Potiphar’s Pfizer prognostications perused

One of the many reasons for blogging so frequently on the state of COVID over the last two years was as a kind of diary of my reactions to the lies being spouted by official sources, so that I could say “I told you so” as and when I was proven right. Obviously that’s a risky strategy if the official sources should turn out to be right.

So far, though, they haven’t (“so far” meaning “as the pandemic collapses”). It’s very hard to think of anything they didn’t get diametrically wrong. In contrast I think most of what I’ve written (though not all, of course) stands the test of time, and shows that some of us were saying back in 2020 what the mainstream media are only just beginning to “discover” now.

One piece I posted just as the UK was the first to authorise its gene therapy, in December 2020, was subtly entitled Ten (non-anti-vaxx) reasons not to be vaccinated against COVID-19 . It reviewed what was already known about the technology being used for the first time on human beings without telling most of them they were experimental subjects. Most still haven’t been told. One of my main sources, rather surprisingly, was a highly sceptical Wikipedia article: I’ve little doubt that page on mRNA vaccines has been completely altered, now it is clear that the Unvaccinated, and those who give them aid and succour, are both fascists and in the pay of Russia, like the Canadian truckers.

Anyway, my piece ended with ten bullet points, and I thought it might be a good check on my pseudo-scientific credentials to see if I accidentally got anything right, now that we have over a year’s experience with these safe and effective vaccines. I’ll deal with them one by one.

Ten reasons not to be vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2

  • RNA vaccines are a novel technology that reprograms human cells. Joe Rogan has been in trouble this week for calling the vaccines a “gene therapy.” There seems to be a subtle definitional issue here, in that genetic manipulation to treat diseases is, apparently, called “gene therapy,” but by fiat (presumably since the first gene-therapy “vaccines” came online using identical technology) that term has been excluded for genetic manipulation to prevent disease. That aside, as I have written before, whilst in high-school genetics mRNA cannot be incorporated into our DNA, in practice it can, occasionally, via reverse transcriptases. Furthermore micro-mRNAs can modulate the expression of existing DNA in both nuclei and mitochondria (ie “reprogram human cells”). Reverse transcription of spike protein from the live virus has been found to occur, so there is no reason to exclude this possibility from the vaccines too – and they are much better at reaching organ systems and germ cells than the virus. And the increased rates of cancer beginning to appear soon after vaccination are suggestive of the epigenetic effects of vaccines. Even at the basic level, though, the spike protein production by cells co-opted by the vaccines has proven to be far more widespread than the manufacturers claimed. That is, cells not intended to be reprogrammed often are, and this explains many of the short and medium term adverse reactions already seen.
  • The incidence of short and long term side effects is unknown. Auto-immunity can be lethal or life-changing. The incidence of long term effects is still unknown, but the vaccine has been rolled out to children, pregnant mothers and everyone else, often compulsorily, anyway. The short and medium term adverse reactions are reported as around 10 times higher than for all vaccines combined over the last decade, but governments and health services are entirely indifferent to it. Auto-immune reactions have indeed been among the commonest problems.
  • The degree and longevity of protection, in return for the risks, is unknown. Well, that we do now know. The protection against Omicron is nil, and may be similar for previous strains once the data is properly analysed. And what protection there may be wears off in a few weeks. There is now also increasing evidence of vaccines increasing the risk of infection, and of little or no protection against hospitalisation and death, despite the original claims. We have been so conditioned by the promise of Nirvana from vaccines that we aren’t all shouting, “These vaccines are utterly useless, and horribly dangerous.” We should be.
  • For 99.88% of people the disease is not lethal. No longer true, as the prevalent strain is around an order of magnitude less lethal than that. But they’re still pushing vaccines anyway.
  • For children and young people serious risk from COVID is almost nil. Various tiny totals have been released for UK deaths under 18, and virtually all had serious underlying conditions. The risk to healthy children was always effectively zero even before Omicron. The government went for mass-vaccination of children anyway, ignoring even the one universally acknowledged serious side effect, myocarditis, which effects more than 1:3000 young males.
  • Many people – possibly most by now – are already immune. True increasingly, but natural immunity was neither estimated nor even acknowledged in the vaccination programme, despite the knowledge that the spike protein around which the vaccines are built is in itself toxic.
  • It is not good medicine to risk harming a whole population to protect a vulnerable minority who can themselves be vaccinated. It still isn’t, but sadly we have grown used to there being little “good medicine” left in our health systems. But since I wrote the piece, we have entered another Through the Looking Glass situation where the vaccinated are still vulnerable because the vaccines don’t work, and therefore more people must be vaccinated although that doesn’t reduce transmission. It is not you who are insane.
  • COVID-19 is a risk that is decreasing by the day, and may be virtually gone by the time the vaccine is available. Well it wasn’t, as it turned out, but the second winter wave, once examined in the light of actual excess deaths, was no worse than a bad flu year. It was just tested a lot more with wildly inaccurate tests. Now it is certainly disappearing, but vaccine enforcement around the world is in many cases increasing. It is still not you who are insane, but only by the grace of God.
  • To make vaccination mandatory, or “passively coercive” (by issuing “freedom passports and the like) is a breach of God-given human rights, and ought to be resisted. This seemed a conspiracy theory when I wrote it, but as we all know now my worst fears here have been, and are still, coming to fruition. The Nuremberg Codes, informed consent, medical confidentiality, bodily autonomy and so on have all been scrapped. And a majority of the country appear to welcome that, because propaganda works if you’re too lazy to guard your mind.
  • With vaccines from £14 a shot (Pfizer) to £2 a shot (Oxford) vaccinating the whole country, let alone the whole world, for spurious reasons is an unjust transfer of obscene amounts of money away from vital needs to big pharma and NGOs (the WHO, for example, was convicted of vaccine corruption over Swine Flu and has not been effectively reformed). As we all know now, the NHS became a national COVID service, and remains so in large part by its absurd restrictions. The actual profits of Big Pharma, the test suppliers, and an entire industry of dubious companies contracted corruptly and owned by Big Money, are now known. It has become clear that the biggest transfer of wealth in history, from the ordinary citizen and the developing world’s poor to the already obscenely wealthy, has occurred in the last two years. It continues apace because of the inflation governments produced to engineer that transfer, and the totalitarian locomotive of the Great Reset, the Great Narrative, the Enormous Turnip or whatever the elites are actually executing.

When I thought of doing this post, I hesitated because it seemed that, in the UK at least, it’s all over bar the shouting. I wondered if it was rather a time to look forward. It seemed that it would be hard to persuade people to get more vaccines in a hurry, especially after the suspension of the NHS staff vaccine mandate, so my self-congratulation would be irrelevant as well as vainglorious.

But I was premature – as I believe anyone will be who fails to understand this is only the beginning of the bad times. It appears that Sajid Javid was showing the now depressingly familiar dissimulation in appearing to bring good news about the vaccine mandate. As this interview shows, the powerful have no intention of diminishing their control over the people. But then I predicted that back in March 2020. It’s depressing getting it right when you’re channeling Jeremiah.

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