Don’t follow the money – swamps are dangerous

One has to take seriously those who have been suggesting, since the very beginning of COVID, that the real motivation for all that anti-scientific and anti-human nonsense was for the financial guys deliberately to crash the Western economy, with a view to (a) getting rich and powerful whilst everyone else becomes poor and (b) creating a new central, programmable, and universal digital currency and so becoming rich and powerful whilst everyone else becomes a serf. The excuse of the pandemic (blame God for that – keep the lab-leak quiet) would get them off the hook for having replicated, and exceeded, the same self-interested management that caused the crash in 2008, from which they got rich themselves and everyone else suffered austerity. Get the idea?

There are no doubt other motives behind COVID too (for example, if you sell a lot of untried vaccines you get rich and powerful whilst others die), but one has to take this one seriously because of the astonishingly and self-evidently prodigal spending on useless measures during the notional pandemic, which those of cruder phraseology than mine have referred to as “pissing trillions of dollars up the wall.”

But further credibility comes from the way that the new obsession, the Ukraine War, has been manufactured and propagandised by exactly the same people in exactly the same ways, whilst the spending has been even more profligate and just as uncontrolled. Hundreds of billions are given to a corrupt and immoral government: the weapons are flooding the black market, and most of the cash is probably going back to the banks to be bailed-in and so creamed off when the financial system collapses. You can see the immediate effect of this in stats like the fact that the US trade deficit crashed precipitously to $100 billion dollars in March, well over double the average since 2008, which has been bad enough.

You are also, as Hump readers, no doubt well-informed enough to have seen how all the illegal sanctions and outright banditry of seizing Russian assets has only served to strengthen the Rouble and weaken the Dollar, the Pound and the Euro. So we are adding yet more sanctions, like a suicide grimly pressing the accelerator to the floor as the cliff edge approaches. Even if the strategy were not as morally bankrupt as our introduction of torture and special rendition in the Gulf War (for which God has yet to judge us fully), the outcome is already proving as counterproductive as waterboarding was. Cocaine- or senility-fueled incompetence seems the only alternative explanation to a deliberate rush to destroy our economic system.

My main point today is to draw attention to the fact that, of all the many nations of the world, my own country of Britain, to my shame, is second only to its puppetmaster, the USA, in this whole financial scam: or if it is not a scam, this incompetent melt-down. The Bank of England, even before COVID, has been pretty much on a par with the US Federal Reserve in printing money like there was no tomorrow, claiming absurdly (and now demonstrably so) that any inflation so caused would quickly be reversed. Our “balance sheet expansion” – which to a large extent reflects the dropping value of our money from quantitative seizing, has increased by 792% since 2007, only 1% less than that of the US. The next nearest is Japan’s 541%, and their economy is notoriously in trouble. Next is the European Central Bank at 408%, whilst the next-in-line Chinese Yuen clocks a measly 125%. Britain, in other words, is one of the two nations most responsible for financial armageddon – we, and our friends across the Atlantic, are the real bad guys.

The West’s (and particularly Britain’s) finances are in a fix it can’t get out of, unless somehow by crushing all alternatives, and resetting the system so that the bankers and other shysters still look like saviours rather than pariahs. A world war might do that, war having been known as a profitable racket for centuries and Russia, India, and China possessing a genuine alternative financial system, which simply cannot be permitted. The Bank of England’s token 1% rise in interest rates is merely a symptom of this deteriorating situation – as a cure it is as useful as Remdesivir for COVID.

And so it is not really a surprise, though it is depressing, to hear that Dear Leader Boris Johnson has thrown yet another £1.3 billion of taxpayer money at Ukraine, and taken it from our emergency reserve. This is on the excuse of “European Security,” since apparently giving weapons to the Zelensky regime ensures “peace and security across Europe,” as one may readily observe in Ukraine itself. How much bloodier and more insecure Europe would have been if Johnson hadn’t phoned Zelensky to insist he withdraw the concessions he had made in negotiations, on the promise of more weapons to destroy Russia all the way to the gates of Moscow! Always remember – diplomacy is violence, war is peace, and slavery is freedom!

Presumably our emergency reserves had to be raided in this case because a similar sum, £1.6 billion, was already earmarked in March for the urgent task of increasing electric vehicle chargers across the UK, for those who can afford £60K for a Tesla. But who knows what accounting logic is being used, when we hurry to bury trillions of pounds of debt under a pile of newly printed inflation?

Now, this is the same recently-fined Boris Johnson who, when informed last week that an elderly lady has to use her pensioner’s bus pass to keep warm because she cannot afford to heat her home, replied how good it was that the government had given her a free bus pass. Now, I don’t need to remind readers of the difficulties inflation is already causing for ordinary people, since you know it yourself every time you go shopping or fill the car. But it is worth remembering that, having enmeshed the entire developing world in our financial system, our deliberate trashing of it hits the poor of the world hardest.

“Poor” means the farmer who can no longer afford fertilizer to grow food, nor fuel to cook it, nor petrol to get it to market, and who will therefore starve, as millions of children alone have since COVID restrictions were imposed on them at Western behest. “Poor” means the woman in a favela owning only a couple of dresses and a picture of Jesus, who can only live by prostituting herself to Western tourists, now kept at home by vaccine passports. “Poor” means the Sri Lankan without food, fuel or lighting because we pressured his government to turn the whole country organic and impose lockdowns, whilst cutting off much of their trade.

Hundreds of millions of people across the world have already been reduced to the poverty from which they had barely escaped over the last thirty years. And we have deliberately made it worse, the excuses being putting a hyped virus, or else an inconveniently independent, Russian, in their place. But following the money down into the cess-pit seems to me to give a more plausible explanation for what has been going on these last few years.

That, and the hate-filled spiritual agenda of antichrist against the human race.

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  1. Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

    Gonzale Lira points out that the deliberate prolongation of the Ukraine War by the West also means farmers in the Ukraine breadbasket are not sowing seed – so food shortages will be even worse than they would be otherwise (especially when Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc shut of food supplies to Europe). It’s not just the banks that will collapse, sad to say.

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