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The root of the debate?

Why do many atheists get so angry against both creation and religion? If it were the evidence alone, you’d expect a purely academic disagreement. It’s often stated in terms of the tyrannical history of religion, and yet that is characteristically either exaggerated or actually flies in the face of fact. Yet people like Coyne et al seem to hate God himself, even though they deny his existence. Here’s a quote from David Berlinski’s obituary on Christopher Hitchens: Christopher Hitchens found objectionable the very idea of a source of authority, and so of power, greater than his own. Is “autonomous naturalism” a recognised term?

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Threatened worldviews and their effects

Challenges to ones worldview assumptions usually come from exposure to a different culture. My assumptions about the place of talking about ones faith in medical practice received a jolt in the early nineties when I first read Richard Baxter’s 1650 spiritual classic The Saints’ Everlasting Rest.

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