Sounds like “shibboleth” to me

You’ll remember (won’t you?) that the original concept of a “shibboleth” was in Judges 12, where in an Israelite inter-tribal conflict, Gileadites asked a test question to catch out enemy Ephraimites. Evidently the latter had no “sh” sound in their Hebrew, and so were discovered by saying “sibboleth” instead of “shibboleth.”

The small betraying detail theme is a commonplace in fiction (because concealed identity is a commonplace in real life). For some reason the 1960s Sci-Fi series The Invaders sprung to my mind – the hero battling alone against alien infiltrators thinks he has found someone to trust, but finally notices (after giving away essential information) that his ally has the characteristic finger deformity of the aliens. In later episodes the invaders had achieved a surgical fix, and the uncovering of the false identity had to rely on the long-established verbal methods of the alien’s knowing something he shouldn’t know, or not knowing something he should.

There is much the same thing going on repeatedly across the world when the WEF Great Reset is mentioned in supposedly free parliaments. I remember fairly early last year seeing a clip of a question being asked about it in either the Australian or NZ parliament, and a government spokeswoman scornfully dismissing the whole things as a conspiracy theory.

What gave her away as an alien (or an Ephraimite) was the fact that the WEF conference last year, already attended by all the great and good, had “The Great Reset” as its theme, following on the recently published book of the same title by Klaus Schwab (from all good bookshops). Conceivably, I suppose, she might simply have been ignorant of what the great and good had been discussing, but that would be an admission of being neither great nor good.

But around the same time, a Dutch MP asked a similar question of the Dutch Premier, and caught him out in a double deception; first in denying all knowledge of Klaus Schwab’s book (though he had been sent a copy by the author and had replied gratefully, as the MP proved), and secondly in dismissing The Great Reset as a conspiracy theory in full knowledge of the book and its programme for … a great reset of the world off the back of COVID. The entire exchange is here.

Best of all though, and current, is a question from a Canadian MP on Zoom in an almost empty Parliament – the MP for Ottawa itself, no less – in the light of Justin Trudeau’s imposition of martial law across the nation. He asks the question he was asked by a constituent, quoting a public statement by Klaus Schwab in 2017 in which he held up Trudeau himself as an exemplary product of the WEF Global Leaders scheme, adding that they had managed to insert their people into the Canadian cabinet to the tune of 50% of its members.

Once more the whole thing is on video (and this link includes the original comments by Schwab).

The first alien to identify is the Speaker of the House, who interrupts the question and faffs that it is a good question but (as weak inspiration arrives visibly) the audio and video quality is bad, so let’s move on… Do you remember how the WHO spokeman early in the pandemic similarly pretended technical troubles when asked about Taiwan, thus revealing the WHO’s political corruption by Beijing? More humourously I’m sure I remember more than one armed forces comedy in which someone not wanting to hear an order on the radio makes static interference noises and says he can’t hear, so will sign off. “It’s an old trick, but it might just work.” Maybe someone was fooled.

But before the Speaker can hastily solicit the next question, a member, who had clearly heard the question as perfectly as the recording had, angrily rejects its premise by saying it is not debate, but “open disinformation.” Funnily enough, the video starts by the Speaker’s veto of further debate in favour of “questions and comments.” But he doesn’t insist on an answer.

I don’t think the disgruntled member meant that Schwab was guilty of peddling open disinformation about Trudeau or the cabine in his presentationt, or he and the WEF would be worthy of censure. And conceivably he too might be totally ignorant of the WEF and its central, public, programme. In that case, one would have to mourn the ignorance of MPs nowadays when it’s the talk of the world.

No – the truth is clearly that the WEF can promote its globalist totalitarian agenda in public, by depending on the 200m Law that ensures most of the public ignores it. But at any point where its agenda is actually being implemented, the whole thing is simply kept quiet, or if it is raised at all, dismissed as imaginary.

Such denial is crude and blatant, as we have seen in the preceding examples. Imagine you’re a Gileadite sentry at the fords of Jordan, and an escaping Ephraimite quite clearly says “Sibboleth.” Your fellow sentry (whom you don’t actually know that well), insists that it obviously sounds like “Shibboleth” to him, and that you’re paranoid. You would rightly conclude that he has been bought off by the enemy.

It seems reasonable to make a similar assumption about the supposedly neutral Speaker of the House in Ottawa, for whom ignorance cannot even be a lame excuse, unlike the MP who answered. But it goes wider than that: as in the case of the international silence over Trudeau’s power-grab, the fact that no democratic leaders across the world have spoken to reassure those members of the public about the Great Reset, ever, is highly significant. Instead they have endorsed the open secret nature of the plan by using its “Build Back Better” as their slogan, whilst never mentioning their attitude to the book and its author, unless asked directly on rare occasions, when they simply deny its existence.

How simple it would be for a UK Conservative MP, for instance, to express concern at Prime Minister’s Question Time, and for Boris Johnson to distance himself from the manifesto, or even to show nuanced support for some of its aims whilst rejecting its more extreme elements. The lack of any such reassurances condemns the Prime Minister as an Ephraimite, and the rarity of such questions reveals the complicity (or alienness?) of most rank and file politicians.

If there were any good journalists left, the question that would be difficult for leaders to evade would be, “What is your attitude to the Great Reset theme of the WEF conference you attended recently, and to its leader Klaus Schwab’s book on that subject?”

I suspect the hiss of angry sibilants would be utterly revealing. They just can’t say “Shibboleth.”

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