a decade’s effort to silence Robinson and actually destroy him. And for what? For exposing a massive network of child abuse and organised crime against the shadowy interests of those institutions. Of course, it would be quite improper to use the word “conspiracy,” were it not for the fact that no other explanation holds much water.

I’ll leave out of the equation the attitude of politicians like Nigel Farage, independent journalists and members of the public who say, “I’m no supporter of extremists like Tommy Robinson, but we have a problem…” Conceivably such attitudes may be due to ignorance rather than contemptible virtue-signalling. Personally I doubt that, given that the reality of his persecution was quite clear to a Christian commentator like Gavid Ashenden years ago, and even Jordan Peterson has been watching his case with interest from Canada since long before Peterson became a public figure..

We can start with the harassment of Robinson by repeated arrests on dubious grounds by the police. This has been organised not by on-the-ground officers, but at the highest levels not only of one police force, but across the country. At regional level the complicity of senior (and local) police in covering up the rape crime rings provides some motivation for that – but given that that cat is now out of the bag, the motive surely has to be satanic revenge-rage rather than damage limitation.

At this point let’s focus on who is guilty of the cover-up of the rampant sexual abuse of white girl-children in our cities. In the public domain, now, is the involvement of social services, of local health-personnel, of schools, and of course of local government. But note that none of these institutions operates without oversight. Yet no professional bodies, no political parties, and no government ministers, have made serious moves to clean up their respective scandals. At best a few token heads have rolled (and often the wrong heads, such as the innocent headmaster in one case covered at length in the video).

The string of prosecutions amongst racist Pakistani rape gangs in various cities have also been merely token sops to public outrage. As the video shows, in Telford official sources found around 200 male perpetrators, and Robinson’s own in-depth interviews there made the total closer to 250 – of an adult male Muslim population of around just 1,000. But in all cases, a mere fraction of those numbers has been prosecuted, in cases where reporting restrictions are only lifted sufficiently to allow verdicts to come to public attention, with no discussion of the underlying situations. Justice appears to be done – but isn’t.

The blame for this must lie in the Crown prosecution service’s private rationing of cases, but it is the courts that place reporting restrictions in place – and of course it is also the courts (wherever the cases are tried) that repeatedly impose absurdly harsh prison sentences and gagging orders on Robinson to keep the revelations out of the public domain. It is abundantly clear that direction for the pursuing, and the outcomes, of cases against Robinson are sent down from on high, and as we know in practice the higher echelons of the law are, shall we say, “influenced” by central government. To be specific, it is known that Theresa May was personally involved in the persecution of Tommy Robinson when she was PM, and it has not stopped during the terms of however many Prime Ministers have pretended to govern us since.

Given that a majority of the councils involved in the most notorious rape-gang cases were Labour-controlled, I don’t expect amnesty to be granted by the incoming Keir Starmer. Indeed, his answer to the problem of violent lawlessness amongst Muslim communities is to wave through 100,000 illegal asylum claims and release prisoners from jail early (no doubt applying DEI criteria to those releases).

Now one factor in the repeated harrassment of Robinson has been the uncanny ability of local police to track him down in cafes, and so on. And that demonstrates that MI5 has also been closely involved in the whole business. This feeds into the counter-terrorism pretence, because it would be abundantly clear to our intelligence services from the start, even if not to the deluded public, that he is not a Neonazi insurrectionst, but a whistle-blower. Ergo, the intelligence services , which were set up to protect us from foreign dangers, don’t want the whistle blown on organised rape, torture, and drug-dealing gangs. Odd.

OK, who else must we involve? Clearly the press which, court reporting-restrictions aside, has been eager to maintain the “real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon” line, and cover up the reasons for his activism, whilst not investigating the issues he raises themselves. Indeed, it was the constant references to this Fascist agitator and his punishments, combined with a suspicious total blackout on what he was actually agitating about, that led me to start looking behind the headlines several years ago.

