How to spot deception before researching it

Words of wisdom for the times by the excellent Nick Hudson:

But you can also spot deception by exercising care when reading. Here’s one example exposed from the Lancet. What you would assume about deaths from heat and cold from the left hand diagram, as published, is completely altered once the illegitimately doctored X-axis scale is corrected (right).

Now, there’s a general principle there, too – if people have to deceive you to persuade you about a global crisis of rising temperatures, or anything else, then you can safely assume the entire crisis is a scam. And, by Jove, there’s an awful lot of clear deception going on in multiple areas just now!

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  1. shopwindows says:

    I am sorry I hadn’t read your book Seeing through Smoke before a comment on Robert’s contribution. I am endeavouring to find the time as of yesterday. All I can say in my defence, because it’s embarrassing to have not detected the monumental scale which the Long March had achieved long before particularly 3/2020 in subverting key institutions is that as I understand it Toby Young still holds to the incompetence theory rather than the interpretations of James Delingpole…
    I overassessed my alertness by monitoring PANDA/Nick Hudson, Ivor Cummins etc from March 2020 but that was back in those distant days when many of us non medics were delving into what an IFR or R was, little suspecting farmers might have their land effectively sequestered…. Which sort of takes us in to Boer reversal.

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      Well, as you see from the intro to S.t.S, I started writing it in 2019 when LGBTQ+ things came close to home, but I’d been occasionally wondering about how marginal ideas seemed to be becoming mainstream orthodoxy almost overnight. That and an interest in propaganda, I admit with its roots in the denigration of Intelligent Design as a perfectly rational idea, made me open to finding more than simply incompetent journalists, scientists, politicians and so on.

      As a result the whole COVID thing and its sequelae came as a prematurely fulfilled prophecy more than a total shock.

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