Sy Garte on Evolution

Our own Sy Garte did an excellent overview of the current state of evoltionary theory at an ASA meeting recently. Here is a link to his blog, and here is the talk itself.

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8 Responses to Sy Garte on Evolution

  1. Robert Byers says:

    Interesting points of what i caught. Yet it still is about denying the bible was written by God. Genesis is wrong. Man is right. or the few men in these subjects working after the fact for what happened to make the fact.
    I think evolution has no biological scientific evidence and is just a hunch to explain great things.

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      Yet it still is about denying the bible was written by God.

      No, you’re quite wrong there. The whole premise of the Hump of the Camel, and certainly my part in it, is that the Bible was written by God.

      However, it may mean that the Bible wasn’t written by an American with twentieth century assumptions.

      • Robert Byers says:

        Sorry. I know this blog believes in the bible. From the talk I heard rejection of historical conclusions based on genesis.
        So its about interpretation. Thats different.
        Its just very hard to see the interpretation as something other then the intendede point of genesis.

      • Henry Tudor says:

        As I see it, the Bible was written by the Holy Spirit using the minds and hands of Human beings. This does not make it any less the Word of God. I think what you say here is quite wise. God bless. Even though I am Southern Baptist, I tend to hold the Roman Catholic view of creation. Do we agree or do we disagree? It is always go to here from you.

  2. Avatar photo Sy Garte says:


    Its hard for me to believe that you listened to the discussion by about 15 different people and came away with that conclusion. Among the folks there were a woman who works for InterVarsity (the Christian college campus ministry), two pastors, several deeply religions ex YECs, and not a single person who would deny that the Bible is God’s word. The other thing we all pretty much agreed on, is that none of us are possessed with the absolute assurance that any particular dogma about the meaning of the Bible’s words is absolutely correct.

    In my experience, when some folks all agree that there is only one correct interpretation of anything, and that any deviation from that absolute truth is simply wrong, that is a pretty good definition of a cult. And I am sorry to say that to me, the Ham version of YEC looks very much like that.

    • Robert Byers says:

      I just picked up on the rejection of historical boundaries in origins based on genesis. Its hard to see interpretation as so different from what seems the clear intent of genesis. So I wrongly thought you were saying the bible was not created by God.
      YEC is not cult but the historical, still common, conclusion about boundaries in origin subjects based on Genesis etc.
      Eve coming out of Adam seems a clear intent of the author. Not coming out of Africa.
      Anyways it is about whether men are really smart enough to know the past from the evidence remaining and if this belief should trump the clear meaning, as i see it, of genesis.
      I liked your video and hope you do more and everyone gain large audiences.

  3. Henry Tudor says:

    Dear Dr. Sy,

    I wish to say that your lecture was very interesting. As a linguist, theologian, and historian, I would have enjoyed having been in a science class of yours. I believe that the creation story of Genesis still could reflect an African origin to some extent. I certainly seems to include Asia, but also Egypt and the Sudan. They are in Africa, aren’t I right? I hope you respond. God bless.

  4. Henry Tudor says:

    It certainly seems should be may sentence about.

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