Evil geniuses or evil morons?

Perhaps the maddest or saddest thing I saw in yesterday’s news was the return of Boris Johnson from Saudi Arabia, with his tail between his legs, having failed to secure an oil deal to replace what he’s sanctioned from Russia.

Three sad truths emerge from this.

The first is that Britain is such a spent power that our erstwile ally in many an aggressive invasion has refused to help us out. I suppose that is one step up over Joe Biden, whose calls the Saudis are not even returning.

The second is that this refusal shows that the claimed consensus across the world for our stance on Ukraine is an illusion (or perhaps better, a propaganda lie). Perhaps an increasing number of non-European governments have seen through the globalist agenda.

The third is that the moral bankruptcy of the attempt was itself staggering. Johnson (in lockstep with the other Western powers, or at least in words: EU countries are still buying Russian gas and oil) has sanctioned Russia because it invaded Ukraine and some few thousand of civilians are said, in the fog of war, to have been killed. To compensate, Johnson has sought to buy from a country that invaded Yemen several years ago, is still fighting there using Western weapons including ours, and up to the end of last year 377,000 are said to have died.

Excuse me for my cynicism, but the only justification for such hypocrisy is that Yemen has been largely kept out of the news, and Ukraine has replaced COVID almost entirely in our media. Image is everything.

This last fact ought to give us real pause for thought, especially as the lockstep western powers keep on talking up a Third World War and closing the door on reasonable diplomatic solutions. Why are they taking such a risk? The COVID manipulation was a two year campaign which, I don’t think can now be doubted, had an end-game in view. Words like “Order” “New” and “World” come to mind, as I have explored in many posts here. There is actually a new and good (because banned by the usual platforms) film on that, which for the moment, if you hurry, you can see here.

Now, not only has the Great Reset not yet properly reset, but the means for its establishment have been unraveling, as knowledge of the vaccines’ far from complete protection have led to the justification for vaccine passports wearing thin. Worldwide public protests against mask-mandatess are difficult to suppress when the lack of any scientific justification is now widely known. Even sections of captured institutions like Johns Hopkins have begun to say that lockdowns were ineffective, whilst many others spell out their harms, and many voices have become aware of the unjust curtailment of human rights, not least through the fascist suppression of Canadian truckers by Justin Trudeau’s government, as well as their own bitter experiences. You can find somewhere in today’s news that there are currently more people over 70 with Covid, albeit mild Omicron, than at any time during the pandemic. That is a complete failure of what the vaccines were supposed to prevent.

Now, after all that investment in propaganda and controlling both governments and the public across the world, are those committed to the new global regime simply going to give up because of such setbacks? Would they even dare let the campaign lose momentum for any length of time? I suggest not: they would have to put in place, and quickly, a crisis at least as fearsome, both to continue the transfer of power and wealth, and to cover up the civil disaster that’s emerging from the COVID operation.

What might that new (and in all likelihood hastily improvised) operation be? I can think of three approaches to understanding that. The first is to look at the main goals of the project, and how they might be achieved other than through a pandemic. The second is to ask what the known puppet-masters of the pandemic panic are now focusing on. The third is simply to see what is hogging our headlines, now that COVID has been largely silenced.

As for the first, the transfer of wealth from the sheep to the “stakeholder-capitalist” wolves can only be completed through the collapse of the fiat currency system and its replacement with a universal and traceable digital currency. Many economists have been predicting such a collapse because of the unsustainability of current debt and money-printing. The absurd expenditure on COVID (at the same time as on Net Zero) might have been calculated, and may actually have been calculated, to bring about such a collapse without implicating the central bankers. Whereas in 2008 , taxpayers bailed out the “too big to fail” crooks, they would baulk at repeating their generosity for the same villains caught in the very same act, and their potential refusal has been foreseen by legislating a “bail-in” system, whereby your savings will simply disappear to pay off the bank’s debts. “You will own nothing, and you will not dare protest.”

Vaccine passports would have prepared the way for such a digital currency by uniting personal data on a single global database, courtesy of the work initiated by ID2020 and pioneered for real by the Chinese Communist Party. That must still be a major plank in a command and control global state.

A third obsession of the UN, WEF, the Green lobby and the leftover eugenicists of the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations is to reduce world population. COVID doesn’t do that efficiently, but lockdowns help a lot by causing the return of mass-starvation in the stalled-development world, and the collapse of health services and increased poverty in the West. But true economic melt-down achieves depopulation on a much larger scale through starvation, energy-poverty and the resurgence of infectious diseases, as happened on a smaller scale after the breakdown of the Soviet Union.

Once, one would not have believed that such callous malevolence would gain traction in the “free world” from leaders of government we voted for, and from leaders of businesses we depend on. But 20th century history gives us evidence that it can where money is involved. Remember that Jesus was betrayed for silver. The utter perversity of official attitudes to children, the elderly, early treatments, small businessmen, conscientious objectors to vaccination, and so on, shows that inhumanity is alive and well in our own nations as it was before the two world wars.

OK, the second question is what the Powers are obsessed with now. The health guys are taking a back seat for the moment: Big Pharma is either developing new poisons or working out how to avoid prosecution over the old, Tony Fauci seems to be in hiding with most of the public health stars, and the WHO are concentrating on their power grab to control us through pandemics directly – more joy down the road, then. But the international organs like the UN, the lockstep governments and the intelligence agencies that helped coordinate the lockdowns; the social media barons and the press – well, they’re all talking up war and suppressing any calls for peace that don’t involve Russian heads on poles on London Bridge.

And of course, it goes without saying that because of all that noise the public is only allowed to see that one war, out of all the ongoing struggles round the world, just as they could last month only see one disease out of the thousands that afflict humanity. Nobody watches Punch and Judy when Barnum’s Circus is in town.

As one of the speakers in the linked film says, the ideal controller of the masses is an invisible enemy, since it can be made to appear to do whatever you like. But failing that a visible one will do, especially if it is rendered effectively invisible, both by your wall-to-wall propaganda, and by your censorship.

A war in Ukraine will not of itself usher in a new world order, and in fact potentially could overturn the scheme as the East becomes an independent political and financial unity in competition with ours. The powers would be in a hurry to prevent that.

However, turn it into a global war and the stage is set for completing what was attempted with COVID. Financial systems are expected to reach crisis point in wars. Citizens expect to be militarised and controlled in wartime, and digital identities will seem like World War II identity cards, controlling commodity rationing, preventing black market transactions, tracking the movement of possible Putin fifth columnists and so much more. Best of all, modern wars can be an efficient way of reducing populations, if the elite makes sure that the radiation doesn’t reach their private islands.

Far-fetched? Not so much if one considers how fortunes were, quite deliberately, made in previous wars not by the wide-boys selling nylon stockings or sausages, but by the bankers and industrialists whose operations profited from all sides in the conflict. When Britain’s taxpayers finished paying their Second World War debt in 2006, and their First World War debt only in 2015, they weren’t paying off the spivs selling black-market fags.

On the other hand there may be one factor that may make any attempt to stir up war in Europe a damp squib as far as Britain is concerned, and I’m not even talking about the British Army’s shrunken and woke state.

No, what may in the end make sanity prevail is the fact that Boris can’t even get any oil for his tanks.

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