Money talks truth among the lies

You may have heard the story about insurers in one US state finding a 40% increase in young adult deaths for 2021, when vaccines were introduced (as opposed to 2020, when COVID was at its peak). A regular reader has pointed me to this remarkable article.

Edward Dowd, a fund manager (formerly with Black Rock – boo), who successfully predicted the last three major financial crises, has been analysing the data and concludes that there is definitely a serious vaccine mortality problem that has been covered up by governments, the medical and scientific establishment, and of course by the vaccine manufacturers.

Whilst some of this excess mortality may be due to lockdowns (governments and medical establishment manifestly culpable there) the pattern strongly indicates, as the insurance industry is beginning to conclude, that the vaccines are far more dangerous than has been admitted. Though not more dangerous than some of us predicted before they even came out).

Only yesterday it was reported that the official German health insurer now reckons that the adverse reaction rate is an order of magnitude greater than the surveillance data (from the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Germany’s vaccine regulation body) would indicate. Since this would probably also apply to voluntary surveillance schemes around the world, such as VAERS, Yellow Card, and EudraVigilance, this inicates a devastating number of adverse reactions, suggesting for example 20,000 vaccine deaths in the UK alone, 2,000 having been reported, and apparently ignored, by the Yellow Card scheme.

Dowd’s analysis seems to reflect a quiet panic amongst those in the financial trade – Moderna shares have already dropped by 70%, and Pfizer by 20%, which Dowd attributes to fund managers offloading stock before the balloon goes up.

The balloon, according to the article, has two major components. Specifically, it is clear to Dowd that the feverish attempts to withhold trial data from scrutiny indicate massive fraud by Big Pharma, and even worse by the official regulators which are largely funded by the industry, much as financial regulators were funded, and corrupted, by the institutions they oversaw during the sub-prime scandal. We already know that the all-cause mortality was greater in the vaccinated arm of the trials than in the unvaccinated, which would normally have aborted the roll-out of the vaccines. The rest of the truth has been ordered by the courts to be released, 10,000 pages at a time, this year, and it won’t be pretty..

Even worse than that, though, the unsustainable debt within the financial system, which dwarfs that of the 2008 crash, is likely to cause a meltdown of the entire global financial system, and to be triggered by the projected collapse of Big Pharma. In fact Dowd (scarcely a tin-hat conspiracy theorist by reputation) suggests that the totalitarian crackdown on all public protest across the world during the pandemic has been planned to suppress inevitable public riots when the population realises its entire wealth has been sequestered by the global elites. Thanks to Canadian truckers, that plan isn’t going to work out smoothly – maybe that’s because the worldwide protests are the places where much of the effective prayer is happening, most churches failing to read the signs of the times.

It is, of course, easy (rightly or wrongly) to include many world events within the same master-plan, such as the distraction of a war in Ukraine, scares over extreme weather, and so on. But expensive wars financed by printing money also risk precipitating the crash that much sooner. It may be no coincidence that gold prices have been rising to almost their highest ever levels over the last few weeks: big players are, presumably, moving into tangible assets as they have before when they see disaster looming.

All bad news, but we’re pretty used to apocalyptic times by now, aren’t we? The |Kingdom does not come easily. Once quiet democracies like Canada and New Zealand have rolled out the mark of the beast, there’s not much further to go, is there? My main point here, though, is the rather sad one that only one institution in society appears to be un-captured enough to tell the truth. We have seen governments, official scientists, global institutions, the press, the medical profession, the scientific journals, social media, Hollywood, the churches and most of our neighbours peddling or participating in barefaced lies during this whole pandemic (we could add climate change, woke history, cancel culture and so on as well, but let’s keep it simple).

This monotonous chorus particularly applies to the “safe and effective” mantra over COVID prophylactics which can now be seen, despite the continued spin and sanctions, to give negative protection against their target disease, and to add many serious and widespread pathologies of their own, of unknown duration.

How ironic that the institution most likely to blow the gaff on the vaccines is the dreaded capitalist system, which won’t let lies get in the way of making a profit. The Great Prostitute rides the Beast, but is hated by it… maybe because money sometimes talks out of turn.

Signs of the Times – Jon Garvey, 2000.

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