I’ve not finished yet, because the video makes it clear how, even the prison system has been weaponised to kill – I can think of no other word – a person inconvenient to powerful vested interests outside that system. In his most severe prison term, he was quickly and inexplicably transferred from a relatively safe institution to one with the highest number of Muslim criminals in the country. That was a Home Office decision – undoubtedly at ministerial level, given the prominence of the case.

But even once there, it was intended to transfer him to the wing where those imprisoned because of his exposure were housed. Only the advance warning of a friendly guard to refuse to leave his cell, or forfeit his life, kept him from that. Instead, he was punished for his refusal by being kept in solitary confinement (like Julian Assange on another floor) for the rest of his sentence, which damaged him mentally. Those decisions were, presumably, made by the prison governor. And so was the decision to lock him in a visiting room with somewhat surprised Muslim gangsters, who nevertheless beat him up and took out his front teeth before staff belatedly intervened. It was presumably also the governor who had the message passed to him, in his cell, that there were threats out to rape his wife, leaving him with no means to contact her, nor any indication of plans to protect her.

Last, but not least, we must bring things up to date with his unjustified arrest on arrival in Canada just recently. The irregularities of this bear all the hallmarks (or fashionable CIA “earmarks”?) of international “co-operation” involving the UK government (or why would Canada risk a diplomatic problem by arresting a UK citizen illegitimately?), and/or diplomatic channels and intelligence leverage.

I’ve probably missed out some institutions, but I’ve covered enough (I hope convincingly) to show that the attempt to demonise Tommy Robinson involves pretty well our entire Establishment. And why? The most charitable explanation I can think of is that the Powers fear that rocking the boat by alienating a Muslim population comprising 6% of the country would cause more civil unrest than allowing the sexual and physical abuse of many thousands of teenage girls… and the organised criminal drug gangs to control city territory… and the prison system and schools to become a recruiting ground for terrorists. Put starkly, it may be easier to criminalise “Islamophobia” among the peaceful population than to challenge violent criminals.

That would be a cynical abandonment of the rule of law, but is also remarkably shortsighted. The example of Lebanon is a chilling warning within living memory. A prosperous and predominantly Christian nation welcomed in Muslims either as students and employees, or as people displaced by conflicts in their own countries. But as the Muslim population rose, violence against Christians (and Jews like Gad Saad’s family) began to increase. Militia groups set up checkpoints in their gang-territories, robbing or murdering those of the wrong religion. Eventually, the atrocities triggered civil war, which ended with Lebanon as a Muslim-majority basket case. Those Christians and Jews who have not been killed or fled now have dhimmi status.

I guess our elites may be so ignorant that they haven’t seen what Islamisation has consistently done to every country over the last 1,400 years. But given the mass-immigration policies, the Islamophobia accusations, the two-tier policing, the myopic concentration on the “Far-right” as the source of terrorism despite the slit throats and “Allahu akbar” calls, and of course the de-personing of Tommy Robinson, it looks more as if our rulers (no longer representatives in any sense) are trying to get the transition over as quickly as possible.

I find that the biggest mystery of all.

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  1. Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

    I meant to include for criticism, amongst the organs of the Establishment, the Muslim community itself. Not only does it form a sizeable lobby within society, but members from it are somewhat over-represented amongst our own elites, as government ministers, mayors, and so on.

    Their complicity in what I’ve been describing must arise either from:
    (a) Cowardice: Tommy Robinsons are even rarer in the Muslim population than the indigenous people. Ed Husain is one example of someone willing to put his head above the parapet. Cowardice is more reprehensible if the problem is arising within one’s own tribe, which ought to make one motivated to oppose it, if only out of shame.
    (b) Misplaced solidarity: to recognise evil criminality, and wink at it because the perpetrators are of the same ethnic origin or religion, is base. Unfortunately, Islam holds doctrines that prescribe protecting malefactors who are “brothers” from infidels.
    (c) Sharing the same ideology as the rapists. This is that white girls are slags, and in any case as kaffirs are fair game. I guess the idea is that one’s own bestial behaviour is justified against unbelievers – a very different creed from Jesus’s “Love your enemies,” which calls us to be like God, not to abuse those who aren’t.

  2. Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

    Well what do you know?
    Predicted this morning, fulfilled this afternoon.

