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Whales and chimpanzees

Whilst I was re-reading the threads on BioLogos about Signature in the Cell, I chanced upon an exchange between Rich and Dennis Venema (from this time last year) on a thread about whale evolution. Rich had linked to a video by Richard Sternberg . In this he suggested that the large number of big hurdles evolution needed to overcome, in a short time, to cause the change from terrestrial mammal to whale, seemed to be mathematically implausible given known rates of mutation. Rich was bemoaning the fact that, although no detailed genetic transitions had ever been proposed even hypothetically for such an evolutionary process, Neodarwinists are still supremely, or even … Continue reading

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Signature in the BioLogos

I’ve finally got round to reading Stephen Meyer’s Signature in the Cell. This is the second ID text I have read, having tackled Darwin’s Black Box¬† in 1998. In the view of some people on the BioLogos forum, that makes me an addict of “mendacious intellectual pornography.” Indeed, it was BioLogos that persuaded me to read Meyer.

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14th Century Marmoset

This is just to produce a link to my new instrumental album, which you can hear and download here.

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The image of God – being spokesperson for a worshipping cosmos

I want to pick up on one throwaway idea on my previous blog. That is the thought that one aim of gaining knowledge, apart from the good of mankind, is to praise God for it. I was prompted in this by a video of Tom Wright, which I won’t link to as he was reflecting someone else’s thought – though no doubt, being Wright, some additional insight drifted in.

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Sciences and their theories of evolution

As I rather feared when I was asked to write it, the comment on my post on BioLogos has degenerated into people from, or interested in, one discipline accusing those from others (and me in particular) of ignorance, usually with an implication of moral culpability. This is ironic, given that my article was written to encourage more helpful communication in interdisciplinary discussions. After all, why do we seek knowledge at all?

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Temporarily over on BioLogos

I’ve been a bit remiss in updating this blog. But in the meantime I’ve a new essay on the BioLogos website. It would have been here but they asked first…

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