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Cancellation as a screening test for truth

The last three years have generated some interesting folk-sayings, such as the difference between a conspiracy theory and news being about six months, and “misinformation” being truth that those in power want to suppress. From the latter insight I think it’s possible to develop a screening test to assist those who are confused about what Latest Thing they should suspect of being a deception.

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Worshipping the god Parsimony

Following on from yesterday’s post, and from the parallel article on “Degrowth” as a national (or international) government policy to which I linked, I’ve been thinking about the ideological logic behind such policies. In essence, they are a hangover from eighteenth century Malthusian beliefs.

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Net Zero = Year Zero

The Great Reset project, or whatever the reality behind the slogans is, plans its machinations in secret – kind of. In fact, as I’ve sometimes outlined here, much of it is published openly in books and websites, and yet is carefully kept out of public awareness through distraction and obfuscation. Hiding things in plain sight and calling them “misinformation” is good propaganda, evidently. Even so, one’s focus tends to become sharper over time, as is shown by the very fact that so many ordinary people now have some grasp of a Great Reset and rightly perceive it as a threat, rather than a promise.

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The Book of Revelation meets Flannelgraph

Once one has become awakened to the full depth of the corruption and deceit currently swallowing our world, life gets more uncomfortable in many ways. Apart from the small matter of losing friends, not only can one not unsee what one has seen, but each day’s news brings new (and depressing) insights into how the whole mess fits together.

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Trust and obey

So this FTX crypto outfit was fraudulent, and apart from fraudulent money-laundering payments to a certain fraudulent government in Europe and back to Washington, was also the sole funder of the influential, but fraudulent, Together Study of repurposed drugs for COVID. This fraudulently dimissed all the useful drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, in favour of the fraudulent, exorbitantly priced, and deadly patent drug Remdesivir, but mainly to clear the ground for the fraudulent mRNA genetic drugs. Many thousands have died as a result, and of course many ordinary people have also lost their money. Isn’t it lucky that all the politicians who endorsed it, like Tony Blair and Bill Clinton, … Continue reading

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Ideological science

Tom Nelson is running a series of YouTube interviews with climate sceptics. I note with interest that his own scepticism came, as an amateur ornithologist, from discovering to his surprise that “peer-reviewed science” was telling unreliable tales about a particular bird species, and then being told by a professional meteorologist that the same problems existed in climate science.

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Why Britannia fell apart when the Romans left

In a discussion on The Duran, US commentator Garland Nixon proposed an interesting explanation of the Neocon strategy in the Ukraine War. Or at least, one of their strategies, apart from the most obvious one of engineering regime change in Russia and plundering of its resources as a stage leading up to doing the same with China.

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When you have eliminated all which is impossible…

I was surprised to see how the prophesied “red wave” has turned to a “red trickle” in the US mid-term elections. Surprised, that is, in the same kind of way one is “surprised” when a drug regulator recommends mRNA vaccines for infants, or when whoever you vote for you still end up tied to the EU.

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The heavens declare the official narrative

I’m beginning to notice, in my own country, that people living in a propaganda state tend to lose their humanity and become more xenophobic and more, perhaps, “brittle” in their dealings with others.

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Away with the climate change denialists!

When the aged Bishop Polycarp of Smyrna was condemned for his faith at the games, his persecutors urged him to spare his years and denounce the atheists. By this, of course, they meant the Christians who denied all the pagan deities and believed in just one God, a novel one claiming to tower over all others. Polycarp famously gestured to the baying crowds and said, “Away with the atheists!”

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