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I finally came round to joining the minority of people who realised there was a deep-seated and multi-faceted subversion of society going on around 2019. Late to the game, Jon – shame on you. But since the COVID abomination began early in 2020, the conviction that the world has gone mad has become almost universal, though a depressing percentage of people seem to think it’s just one damn thing after another, without seeing any connection between the escalating crises. It seems to me that at this stage, such a conclusion is pure psychological denial. But might it indeed be the case that the appearance of One Big Thing is illusory, and that although there has indeed been skulduggery, it’s a disparate skulduggery?

My morning’s entertainment today was back on the subject of COVID, and for your next quiet night in I recommend an important discussion between Bret Weinstein and some US military folks, and the new film of Robert F. Kennedy Jnr’s essential book, The Real Anthony Fauci, a free viewing of which you can sign up to here for the next few days only.

There is very little doubt in the light of the evidence that there has been vast regulatory capture of the pharamaceutical field by big corporations, and that powerful elements in government have been involved. But note that both the above sources also implicate US military and intelligence services in one way or another, which makes for a pretty huge range of malfeasance even before one includes the corruption of science and the medical profession, social media and the press.

But lest you have become punch-drunk from the many recent body blows to the world in which we grew up, remember that COVID was preceded by a galloping trashing of all common sense on sex and gender, gay marriage being rapidly followed by the push to transgenderism, the abolition of women and all that woke stuff.

Then, not long after COVID broke, the whole BLM thing didn’t only turn everybody born white into an incurable racist, but gave thugs the excuse to destroy the statues of nearly everybody with a statue, with the blessing of the courts, academic thugs to ban Shakespeare and Jane Austen, and footballing thugs to bring Western countries (literally) to their knees.

It was during COVID too that Americans found that over half their people were Far Right terrorists and that voting machines get to vote (but only Democrat). Though in the UK we’d already found that referendum results could be ignored even by the PM who got a landslide on the basis of implementing the Brexit vote: Boris preferred to be Building Back Better by spending money we didn’t have on worldbeating COVID projects that all failed. And now he’s apparently been mysteriously replaced by someone even his own party kicked out in the first voting round: we Brits don’t even get a fraudulent vote on our leaders now.

I must insert here the side-dish Americans enjoyed with their lockdowns – the persistent accusations that their elected President was a Russian spy, a hoax in which our MI6 agents played a well-rewarded part and for which nobody gets punished. Oh yes – and America now has a senile President clearly controlled by who-knows-what shadowy entities, who unlike Trump does have shady links not only to Russia, but to Ukraine and China.

Back in Britain, even the ongoing COVID crisis didn’t stop Johnson from hosting COP26, mouthing drunken platitudes, and committing the UK to yet more financially and physically impossible schemes (along with the other governments). Yes, let us not forget the simmering pot of Climate Change alarmism which has only now come to rapid boil, though the world stopped warming nearly a decade ago.

To complete the Boris Johnson theme, his reign (what else was it, when absolute emergency powers were wielded by him and about four others, albeit their strings were undoubtedly pulled from elsewhere?) lasted until the Proxy-World-War-Three in which we find ourselves. In this, even after being sacked, he played the role of Warmonger-in-Chief for NATO, travelling to Kiev twice to sabotage any risk of a peace settlement.

That war has also been an excuse for Lemming governments across the West to create an additional crisis by destroying their own energy supplies and, in all likelihood, their currencies whilst clamping down brutally on their citizens (aka “the Far Right”) protesting their empty stomachs and the headlong rush to nuclear destruction. We also witness the new phenomenon of vital German infrastructure being destroyed by its supposed “senior ally,” to which Germany has responded by saying, “Thankyou for your correction, Sir, and we won’t tell anyone you did it,” rather like an abused schoolboy with a sadistic pervert for a housemaster.

I’ve probably missed a couple of crises, but those I’ve mentioned are sufficient for two and a half years, don’t you think? I bet you’d forgotten at least one or two – the list would be a good memory game for Boy Scouts, and I bet the girls would win.

There are certainly unifying features to most or all of these crises. One is tax-money being transferred in bulk from ordinary people to rich people, whether the Pharma-Industrial Complex, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Green-Industrial Complex, Oligarchs’ NGOs, the WEF, Mermaids or the Racism industry, many of which seem, somehow, to overlap.

