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Sheep with and without shepherds

I confess I’ve been troubled, for longer than the Coronavirus issue, at how Christians, including even my own local brethren, seem to have been amongst those most easily deceived by the lies surrounding us in the world. For in the Bible, Satan’s deception during the end times is represented as what distinguishes the elect from the reprobate (and not the bloody-minded from the law-abiding).

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The phenomenological cosmos of childhood

In The Generations of Heaven and Earth I make a case for the Genesis 1 creation story being in essence a phenomenological, rather than an ancient “scientific,” account of the world, though that is complicated by the author’s concept of this creation as a temple reflecting the form of the wilderness tabernacle and/or the Jerusalem temple.

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Scurvy knaves as the products of worldviews

In my last post I finished off by speculating whether the ambitions of technocrats like Klaus Schwab for a new world order, dangerously near to fulfilment because of the apathy of the majority, might in part be based on the materialist worldview which regards free-will as an illusion.

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OK, where’s my Aston?

On March 18th 2020, shortly before the first world-orchestrated lockdown, I sketched out its likely effects on the blog with some fear and trepidation.

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Lasting effects of debunked theories

I’ve read a few articles in the mainstream press recently about the burgeoning culture of sexual harassment in schools in the UK.

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How climate alarmism becomes a woke cause

When I wrote Seeing through Smoke I rather surprised myself, and annoyed some otherwise supportive readers, by bracketing the climate change issue together with the propaganda campaign for issues of gender and sexuality, with which it has no obvious links.

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Evolutionary theology

An essay of mine has just been published at Sapientia as part of a symposium in response to John Schneider’s Animal Suffering and the Darwinian Problem of Evil, overseen by Kevin Vanhoozer.

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Is prayer a conversation?

One of Evangelicalism’s “distinctives” is its stress on a “personal relationship” with God, which properly implies various theological ideas of particular election, individual grace, and personal commitment, combined with a belief in the active ministry of the Holy Spirit and special providence in the believer’s life. In other words, it contrasts with purely formal, intellectual or ritual concepts of membership of the Church.

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Virtue, virtue everywhere…

Last month the now mandatory alumni magazine arrived from my wife’s old college. The usual requests for money were inside, but the cover sported a photo of an athletic-looking black chap in rugby strip standing in front of the familiar architecture.

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Following the evidence (to make sure it’s dead)

Have you experienced an odd feeling over the last year? You get involved in some ordinary activity – family events, a work project or whatever – and life seems to be getting back to some kind of normality, until you suddenly realize with a start that what with COVID, the Social Justice Revolution, and international politics, the whole world is a lunatic asylum, and it’s the normality that is the illusion.

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