Things in the news are not always as they seem…

The first UK street protests over the George Floyd killing, in which many police were injured and statues damaged, occurred on 6-7 June. The very next day, a private limited company called Black Lives Matter (UK) Ltd was registered at Companies House, by a white guy from the middle-class ghettoes of Wallingford, Surrey, named David Wilks-Carmichael, its sole director.

This is the company whose crowd-funding page, carrying the same Marxist agenda of abolishing the police as the US organisation, had raised nearly £1m by 19th June, according to the Daily Mail. It appears to be recognised by the press and social media as the official face of BLM here, and certainly nobody from the parent organisation has suggested anything different. Since Wilks-Carmichael is the sole director, presumably he will also be the direct recipient of any donations that might be made to BLM here, if all goes well.

This man has previously started, and solely directed, a string of short-lived companies mainly in the field of “venture capitalism,” and mostly operating from a flat in Wallingford. They can be seen here. All except one were mysteriously dissolved without ever submitting any accounts. The exception is Universal Private Equity Limited, incorporated in 2015, which when I looked on the morning of 27th June had assets of only around £10,000 – not a whole lot of private equity. But later the same morning, the company had become marked as “proposed to strike off,” with assets of only £5668.

A suspicious story, you’ll think. So far, you might suspect that a lone shyster has cannily and opportunistically cashed in on the Floyd shooting with a view (successful, it seems) to turning a poor record as a spiv into a large personal fortune at the expense of anti-racists. He’s somewhat brave, too – given the current emotion surrounding white exploitation of blacks.

Certainly a similar scam appears to have happened with BLM before: a former company of the same name, formed by one “Jamie B” when there were BLM protests a few years ago, was dissolved in Jan 2018 without ever submitting accounts, so presumably all donations back then went on his new mansion or a drugs cartel. Certainly I get no results from searching on “Jamie B” + “Black Lives Matter.” Mr Wilks-Carmichael might seem to be on the same kick.

Still, it’s odd that nobody in the BLM network noticed the purloining of its brand, and of its potential funds, by a privileged white male. It’s odder still that, given the threat to national peace and security from the current riots and the iconoclasm, nobody from the Security Services appears to have taken an interest in the bona fides of its official mouthpiece by looking at Companies House or Linked-In. But there’s more.

You may have seen, if it got into your news media, a famous picture from June 13 of a “gentle-giant” BLM protestor, a fitness trainer who hadn’t intended to be at the demonstration at all (though providentially dressed in all black gear with gloves) rescuing a thuggish “far-right” protestor injured in a fight. According to the rescuer, Patrick Hutchinson, this fracas was “almost like a stampede ” when he arrived. Even Boris Johnson hailed Hutchinson as a hero, both for his bravery and for his nobility in doing the Good Samaritan for a quintessential racist fascist.

Funnily enough, although the white guy was, apparently, one of those Neo-nazis, he hasn’t spoken publicly about the incident, and it seems no one from the press has bothered to ask him to, despite the obvious newsworthiness of how his racist views might have been modified, or not, by the incident. The press seems uncharacteristically respectful of his privacy. There is no record of treatment for significant injuries from being used as a football. Come to think of it there are no obvious injuries in the photos, either.

Be that as it may, it turns out that the rescuer, Patrick Hutchinson, despite being called a fitness-instructor, is to be found on Linked-In as a besuited employee – perhaps the only employee – of the aforementioned tin-pot outfit Universal Private Equity Limited. Curious – his occupation as a fitness trainer appears to be only a hobby passing the time between his venture capitalist ventures.

Even more curious is that the guy he rescued, the shy and retiring (and not apparently significantly injured) Bryn Male, was until 2014 a police detective-sergeant, doing under-cover infiltration of football hooligans at the infamously violent Millwall club. How many of those do you meet in the pub?

Furthermore, the Reuters photographer Dylan Martinez, who just happened to in the right place at the right time, has a record of being in the right place at the right time for other unique and dramatic incidents across the world. Lucky man.