  3. Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

    Me again… Gavin Ashenden on the Peterson interview.

    • shopwindows says:

      IMO an excellent contribution.

      In its rambling exploration of Tommy Robinson’s journey, evolution, truthfulness, this talk then invokes a similar introspection into those reviewers and Jordan Peterson’s character. Importantly, done with humility, it doesn’t seek to judge from on high and it specifically examines the propagandised lens through which others are prejudicially invited to discredit Robinson. Whether on Robinson or the Catholic Church or the Establishment this is full disclosure, a candid attempt to wash dirty linen where necessary to get to truth. The establishment confers power on its members by their membership thereof hence whistleblowers being ousters and ousted lack that power. Both in the States and U.K. freedom of information processes are used by the public and frustrated by intentional establishment opacity. This quandary will never by definition be fully for all time resolved but the Augean Stables must regularly be cleaned and they have had a particularly foul stench for far too long. But who will bear true testimony, and who will deliver true judgement in order to at least let rivers flush out the excessively accumulated excrement?

      • shopwindows says:

        I am a “fan” literally of deep litter systems in animal bedding management but the underlying rotting mass must not heat up sufficiently to damage the hooves or the stench permeate sufficiently to damage the lungs. An appropriate amount of fresh bedding may be placed on top to ensure the system functions well but periodically there must be a complete cleansing, preferably way before the animals are crouched too tightly under the rafters. The alternate system of daily cleansing is less efficient on labour and perhaps less effective ecologically in that excessive amounts of bedding are needed. And the inhabitants are more prone to slipping on the surface of the stables?

        • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

          Historically speaking, deep-seated rot in nations tends to be flushed out not by Hercules (nor by votes) but by God, who still oversees human affairs, in an uncomfortable process called “judgement.”

          All who see truth must stand up for it, counting the cost, but must also pray for mercy.

  4. Robert Byers says:

    I am canadian and know nothing of this case or issues. however i do know old england is oppressed by the foreign peoples who have come in since WWii.They interfere with who gets what in high places and seek to impose thier identity along with the English and the rest. There is good and there is bad. The great problem is that the common man that is the Englishman or maybe the British man if including the welsh and scots etc etc has forgotten his suprioe moral and legal claim to his country. the others do not have a eqial claim . they are only immigrants of individuals. The English man posseses his country as a people. only as citizens is there equality before the law. The foreigners seeing him effeminate start to attack wherever they sincerely or not believe they deserve advantage. the establishment supports them and instances happen of more oppresion then usual. The English must take back thier country morally and legally. They must stop immigration or of those they decide they don’t want if they all decide so. Rgewt must nit be reduced to being whites or british, or mere citizens. they must renew the contract . they must get smarter and stronger. including taking back free speech. Ot its reasonable England will have trouble like Lebanon short of violence. Where is John Locke when you need him?

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      There’s a good discussion on YouTube between American Tim Pool and a couple of Brits from The Lotus Eaters channel. The basic theme is how liberalism – from Locke, Rousseau etc – started with the false premise that man in a state of nature was spoiled by civilisation, ie being pressured to live in community, in various ways. Therefore, they reasoned, the trick was to remove the effects of civilisation through education etc.

      One important corollary was that the values of a community are superficial additions to the “authentic self,” which nowadays has come to mean that people are all the same, and transporting millions from one culture to an existing one is fine, because they’ll assimilate to the host culture, especially since these “liberal values” are universal and self-evidently superior.

      It’s tosh because man is, and always has been, communal. We are the product of our cultures, from our first parenting to our ancestral faith and manners. In Britain’s case, that shared identity has grown at least since Saxon times, and ultimately since the last ice-age. Canada is much younger, but still has its own character over several generations, plus the Christian heritage its inhabitants brought with them.

      So the fundamental flaw in multiculturalism is in failing to realise that cultural flwas like mysogyny, jihadism and so on run far deeper than we have allowed ourselves to believe because of liberalism, properly so called. That is why we need to return not to the Enlightenment, but to the gospel that (as I hope to show in the next blog) formed our nations over two millennia.

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