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Nothing to see in Canada…

Since the news is hot, I may as well comment on it, knowing in particular that I have some Canadian readers who are unlikely to get it on CBC.

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That’s the way the money goes

Britain has been in financial trouble since fighting two World Wars, of course, but it did manage finally to pay off its US war debt in 2016. [Correction – 2006: only 60 years rather than 70!]

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Daily Skeptic gets the Hump

Just a heads up that the above on-line publication commissioned an article from me on the state of British General Practice. It’s here.

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Thank goodness we are being lied to

I picked up on this one this morning. It’s an admission on NBC that much of the news stemming from “intelligence sources” on the Ukraine war has been based on shaky intelligence, or simply made up – by the intelligence services, that is, not by the journalists, whose task is merely to be totally compliant to the State and hype up the news so that we all hate the Russians enough to wage economic war.

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The slow suicide of the West

Yesterday I picked up in alternative media (our legacy media being awash only with propaganda) the fact that Sri Lanka’s government has collapsed in the face of riots over food and fuel shortages, and power outages.

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Subversion, schism and reformation

Apparently the inevitable has happened this last week at the Baptist Union, as it has in so many denominations in the western world. Although I only have the story through a casual conversation, it seems as if a group has introduced a motion for the Union to allow the ordination of openly gay ministers, although there is as yet no official change in policy even on the 2014 affirmation of traditional marriage. In response, a petition has been started in defence of the historical view of marriage. Fisticuffs will follow.

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A request to Boris and his chums

Towards the end of The Real Anthony Fauci, Robert F. Kennedy outlines the pandemic exercises initiated by US bioweapons “military, medical and intelligence planners,” an explanation that floods the lockstep mismanagement of COVID-19 over the last two years with light.

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What about Ukraine, then?

How is the ongoing satanic deception operating in the current war?

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Religious plebs, salt and light

Everybody I know who appreciates the pervasive lies surrounding us, and notably every Christian in that position, feels isolated and, if the truth be told, rather impotent as they experience the vehement opposition of family members, friends, and church associates. And that is certainly justified, since the capture of the institutions by fashionable progressivism has reached even into the evangelical churches.

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The price of slavery

Re-reading Olaudah Equiano’s Interesting Narrative I paid too little attention to a passage in which the enslaved African is negotiating the price of his manumission in the late 1760s. I noticed the human interaction involved with his generally benevolent Quaker owner (which was what Equiano intended as an author), but glossed over the actual monetary values, simply because to my modern eyes they seemed small.

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