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Another song for you

Here’s an old but remixed song I’ve just uploaded to YouTube.

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Far-Right Now (the single)

Still on a musical theme, here’s a bit of satirical fun I’ve just put up on YouTube. Enjoy it until the thought-police come round to get you.

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Congregational singing is not karaoke

One of our guys at church has just come off the sound team, and after a break of a decade is getting back into playing flute for our church band. “As I get deeper into practising,” he said, “I’m finding that a lot of the new songs aren’t written for worship, but performance.”

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Worship-is-us, yeah?

Someone at church suggested a new song for Sunday services, and being in the band I went to YouTube to look up how it goes. The clip was of the writer singing his own song. He was a young man with a strange haircut, tattoos and an expensive Gibson J45 guitar. He stood on stage amid well orchestrated lights, accompanied by a band of equally young chaps and young blonde ladies, all looking worshipful if they weren’t actually playing instruments, in which case they just looked like musicians. Somewhere, I suppose, there was a congregation. “It’s all about you, Jesus…”

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A personal valediction

I’m of that age when my friends and heroes alike begin to be seriously thinned out by death. The most recent hero was Ray Shulman, writer and multi-instrumentalist in the band Gentle Giant, once described as “the greatest bass player you’ve never heard of.” He died a week or two ago. Then last month I came across an obituary about my closest childhood friend, who started school the same day as me, then followed me in a move to another school, as well as being in the same Wolf Cub pack. Eventually we were only separated by the eleven-plus exam, and he went on to become a sub-editor on a … Continue reading

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Gobbledegook from hobbledehoys

I found this article at the Daily Sceptic intriguing. The author, unimpressed with a university (UCL) “vision statement” that looked as if it had been cobbled together from buzzwords by AI, decided to use a commercially available AI program to construct his own.

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Art for rats’ sake

Well, we’re back in Blighty after an unaccustomed week away in the glorious Isles of Scilly. I won’t give a travelogue on that. But being over our baggage weight even without a computer, world news was limited to overhearing the BBC bulletins on the house radio as my wife tuned in for the weather forecast.

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Joe Rogan and Woodstock

An interesting discussion between atheist/agnostic James Lindsay, who has become an expert critic of all things woke, and Beth Stuckey, a Christian Calvinist YouTuber, is here.

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Gags, jabs and rags

This is just another miscellany of current COVID madness, with some explanation of why it is planned to continue indefinitely.

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Destructive societal superstitions

There is still a prevalent idea that witchcraft was predominantly a mediaeval thing, representing the remnants of pagan religion amongst the peasantry. In fact, the wave of superstitious belief in witches, pacts with the devil and so on was an early modern phenomenon beginning in the sixteenth century, and was at its height of “witchfinders general,” show trials and so on in the following century. Witchcraft was actually very rare in mediaeval times.

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