Trust and obey

So this FTX crypto outfit was fraudulent, and apart from fraudulent money-laundering payments to a certain fraudulent government in Europe and back to Washington, was also the sole funder of the influential, but fraudulent, Together Study of repurposed drugs for COVID. This fraudulently dimissed all the useful drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, in favour of the fraudulent, exorbitantly priced, and deadly patent drug Remdesivir, but mainly to clear the ground for the fraudulent mRNA genetic drugs. Many thousands have died as a result, and of course many ordinary people have also lost their money.

Isn’t it lucky that all the politicians who endorsed it, like Tony Blair and Bill Clinton, are so keen to protect us from disinformation spread by conspiracy theorists claiming there is deception in high places. And by those nutters claiming that there is a “father of lies” named Satan who is particularly busy these days..

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