Long Live the Great Victory of Complacency!!

If all your friends and all my friends, most of the media and sober-minded people everywhere are to be believed, the COVID-19 crisis is an unfortunate natural bump in the road which looks likely to sort itself out fairly soon, giving us plenty of breathing space to sort out the longer-term bijou problemette that the world is dying from industrialisation and overpopulation. All will be well just so long as we decarbonise by 2030.

What is definitely not going to happen is a permanent impoverishment of ordinary people and a curtailment of their God-given liberties to a form of serfdom. Opinions vary as to whether the government(s), advised by the country’s (world’s) best scientists have on balance acted wisely in the pandemic, or not harshly enough or totally incompetently. Vaccine passports have some significant opponents, but one assumes that the acquiescence of everybody else, from a majority of Conservative MPs to every commercial business (it seems) means that they are expected to be a temporary measure or, at most, a wise precaution for public health.

To suspect anything beyond that is, of course, the domain of conspiracy theories – nothing bad like that could happen in the real world.

But here’s a thing: it’s on public record that the WEF conference in Davos last year, attended by the richest and most powerful people in the world, was calling the pandemic the ideal trigger to initiate what they billed as “The Great Reset,” a complete re-ordering of the world’s economic and political system along technocratic lines, with universal digital identities, centralised planning, the subordination of individual nation states (and therefore individual voting rights), control of the world’s excessive population, again centrally ordered, like Carbon emissions, if nations fail to achieve reductions, and a range of other things easily found by reading their own literature. Klaus Schwab’s role-model is the Chinese Communist Government, as he has publicly stated.

If that ambition seems the pipe-dream of a few rich men, remember that (according to one estimate I read) those few rich men have acquired £37 trillion of ordinary people’s money this last year. Apart from the lucrative contracts for PPI, vaccines and so on, the lockdown of small and medium businesses to favour Amazon, the outlawing of personal contact to profit the tech communication giants, this is from the huge government spending that has put taxpayers in unpayable debt to the oligarchs for generations to come. One recalls how a famine enabled Pharaoh to acquire all the real estate in Egypt at the time of Joseph. We are all now effectively owned by the WEF guys. We have paid the pipers – will they call the tune?

But the WEF is not the only player of such games. A similar – or probably exactly the same – ambition is enshrined in UN agendas, and goes right back to the plans of the Club of Rome in 1972, and to a confusing collection of semi-private clubs involving the world’s statesmen, business leaders, royalty and bankers. One can find such utopian aspirations in inter-governmental organisations from the WHO to Maurice Strong https://potiphar.jongarvey.co.uk/2019/05/11/big-oil-big-chums/, instrumental in forming the IPPC, who said in 1990:

“What if a small group of world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? And if the world is to survive, those rich countries would have to sign an agreement reducing their impact on the environment. Will they do it? The group’s conclusion is ‘no’. The rich countries won’t do it. They won’t change. So, in order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

I have mentioned the 2020 WEF conference saying “Now is the time!” I could also mention individual NGOs sponsored by all the same players also waving the flag to capitalise on COVID. ID2020 was formed in 2016 to promote implantable digital identities for every person in the world as a “civil right” – a right governing access to all society’s resources, to be enforced by the central technocracy, of course. Their eponymous year of 2020 saw them too saying that the pandemic provided the ideal opportunity for their goal (or perhaps that the pandemic had been produced to provide the opportunity).

This January it is this group that founded a coalition of pharmaceutical, tech and other corporations to implement and coordinate the worldwide roll-out of vaccine passports. One would expect governments like ours to avail themselves of this expertise and money in their own programmes. One might also suspect that the sheer amount of money and corporate and “philanthropic” clout behind this Good Health Pass Initiative would prevent governments daring to do otherwise. I suppose it is barely possible that our government would act independently according to the will of its people and parliament, and Ministers have certainly not mentioned the consortium even to disown it. So perhaps that global initiative, too, is just the ideological fantasy of its 128 corporate global partners.

I could have included more detail on all this, of course, but the point is that, according to my friends and your friends, whoever is espousing such dramatic changes to the world order, be they Prince Charles, Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos, or the UN, or the WEF, they are messing up their golden opportunity. They want to eliminate cash and make all transactions, down to the charity you give to a beggar, traceable but although cash has been demonized as a source of infections, this will not happen. They want to reduce mass air-travel, but the red-zones, quarantines and so on that threaten to bankrupt the travel industry only seem to further their agenda.

ID2021 regard vaccine passports as the immediate precursor of compulsory universal digital identy, and have the backing of Microsoft, GAVI, Accenture and the Rockefeller Foundation (of Bilderberg Group, etc, fame). But nothing like that will happen, vaccine passports being a merely temporary measure, if indeed the government doesn’t finally agree that they are “unBritish” as ministers assured us just before they were announced.

Now the remarkable thing about this situation is just what strategy the moderate lovers of democracy and normality have used to defeat what seems on the face of it to be an unstoppable coalition of political power, money and a technocratic ideology that favours the rule of the few over the many (at least until “the many” is reduced eugenically to the ideal 1.5 billion). The astonishing answer appears to be that a monstrous evil is being progressively and comprehensively trounced by the master-weapon of complacency. Radio journalists can defeat it by calling what anybody can read on these organisations’ own websites “conspiracy theory.” MPs don’t have to vote against it. Churches don’t need to pray against it. Ordinary citizens may complain about the time they spend quarantined after their holidays, but need make no further protest.

Never in the field of human conflict has so much been achieved by so many with so little effort. I believe it means peace in our time.

We may be assured that although COVID was indeed a golden – no, a platinum – opportunity for the fulfilment of plans to re-order the world that have been decades in the making, the WEF, the UN, The Gates Foundation and all the others lack the will or the resources to carry the programme forward. Our friends will be proven right, and we paranoid, when everything settles down in a little while, thanks to keeping calm and complying.

Though there may be a remaining need to Build Back Better.

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