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Dr John Campbell has been doing a series of videos on the mysterious post-mortem white clots that embalmers have been finding in bodies since around 2021 (search YouTube for “John Campbell white clots). It’s not often that undertakers get to do front-line research, and even less often that they are cancelled for it. But that’s the world we’re in nowadays.

Not surprisingly, the coincidence of the phenomenon with the rollout of vaccines and the excess deaths phenomenon across the world have caused us conspiracy theorists to suspect the mRNA vaccines may be to blame, rather than say UFOs firing death rays, or climate change, or white supremacism. The “clots” are in fact, it appears, a mixture of the body’s clotting agents and amyloid protein – a disordered kind of protein present in various pathologies lumped together as “amyloidosis.” Releasing amyloid into the circulation in large quantities might well provoke a catastrophic intra-vascular coagulation situation. Certainly the large casts of arterial and venous vessels reported would be sufficient to end life very quickly indeed.

Amyloidosis is sometimes due to genetic disorders of protein synthesis. I understand that several possible mechanisms for the mRNA vaccines to cause it have been suggested, but my own tentative hypothesis would be that frame shifting errors in the transcription either of persistent spike-protein RNA, contaminant RNA, or even reverse-transcribed DNA, which has already been reported as causing the production of amyloid, might well be a cause.

Be that as it may, undertakers are reporting that maybe 20-25% of the bodies they see are exhibiting this hitherto unseen phenomenon. Needless to say governments and professional bodies here, in the US, Australia and other countries have shown no interest in researching it, any more than they have the possibly related epidemic of excess deaths (the subject of Campbell’s most recent video). We’re now used to that, of course. Why would anyone want to investigate an ongoing rate of death higher than during the COVID epidemic, now that it’s over and everyone has got safe and effective experimental genetic injections?

After I watched the first video in the series, it suddenly occurred to me that I once knew an undertaker, who had worked on my team at the surgery as a receptionist (valuable experience) before leaving to manage the family firm. So I cold-called her, and after the “What have you been doing for the last sixteen years” conversation was out of the way, I asked her if she or her staff had seen any strange clots in the bodies they were embalming since COVID. She said she was unaware of any, but said she would ask her embalmer the next time they met. I’ve not heard back, so either the embalmer hasn’t seen such clots, or he’s been fired for not doing his job!


Although I had said that I sometimes blog on medical matters, I had not mentioned anything to do with the vaccines. But she volunteered that what they had quite clearly seen was a huge increase in deaths from cardiac and other clotting conditions amongst the younger age-group of men, in particular, since 2021. She added, without prompting (and without knowing my own position on things) that it seemed to her to be probably caused by the vaccinations.

I guess this is not too surprising, given that even the government has acknowledged the ongoing excess deaths, and blamed it on nearly everything except the safe and effective vaccines, thus obviating the need for investigation. But it does bring things home when a politically inactive death professional (as opposed to a health professional, I suppose) volunteers that they have seen a marked increase in what, usually, is a pretty resilient cohort.

Incidentally, on further questioning she said that she has not noticed a particular increase in deaths from cancer, but I suppose the so-called “turbo-cancer” in which existing cancer accelerates markedly would not necessarily be obvious to her unless some relative mentioned it. The relatives, she said, have certainly linked their loved ones deaths to the vaccines on many occasions.

So, I was disappointed not to get confirmation of the white clot story, and I can’t decide what that means. But I thought it was worth sharing with you anyway. Yet when push comes to shove, the real scandal is the uninvestigated ongoing epidemic of cardio-vascular and cerebro-vascular deaths, especially amongst the young, whether or not there is a mysterious new pathology involved. Perhaps undertakers are the best people to notice this, for they deal with both those sent to hospital and those dying suddenly outside it, across a single geographical area. And, in my friend’s case at least, they are not beholden to the NHS or to corruptible corporations for their livelihood – they can speak relatively freely.

Many nations are running excess deaths 20%, 30% or even more above the five year average, and their governments are, in lockstep as we have seen since 2020, studiously avoiding investigation, as the media studiously avoids drawing attention to it. That would be explained if an international military-security deep-state had produced and released the virus, accidentally or deliberately, and botched or deliberately poisoned the experimental mRNA genetic technology which it forced on the world’s population in co-operation with corrupt Big Pharma. I reckon the evidence for that scenario is a great deal better than that for Darwin’s theory of natural selection, about which I wrote yesterday.

Prove me wrong with a better theory.

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