A second is the corruption of previously honest institutions, such as universities, scientific disciplines, journals and bodies, the medical profession, child protection agencies, drug regulators, conservation bodies, weapons inspectors, Amnesty International and so on. The flip side of that is the cancellation or professional denigration of all dissident or whistle-blowing voices within those institutions, not only by the institutions themselves but by social and legacy media.

A third is straight-out censorship in the media, which has come to be noticed by even the most trusting of news-consumers, though not enough to destroy their addictive reliance on the BBC or the NYT, paradoxically.

Another is the interest of police forces round the world in enforcing a particular “correct” line on all these issues, to the extent that people have given up reporting actual crimes, and the mental picture of a policeman has become one of a line of yellow-jackets in riot gear picking off elderly ladies at demonstrations for “special treatment.” And, of course, snapping facial recognition piccys of the rest for future reference. Or calling round at vicars’ houses in force, to police Twitter spats and confiscate computers.

It is the chaotic piling up of all these things that reassures us that the world really has gone mad rather than us – or at least this end of it: a fair amount of sanity seems to be reasserting itself where English is not the official language, over to the East and South. It is small wonder that so many have come to believe that a single set of evil people is somehow the unifying factor behind them all. Our world, after all, has suddenly taken on the character of a city taken over by a Mafia protection racket gang. But who could they be? The WEF? The US Deep State? The Chinese Communist Party? Vladimir Putin in his non-deranged dictator moments? Or maybe the Rosicrucians or the crew of UFOs (incidentally Gregg Davison’s Mulapin trilogy gives a very plausible – and prescient – take on the last of these!)?

There are those (mainly, I think, those who have focused on one particular issue rather than the broader sweep of events) who would argue that each crisis has been perpetrated by a different set of villains, and that their all coming together is accidental, or at most opportunist. One thing, though, leads me to consider them all to be truly interconnected, even if the unity is only at the level of a supernatural satanic strategy.

And that thing is the universal lack of honour amongst thieves. If a gang does take over a city, life is pretty miserable for the inhabitants at all levels, but there is at least some kind of order because it makes the racket easier to control. Problems arise, however, if a second gang tries to muscle in on the action. You don’t find gangs agreeing to control the local businesses on an alternating basis. That’s because if you could screw them for more, you would – Al Capone will not tolerate the North Side Mob.

Yet we see no such rivalry in the current melee of crises. We don’t find the Ukrainian warmongers scoffing at the namby-pamby climate change lobby and saying that COP27 should be cancelled in favour of a few more missiles. We don’t see Big Pharma lobbying for peace because the war detracts from its latest booster campaign. Fauci may have had his own corrupt agenda, but he seems quite happy to keep quiet about the Ukrainian biolabs he probably helped set up, even though they are all at risk of Russian occupation.

No, the press – which, remember, is carefully curated by a tiny number of funders, speaks more or less with one voice on the major issues, and keeps silent on all the same counter-evidence, even if the Daily Mail gets to appease its readers’ opposition to Wokism without actually campaigning effectively on the matter. All of which leads to the conclusion that there is just one Mafia behind the whole show. The Powers and Principalities are in lockstep not only on each issue, but on all issues.

If we’re asking to put faces to the faceless, it’s not easy – and nor is it intended to be, which is why, I suspect, cartoon villains like Klaus Schwab and bumbling politicians are set up as Aunt Sallies. Personally, I don’t think Xi Jinping comes across as the real Godfather. Still less straight-talking Putin. The very fact that our propaganda machine has cast them as Bogeymen makes it less likely. I think we need to look closer to home for the villains. It might help to follow the money – especially since the bulk of that is what ordinary people are required to pay in taxes by people who rattle on about democracy even as they dismantle it.

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  1. Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

    Well, here’s a prime example of how the disparate issues all seem to link.

    Bill Gates, whose primary concern recently appeared to have been COVID and vaccines, comments on the destruction of the Nordstream pipelines by saying it’s really a good thing because energy shortages will motivate Europe to reach Net Zero. There’s COVID, war and Net Zero tied together by a man who is also pushing digital identity and a change of diet for the world.

    Meanwhile, the more commercial aspects are brought to us by the US spokesman (was it Blinken?) who said the destruction of the pipelines (by the military industrial complex) was a great opportunity for US energy providers.

    There’s just no way to tease the issues apart, is there?

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