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Rats – Eugene Koonin is right!

Having thought I’d refuted the multiverse explanation of life-origins, I noticed this on the breakfast table today:   Look closely at the sliced grapefruit and the orange. You’ll see they have the same flesh-pattern, the same light reflex, the same moisture droplets. And yet the background shows they’re photos of completely different fruits. Now, I’ve no way of working out the probability of two fruits of different species turning up in a photo with such matching details. But it must be more than 10^150, surely. Some might say an intelligence was involved, but knowing what Kooning has taught us about probability and the infinite multiverse… well, it’s just what you’d … Continue reading

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More multiverse maths

One can easily work out just how many universes like ours Eugene Kooning would need to produce his 10^-1018 molecule. Taking the number of possible events in each universe as 10^150, the minimum number of universes you’d need would be 10^868. Which as you’ll see is many orders of magnitude greater than the total number of events in our universe since it began. That, of course, is just to produce the one molecule. You’d need many orders of magnitude more to string several of these astronomical improbabilities together.  And that in itself causes a problem for the theory.

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