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Exit strategies are double-plus ungood

Early on in COVID, when my church’s leadership was enthusiastically following the government impositions on meeting, distancing, masks, etc, and the Baptist Union guidelines even sought to out-do those restrictions, I became notorious in meetings for asking, “What is our exit strategy?”

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That’s the way the money goes

Britain has been in financial trouble since fighting two World Wars, of course, but it did manage finally to pay off its US war debt in 2016. [Correction – 2006: only 60 years rather than 70!]

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Essential misinformation

It’s got to the stage when the GMC’s current move to get doctors struck of the medical register for “peddling misinformation” on social media is just another run of the mill event, rather than registering on our minds as the atrocity it actually is. I guess it’s like the Soviet Union in the 1930s, when the show trial of yet another revered government leader discovered to be a capitalist spy must have become routine. You took it for granted that most of your heroes were really traitors, and could only rely on Comrade Stalin.

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Grass roots and Astroturfs

Amid the COVID insanity of 2020, you’ll remember, was the additional collective insanity of Black Lives Matter, exporting mass-action over here from a single unfortunate incident in the US, resulting in demolished statues, near-riots, and all the great and good of church, state and media coming out in solidarity. When the Marxist/anarchist roots of the organisation came to light, those insitutions bewailed how the movement had been “taken over” by activists, failing to notice that activists had started the movement to enlist the uncritical masses, and how closely its campaigns coincided with US elections.

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The world of stupid

So the Russians offered a safe passage for Azov fighters holed up in the Azovstol Steelworks in Mariupol, including even the foreign fighters who, on Russian estimation at least, are technically mercenaries not covered by the Geneva Convention.

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Daily Skeptic gets the Hump

Just a heads up that the above on-line publication commissioned an article from me on the state of British General Practice. It’s here.

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British unexceptionalism

Just as COVID threw into sharp relief the capture of of our institutions by dark forces, acting as confirmation to those of us who had suspected we were being led into serfdom through propaganda, so the Ukraine war has clarified to what extent the mythos of the American military-industrial complex trying to impose its hegemony over the whole world is, in fact, sober truth.

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Black in tooth and claw

Just a brief nature note today. Back in 2015, in a post on genes, I mentioned the serendipity of noticing a wild black rabbit out of my study window as I was writing it.

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How to be an innocent witch

Instinctively, you’d think that the longer propaganda goes on, the more cynical and worldly-wise the population would become. Maybe that’s true in the long term, but it ain’t so in the present psychological onslaught that we have experienced particularly in the last two years.

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Thank goodness we are being lied to

I picked up on this one this morning. It’s an admission on NBC that much of the news stemming from “intelligence sources” on the Ukraine war has been based on shaky intelligence, or simply made up – by the intelligence services, that is, not by the journalists, whose task is merely to be totally compliant to the State and hype up the news so that we all hate the Russians enough to wage economic war.

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