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Listening to a revealing little interview with Jeffery Sachs it occurs to me that we’re now in a position to review and explain, in a broad way, the madness that was (and still is) the COVID spamdemic. At least we can now surmise how the connections work between quite a restricted band of players, albeit it including some of the most powerful entities in the world. Whilst too much remains unknown to call it a conspiracy, we have sufficient evidence to say confidently that it contained at least one conspiracy. As for the rest, perhaps it depends how you define “conspiracy”: if unelected intelligence agencies break the law and go behind their President’s back to pursue policies that the public would abhor, but which are kept from them, is that “conspiracy” or “government as usual”?

Let’s start with what Sachs said. He is the vastly experienced, and worldly-wise, economist who was chosen to lead The Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission, but ended up being damned by many of the cabal of virologists on it, and their associates, because he realised they were lying to him to cover their own tracks. Ironically he hand-picked Peter Daszak as the lead scientist, thinking him the obvious choice, before coming to the conclusion that Daszak was leading the wool-pulling exercise, and sacked him when he refused to release his own data on “security” grounds.

We now know from the FOIA e-mail trail (aided by leaked redaction-removal!) that Daszak was one of those involved in the infamous cover-up of the lab-leak, following a conference call organised by Anthony Fauci. It’s now well-known how several virologists familiar with the field believed or suspected that the new virus was engineered, some of those closer to the center expressing “Could it be one of ours?” fears. We also know how those fears magically transmuted into a hastily produced joint communication in Nature dismissing non-natural causes as a stupid conspiracy theory, and we know that Daszak also engineered that (just as he later obfuscated the WHO investigation in China, which unaccountably he led despite his known conflict of interests).

Some other strategically important names in on that “conference” included NIH head Francis Collins, and Christian Drosten who designed the diagnostic test misused around the world ever since, and published it more or less overnight. He was one of the most outspoken of these conspirators in the need to kill the “conspiracy theory” of a lab leak – was he protesting too much?

Also involved in the exchanges were UK Chief Scientist Patrick Vallance (since re-knighted), and Wellcome Trust chief Jeremy Farrar (also knighted and now promoted to WHO Chief Scientist), and they led the response in the UK through SAGE. It was SAGE that formulated UK policy and sold it to the scientifically illiterate cell that our government became, that brought in the Behavioural Psychologists, and that launched a vaccine programme to beat the US Operation Warp Speed with an all-British worldbeating vaccine that has now been quietly withdrawn because it is so dangerous. This effort is not to be confused with Operation Moonshot, which was about testing everyone every day in defiance of all established use of laboratory tests and at the cost of several generations’ worth of money-printing. It was also SAGE that puffed up the Imperial College modelling that panicked the whole world into following in lockstep.

With a united front on the narrative both of origins and management between the powerful US and the scientifically respected UK, we can see how much of the story of the last three years goes back to this one conspiracy of virologists gathered to suppress, totally, the now scarcely disputed lab leak theory. It’s an object lesson in how scientific disciplines can become self-sustaining cliques.

The e-mails suggest this cabal’s ignorance of the lab leak and a panic response to divert blame for incompetence to the Chinese, a response militating against the suspicion of a deliberate release of the virus and in favour of an accident. But bear in mind that if just a few of of the players, notably Daszak whose gain of function research is deeply implicated, and Fauci and Collins who funded it illegally and behind President Trump’s back, were involved in a deliberate release, they would scarcely own up even within that self-interested company, once the latter saw that silence was in their own interest.

There were other players who might well have motives to create a deliberate pandemic behind the backs of even the scientists. For Robert F. Kennedy Jnr., and others, have documented the development of an unholy coalition that began in the era of George W. Bush, and involved many US intelligence agencies, virologists, the NIH, and private enterprise in the form of Big Pharma and well-known billionaire Philanthropists. Kennedy records how pandemic readiness became divorced from longstanding principles and structures of public health, to acquire an emphasis on biosecurity.

Reading between the lines, the claim that this had to do with defending democracy against biological attacks from (usually) Russia, or Al Qaeda, or anyone really, are dubious. What makes more sense is if the “dual use” gain of function research in the US, Wuhan, Ukraine and elsewhere is seen primarily as illegal biological weapons development. Enhancing random animal viruses to kill humans makes no predictive scientific sense, as a majority of real virologists have long protested. But at least to warmongers it makes military sense, if accompanied by Draconian civil defence measures like lockdowns and mass testing, linked to the deployment of vaccines on your own side. For the last, you need to recruit Big Pharma, which thereby became an arm of the Military Industrial Complex, rent-seeking vast amounts of tax money with all legal risk to themselves obviated.

