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Ain’t got time to fix the shingles

Just as I thought the NHS had finished chasing me up over vaccinations, I got another letter today. As I explain here, my decision not to get a COVID booster, for the reasons outlined here, led to the NHS totally ignoring my legally registered right not to have my medical records uploaded to the Matrix from my GP. Consequently I received several reminders from a central unit and, in the end, a rather dubious “research” phone call.

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Money talks truth among the lies

You may have heard the story about insurers in one US state finding a 40% increase in young adult deaths for 2021, when vaccines were introduced (as opposed to 2020, when COVID was at its peak). A regular reader has pointed me to this remarkable article.

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Sounds like “shibboleth” to me

You’ll remember (won’t you?) that the original concept of a “shibboleth” was in Judges 12, where in an Israelite inter-tribal conflict, Gileadites asked a test question to catch out enemy Ephraimites. Evidently the latter had no “sh” sound in their Hebrew, and so were discovered by saying “sibboleth” instead of “shibboleth.”

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Silence on Canada speaks volumes

The headline in the Babylon Bee says it all: “Trudeau Demands Protesters Stop Shutting Down City So That He Can Shut Down City.”

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Economic (and social) collapse on the ground

Maybe each of us knows one or two people suffering COVID vaccine damage. It’s only when those sufferers are grouped together, for some reason, that one realises the scale of the problem. A YouTuber (now an ex-YouTuber, like so many other cancellations in these fascist times) who usually does shock-jock treatment of current affairs, uncharacteristically did a very quiet and sober piece because two young, professional friends had reported severe anxiety states in the wake of the Covid restrictions, acute enough that they had had to abandon their cars because they could not drive. He asked others to share similar experiences.

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The 200m Law

To celebrate my Psalm 90:10 birthday, we took a trip out yesterday in the winter sunshine and crisp air to Burton Bradstock, effectively the starting point of the forty miles of Chesil Beach.

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Joe Rogan and Woodstock

An interesting discussion between atheist/agnostic James Lindsay, who has become an expert critic of all things woke, and Beth Stuckey, a Christian Calvinist YouTuber, is here.

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Potiphar’s Pfizer prognostications perused

One of the many reasons for blogging so frequently on the state of COVID over the last two years was as a kind of diary of my reactions to the lies being spouted by official sources, so that I could say “I told you so” as and when I was proven right. Obviously that’s a risky strategy if the official sources should turn out to be right.

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Hard cheese for ptarmigan

What hope for the ptarmigan’s future? I doubt most of you have ever asked that question. But as I belatedly watched Winterwatch yesterday, the ever-pessimistic Chris Packham bemoaned their decline in numbers and warned of their imminent extinction, of course due to climate change.

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