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The Next Thing, Ukraine now being sidelined because Russia is winning and many countries are refusing to play ball with the suicide sanctions, is of course the next pandemic, of a rare and generally mild disease called monkeypox. It does, however, have the psychological edge over COVID-19 of looking like a real plague, with yucky blisters and all.

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Powerful ju-ju 2022

The confusion of paganism – especially if not regulated by a highly formulated priestly cult – lay partly in that one was never really sure why anything happened, and so predicting what would happen seemed a fruitless pursuit. Some god might start something going in nature or human experience, only to have it overturned by the caprice of a jilted goddess, or modified by a maledictive curse from some neighbour. The best explanations for the inexplicable became arbitrary stories from magical thinking.

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What you feel is real

So we had an old college friend to stay, a female Anglican vicar… sorry, priest … who is the same age as us and not a young product of the woke educational system, though she did do her seminary training in the age of the Anglican Church as “The Labour Party at prayer.

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Reliance on science

Imagine that, in a journal with a name like “Climate Science,” you saw a paper which began, “Before the widespread use of fossil fuels much of the earth was covered with vast ice-sheets thousands of feet thick. But through the use of coal, oil and gas we now have a climate that, for most, is warm, productive and pleasant.”

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A request to Boris and his chums

Towards the end of The Real Anthony Fauci, Robert F. Kennedy outlines the pandemic exercises initiated by US bioweapons “military, medical and intelligence planners,” an explanation that floods the lockstep mismanagement of COVID-19 over the last two years with light.

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Corruption fatigue

You’ve heard of “compassion fatigue,” that phenomenon whereby frequent graphic depictions of human misery worldwide compete to be more graphic and frequent until the public eventually becomes saturated, and ceases giving to anything any more. I’m beginning to get a similar sense of saturation at the pervasive deception and corruption in our society.

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The gangsters of science

Perhaps the most perceptive description I’ve seen recently of the national (for which read “Western”) zeitgeist is that the population has just received a software update.

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For Once, the Atheists at Peaceful Science Don’t Sound Fishy to Me

I am second to none as an admirer of Jon’s recent columns on COVID, European and world politics, and the role of the Christians in challenging the direction in which the world is heading. And I hope to eventually write some columns on these grave topics myself. But I think that every now and then, to balance out such gravity, we need some levity, and I’m offering this mainly in that spirit — though there will be a serious point as well.

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Ain’t got time to fix the shingles

Just as I thought the NHS had finished chasing me up over vaccinations, I got another letter today. As I explain here, my decision not to get a COVID booster, for the reasons outlined here, led to the NHS totally ignoring my legally registered right not to have my medical records uploaded to the Matrix from my GP. Consequently I received several reminders from a central unit and, in the end, a rather dubious “research” phone call.

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Money talks truth among the lies

You may have heard the story about insurers in one US state finding a 40% increase in young adult deaths for 2021, when vaccines were introduced (as opposed to 2020, when COVID was at its peak). A regular reader has pointed me to this remarkable article.

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