Summoning up the blood

Conflict resolution in the media age

Bringing you the news as it happens…

…from our man on the ground

Of course, we’ve all seen the images…

So let’s sit down and find a solution…

…that benefits everyone…

After the War – Jon Garvey
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About Jon Garvey

Training in medicine (which was my career), social psychology and theology. Interests in most things, but especially the science-faith interface. The rest of my time, though, is spent writing, playing and recording music.
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2 Responses to Summoning up the blood

  1. Peter Hickman says:

    Thanks for the reminder of Larry Norman. What a talent he had!
    My parents weren’t impressed with his ‘Why should the devil have all the good music?’, but I loved it, and all of his songs. ‘Don’t give me those funeral marches; I ain’t dead yet!’. I still play them, along with the other Christian Rock artists of that era such as Barry McGuire (Eve of Destruction).

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      Barry wasn’t a Christian when he recorded that, but I heard him live when he was. And Larry Norman too, in Hyde Park, 1972 – what impressed me most was that he rocked as much with just his small acoustic guitar as with the full band.

      That album, I discovered, is now in the Library of Congress as a notable American achievement (which is great for the English musicians and production team).

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