With these things in mind, if you look carefully at the various amateur photos of the incident, you begin to notice that, contrary to press reports, there is no counter protest going, nor a violent melee kicking off. Instead this lone skinhead is seen skuffling with a couple of black guys in Antifa gear, whilst surrounded by a bemused scattering of real middle-class protesters with surgical masks, mobile phones, etc. They cluster round with interest as things develop, and there is not a hint of fear at the supposedly dangerous turn of events. No counter-protesters, let alone far-right gangs, are to be seen in the pictures at any stage, in what seems a backwater of the demo unworthy of the attention of a Reuters photographer. The iconic photo, uncropped, also shows one policeman clearing a path, and another apparently close-up and videoing – but neither are apparently in previous shots, nor are they taking any active role in intervening in a violent clash. One wonders why it isn’t the policeman who is preserving life rather than leaving it to someone dressed in a balaclava, who might well, in the fog of riot, be aiming to smash Male’s head against a wall.

Actually, one doesn’t wonder at all – one quickly concludes that the whole thing was staged, and the rescue was acted out by a business associate of the sole director of Black Lives Matter (UK) Ltd.

And that too, is odd: within a week of setting up his scam the small-time wide boy of Wallingford with only £5K to his name, but already employing Hutchinson, has acquired the wherewithal to stage a fake rescue, source an undercover cop with just the right experience to simulate a football-thug, and interest Reuters and the world’s press in the story (for there would be no point at all in staging the incident if the press weren’t there to record it). Even the police on the scene appear to be acting as paid extras and second-cameramen on the set, rather than as riot-police. And all this happened without any fear of upsetting the ideological central organisation of BLM, despite the beneficiary being a white capitalist who employs undercover policemen.

I don’t know if there was direct profit from what was quite an inventive and complex stunt, apart from Hutchinson’s interview fees. But it’s quite an ambitious drama production for a failed venture-capitalist whose crowd-funding scam would, you’d have thought, work best if he kept a low profile and disappeared with the cash ASAP.

Do you think there’s possibly more to recent events than is being widely reported?

“Watch out that no-one deceives you… you must be on your guard.” (Mark 13:5, 9).

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  1. Elizabeth B. says:


    Your posts are always so rich with information that I cannot possibly comment on everything. Everything is comment worthy.

    “Do you think there’s possibly more to recent events than is being widely reported?”

    Absolutely. Much more. Now we see through a glass, darkly…

    Don’t know if you’re familiar with Tucker Carlson, I’ve watched this video twice where he talks about how Americans were played for fools with lockdowns and now…this. Sorry about linking to Fox News, but don’t know how else to post this. And it’s worth hearing.

    When I saw the above photo with the accompanying news story I was stuck by how surreal it looked. It looks like a scene from a movie.

    I think there are possibly many of these sorts of scenes. So many incidents may not be at all what they seem. Now, I am not a 911 conspiracy believer, nor a flat-earther…though that one is fun. I love the idea that NASA folks patrol the edges to keep people from falling over the 30(I think) feet wall of ice. Really. If such a thing were true, why not just let them fall on over?

    Conspiratorial it may be, but the videos of a certain event that is sending aftershocks around the world do not look altogether “natural.” For lack of a better word. I have looked at every video I can find of this sad and terrible event, but something about it doesn’t ring true. Won’t get into that here and I won’t link to it.

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      You mean there isn’t an ice-wall after all?? I’ve been lied to!

      I’ve actually written on Flat Earth conspiracies and propaganda here, which may interest you.

      In the end, situations can be politically exploited whether they’re staged or simply real events used opportunistically (the Fake Noose being a recent, comical, example of the latter).

      However, it is interesting to note that it was also a shooting by a policeman, in West Germany, of an anti-Vietnam War protestor, that triggered the Paris riots of ’68, the radical movement and the real start of the “long march through the institutions” of the West whose fruits we’re “enjoying” today. It took 42 years and the collapse of the Eastern bloc before it became known that the policeman involved was an East German Stasi agent and a member of the Communist Party.

      As I’ve said before (and hope to put up in book form here soon once I’ve finished proof-reading etc) when one lives in a propaganda-based society, it becomes near-impossible to distinguish conspiracy theories from real conspiracies. And even that fact serves propagandists well, because confusion weakens resolve as much as persuasion does. But at least occasional lifting of the curtain keeps ones critical faculties alert.

      • Elizabeth B. says:

        Yay! A flat earth read for today! Looking forward to that one. If anyone could sell me on it, you could.

        Did not realize this, “ a shooting by a policeman, in West Germany, of an anti-Vietnam War protestor, that triggered the Paris riots of ’68, the radical movement and the real start of the “long march through the institutions” of the West whose fruits we’re “enjoying” today.”

