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Evolution – a View from the 21st Century

I’m surprised the new book from James Shapiro has not received more attention that it has so far. After all, as Archaea discoverer Carl Woese says on the cover, “the book is a game changer.” Evolution – a View is basically a general primer of the discoveries about cell and genome structure of the last few decades, and their connection with newly understood mechanisms for evolution. It’s by a leading bacterial geneticist, himself the discoverer of mobile genetic elements in bacteria, and it is grounded in the research literature and extensively referenced.

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John Stott

Sad to hear that John has died, aged 90. It’s hard to overestimate his improtance to Evangelical Christianity in Britain. Almost singelehandedly, at first, he preached a robust and intelligent gospel with its roots in the Reformation and the Puritans, bypassing the anti-intellectual pietistic backwater into which it had declined during the 20th century.  He also has a big hand in restating the vital importance of a faith that interected with the big issues of society as well as the big issues in Scripture. Stott made you think, but he made you think about things that matter.  When I was at Cambridge around 1970-73 he seemed to be an almost permanent fixture … Continue reading

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