Silence on Canada speaks volumes

The headline in the Babylon Bee says it all: “Trudeau Demands Protesters Stop Shutting Down City So That He Can Shut Down City.”

The alternative news media, internet commentators, and commenters in newspapers are full of the story of Trudeau imposing what is effectively martial law; leaking the hacked names of those who have donated to the truckers and then harrassing them or getting the CBC to try and make them entrap themselves, blocking their bank accounts merely for supporting a peaceful protest… And that’s after the OTT accusations of Naziism, transphobia and literally every other fashionable newly invented crime against humanity, after the false-flag planting of weapons and the criminal damage by the RCMP, and before the kettling and heavy-handed riot-police tactics that have become all too familiar around the world since COVID.

This is a serious British news story, because the suspension of democratic norms is occurring not only in a quiet and peaceful country with a strong British heritage, but in a Commonwealth Dominion with a Governor General appointed directly by the Queen. That’s why it’s such a hot topic of debate here…

…Except that it isn’t. With few exceptions it’s as if there was no such place as Canada. The obvious place to start looking is the digital press.

The BBC news website has nothing on its front page about it today, and my wife (who monitors Radio 4 much as Bletchley Park monitored German radio transmissions in World War 2) reports that the airwaves are silent on this today.

Likewise the Mirror has nothing, the Independent has nothing, and the Times has nothing.

The Guardian has a small piece tucked down in “Around the World” majoring on past warnings of extremist groups infiltrating the truckers’ convoy, for which it gives no evidence, and in any case ignores the legitimate protest of the convoy it claims was infiltrated. And it makes no mention of the extremist politicians who have infiltrated Canada’s once democratic government.

The Telegraph has a small link near the bottom to a rather anaemically dispassionate article (after one on the terrible human rights abuse of Poland’s abortion ban). Interestingly, the second item in the comments section on the Telegraph piece, when I looked, read “Such an important story, yet I had to scroll right to the bottom of the DT page to find it, that speaks volumes on who and how the media is now controlled.” The people at least are interested in the events, and canny about the modern world.

Only the Mail did a piece which recognised the legitimacy of the protest and the totalitarianism of the government’s response, but even so it was only the ninth story down, under an interview with Katie Price’s abusive fiance. The Mail mentions that Elon Musk compares Trudeau to Hitler: and that testimonial alone should be scandalous enough to make big headlines. But it isn’t.

But that isn’t all. Much of the news-copy nowadays comes from government feeds, and the media have not carried any comments, leaked or official, from “Downing Street” or “Buckingham Palace,” or even from “Parliament,” which is peculiar when you think about it. Our political establishment is as keen to keep us indifferent to the situation in Canada as the oligarch-owned press itself is. You’ll also rack your brains in vain to recall any critique of Trudeau from any “democratic” world leader: from Joe Biden, the EU countries, the UN, or the sister-Commonwealth countries, especially the Anglophone ones, one hears only crickets.

Top of the news agendas instead, discounting vaccine-busting tennis players or drug-busted gymnasts, is a storm so fearful that all the schools and college campuses, and many workplaces, are closed… the worse, we are told, since the tempest of 1987, when they weren’t closed at all (though to be fair back then the roof actually did blow off the jerry-built school where my wife first taught).

Well yes, it is a bit gusty outside for walking the dog under the trees, but did it really need urgent e-mails from family members urging us to stay indoors and be crushed by the same trees falling on the roof? Think about comparable storms, and the news manages to find a couple of people killed when trees fall on their cars, one near-miss from a detached roof, and the inevitable power cuts. Storms are not a major cause of death and injury. Is this one really a reason to shut down the entire country – yet again? And is it a reason not to mention civil rights abuses elsewhere? Incidentally, also “yet again,” the delivery drivers risking their lives driving under the trees and through the side-winds have not been told to stay home. The rich people still need their Amazon deliveries.

Also very high in the news is the warmongering rhetoric about Russia invading the Ukraine, and of “Russian false flag” operations in the breakaway eastern provinces against Ukraine proper. These in some way unclear to me are supposed to be giving Russia an excuse to invade, when if they wanted to do so it would be simpler just to do it unannounced and ASAP. Once again, outside the legacy media, many ordinary people have become wise to the use of repeated flag-waving and false flag operations by our own governments, faithfully reported by the BBC and the press, to precipitate a series of cripplingly costly overseas wars with no exit strategy. The few not paying the tax-bill get very rich from these. The soldiers get PTSD.

It seems pretty likely that the Ukraine business is the next scare in the endless succession of emergencies, urging us to look “over there!” whilst our money and freedom is ferreted away behind our backs over here. It’s certainly not only been fomented to hide what Trudeau is doing to the people of Canada, though it does that as well as it hides the near-genocidal management of COVID, the scandals of Johnson, the incompetence of Biden, and every other state-imposed human-rights abuse story being kept out of the mainstream media, from France to New Zealand.

What all this says to me is that we have reached the point of its being beyond doubt that a wealthy elite is working to harm the common people of the world. Their motives may be unclear, but their activity is blatantly obvious. The truth (or as it is called now, “the misinformation”) is out there.

And here’s a rule of thumb to enable the common people to identify who is thus complicit: if someone has a voice, and is silent about the situation in Canada, you know can trust them as far as you can throw a Canadian articulated truck.

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  1. Gordon says:

    I remember sitting by the beach in Lyme Regis during the summer of 2020 and being quite bemused by the front page story on Times Online informing me how terribly crowded it was, complete with a low angled picture of the shore to prove the point.

    I mention it because just as the beach wasn’t nearly as busy as the newspaper had made out, yesterday’s weather also seemed a far cry from the impression given on the news. It’s the strangest thing to hear reports of The South West and Somerset being “battered” by a record breaking storm while actually being in Somerset and seeing nothing of the sort. I had to check with my wife that we really do live in the same Somerset mentioned on the weather report.

    To be fair to the weather guys, my personal weather station which has been running for the last four years, did register a new record gust of 45mph. That may have been the same devastating gust which blew the wheelie bin over breaking the lid. Perhaps it was just as well the schools were closed!

  2. Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:


    We lost a rather leggy rosemary plant, and a rotting sapling from the lane in front of our house. But on 2.5 acres of wooded hillside facing the wind that’s not too bad. The chickens and birds seemed quite content to be out, at least in the afternoon after the worst of it.

    Quite a few trees and branches down as we drove east yesterday, but not quite Katrina.

  3. Levi says:

    Wherever there is silence, there is truth being suppressed.

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