        You’ve illuminated my ignorance once again.

        Connections, whether accidental or intended are fascinating.

        This quote is being attributed to Lyndon Johnson, “ What did you expect? I don’t know why we’re so surprised. When you put your foot on a man’s neck and hold him down for three hundred years, and then you let him up, what’s he going to do? He’s going to knock your block off.”

        Fascinating in light of current events. The earliest reference I have so far found to this quote is from a 20006 book, so at least it wasn’t ginned up just for a 2020 event. Johnson may well have said it. The figurative, literal, past, present connections gobsmack.

        • Elizabeth B. says:

          Clarification: not thinking you were promoting flat earth…just saying that if you (or someone else theologically and scientifically literate were), that I might be persuaded. Poor attempt at humour.

          • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

            On the contrary – in a sane world it was a very good attempt at humour.

            It’s just that we’ve reached the stage in our sick society where I, readers or the world at large would instantly be thinking along the lines of, “She implies Garvey is a moronic Flat earther, so is he or not?” instead of actually thinking in the context of both my words and yours.

            Even across the Atlantic your meaning was clear (and if it hadn’t been, so what? Maybe somebody could inform us both of interesting evidence for a flat earth!)

  2. Robert Byers says:

    I don’t pay attention to trivial things in the news but having a protest about a police thing in america shows this is not about a incident but a greater agenda to accuse and demand things from the people from a foreign people in effect. There was no excuse to accuse the police of injust motives and by extension accuse “white” people. that is the real evil thing. the accusation against the peoples under the guise of a accusation against some cops which is without any evidence. I’m sure its all a accident with a criminal which sometimes happen. I welcome it because it shows we have a enemy living amongst us in north America. these tiny numbers of people know what we are like and still accuse of us being evil. They are evil accusers and evil. They lose credibility in thier ignorance and so this is in fact a good thing. the tip of the ice berg of peoples in our nations showing they don’t love or like us, envy us, and will do us evil under the guise they are done evil. Lets go to court on greater accusations and greater punishments. In other words contracts for citizenship from immigrants can be revoked. Remember John Locke. Aha. napoleon and Hitler should not of invaded Russia!

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      “…from a foreign people in effect.”

      This can’t go without challenge: the New World (including your country as well as the USA) is almost entirely made up of “foreign people.” A white person whose family migrated from Italy in the 1930s is certainly no more “native” than a West African whose ancestors were sold into slavery there in the 1700s. Admittedly there were slaves from my own ancestral nation, Ireland, a few decades before there were Africans, but in the scheme of things that’s nothing.

      The ironic thing is that by now, many of those with black skin will have a good proportion of Italian genes, and those with white skin, as has been repeatedly proven, a good mix of West African genes. Even back at the time of abolition, there were over 3,000 black slave owners – with genetic mixing, it’s likely that most “people of colour” who aren’t recent immigrants are the descendants of slavers.

      The problem (as you do rightly say) is the regressive racist nature of the victim politics of cultural Marxism, which is the direct opposite of what Civil Rights leaders like Martin Luther King set out to achieve. And that’s why some in BLM even target him as a racist now.

  3. Avatar photo TheModerator says:

    Very interesting article. I had a feeling it was staged. Whatever happened to Bryn Male? I thought he would have been all over the media with Hutchinson. And what about the elusive Wilks-Carmichael? I might do some further digging – looks promising.

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      Yes, do dig further. I did have a look at the company page a month or two ago, but there was little to report. At some stage either accounts will have to be presented, or liquidation announced, I suppose. Let us know if anything interesting turns up!

      • Avatar photo TheModerator says:

        When I saw it, Hutchinson’s physique raised my initial suspicions. Steroids. Narcissist. Criminal?
        I have dug deeper on this than on any other recent project and I suspect there to be a lot more digging to do. I have established that the guys who carried out this stunt are well organised, have been for a decade or so and are all doing very well financially. Tomorrow, I offer it to the US media. If I get any of them interested, I’ll keep you posted. If none of them take it up, I’ll post it to Bitchute. Expect fireworks.
        Until then

        • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

          I heard a podcast the other day suggesting that *both* of the characters were policemen. That may have been garbled information based on one of them having once been one, but were it true, it would suggest the possibility of an “official” involvement which, together with the apparent lack of security services interest in BLM Ltd, would be concerning indeed.

          Let me know how you get on.

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