And so on the one hand the paper-trail indicates the production both of nasty viruses, and of nasty vaccines to protect against them, all reaping big financial rewards and overseen by the kind of unelected spooks comprising a “fourth estate” who care not a jot for human life whether enemy or allied, as evidenced by their role in colonial ventures from Vietnam to Ukraine. It’s almost a classic protection racket.

On the other, we see the stream of mysteriously prescient events planning for pandemics that actually happened soon afterwards, involving Homeland Security, the philanthropathic foundations, corrupted universities and so on, all preparing Western and other political leaders for the “right” way to meet the next inevitable virus from China. These even included Rockefeller Foundation’s “Operation Lockstep,” which rather explains the lockstep response of governments, does it not?

The threads interweave some more as we see the US COVID Task Force, on the advice of Anthony Fauci, sidelining public health professionals and appointing a Homeland Security staffer as chief. Now the virology conspiracy becomes personally linked to the security services. Whether the movers and shakers in the intelligence agencies actually believed that lockdowns, mass-testing and vaccines would control a pandemic is of little importance. Whatever they believed, they also knew that ever-closer control of the proles served the purposes of the kind of top-down, worldwide security state they wanted by technocratic instinct and also, perhaps, because of the political links they had to those Neocon and Neoliberal deep-state politicians desiring such a goal, and the ideological links to the NGOS also wanting one big green technocratic world.

At this point it’s worth emphasising again the international nature of this security-led movement. This has been demonstrated clearly in the Ukraine war, the co-operation between the intelligence services and the elite politicians of so many countries under US control in the service of a NATO-led hegemony becoming incontrovertible (once their propaganda is understood). We have also seen, through the Musk-released Twitter files, exactly how the worldwide social media and press have become arms of the same machine. COVID itself showed how corrupted international bodies like the WHO and the UN have become from the start.

Although this all seems very Byzantine, it’s not so hard to see how something like a wealthy, technically equipped, corrupt, and unaccountable US intelligence community, able to murder, blackmail and bribe at will and avoid all repercussions by pleading “national security” and invoking the Patriot Act, could in turn inculcate corruption in the institutions of government, in whole divisions of science, in the media, in corporations, in NGOs, and because of the power of the US dollar and military, in those same institutions around the world.

If the NIH is corrupted, then so will be those institutions depending on its funding for research grants and reputation, and so will be the individuals working for these who are trying to pay their mortgages and educate their kids. Most of the rest follows by mass-formation: you don’t have to pay doctors, nurses or teachers to follow the crowd, nor employers to cheer for vaccine-mandates, nor shopkeepers or joggers to scowl at those without masks. And so ordinary folk play Russian roulette with mRNA boosters because, ultimately, some corrupt CIA hawk thinks that the only good Russian is one with anthrax.

None of that makes resistance much easier – it’s easy to get a persecution complex when the whole world is against you. Neither does such a sketching in of the kind of connections now becoming unveiled, explaining the conscious wrongdoing of perhaps just a few thousand people across the world and the cowardly compliance of many more, remove the satanic inspiration behind what has been done. I for one, though, now find myself educated, rather than simply confused, about the evils of the last three years.

And since there are many thousands more like me, we may yet see an end to it.

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  1. shopwindows says:

    Despite ongoing efforts the fog is lifting. The perpetrators, witting and unwitting, their comprehensive agenda is clear enough to be succinctly described and by that focus solutions and action emerge. Uncertain times summoning many aphorisms: deep blue sea, frying pan, etc. Caution, decisiveness and guile essential! Transparency in public affairs whilst desirable, FOI having rendered considerable service, is the exception proving the rule. And so it will be in the solution to our woes.

  2. Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

    Old Eastern proverb: “May you live in safe and effective times.”

  3. shopwindows says:

    Confuscius he save world

  4. Robert Byers says:

    While not affirming this Sacks dude YES the whole thing came from forceful people in the right positions. It could only be this way since we are numbered in the hundreds of millions for the American/british/European world.
    Its not a conspiracy but simply forceful people with mutual convictions in the upper circles. any politician will tell you the mEDICAL EXPERTS told them this and that and how to react. It was crazy dumb how they over reacted but there was a problem. I got covid, though never vaccinated, and the eweakest one and it was no big deal. A friend , who i got it from, had it very bad and lingers with it a year later. long haul covid they call it. I started out more sceptical but became less so. It was deadly. however it was overblown and no need to cause some interference to society.
    I suspect, don’t know, god allowed it for serious problems like war being conducted by our nations in syria etc. Next time lets do better. better experts please.

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