Pentadactyly Live

News being slow at the moment, I thought that for light relief I’d link to a video someone’s posted on YouTube of part of the set I did at Lyme Regis Folk Festival last weekend. After all, the song Pentadactyly arose from discussions about the pentadactyl limb both here and on BioLogos.

The “classic case” of the vertebrate limb is actually a very messy story – but since you can’t expect the average punter to care about that, it had to be vaguely amusing as well… yes, you guessed it – everyone laughs at the sax players trying to play before the beat in 5/4 time.

Lyme Regis, on Dorset’s World Heritage “Jurassic Coast” was the place where Mary Anning did so much for the early history of palaeontology in the nineteenth century. I don’t think she ever played guitar or sax, though.

My apologies for the interesting seismic activity on the i-Pad video: it seems they’re prone to causing it. Strange we didn’t notice it on-stage.

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