A not-so-tenuous connection

Isn’t the internet wonderful? (Ans: Yes and No!) The hint of a memory, and I found a complete web-page about a Sci-Fi story I read in a tacky comic I bought in 1959.

The hero, a reporter, spots an odd billboard showing a futuristic military man facing the viewer with a gun, and the caption, “THE TEN UOUS ARE COMING.” Driving on he sees another, and then another, noticing that each figure is unique. Seeing ten on his way into town, he assumes these are the “Uous” in question, but enquires in vain about what they are advertising.

Asking around further, his theory of ten placards is disproven because hundreds have appeared all over the country. Eventually, with a flash of insight, he realises what is really going on, and manages to persuade the authorities to send in the army, gather all the placards, and aim their guns at them. From each poster steps down an alien invader, hands raised in surrender, and the earth is saved from invasion.

I might have twigged the plot earlier if I’d known the word “tenuous” at the age of seven, and even now I’m not sure if it’s a complete synonym for “two dimensional.” But hey, this was pulp fiction, and it was a nice enough conceit for me to remember 61 years later. What is interesting is not only that an invasion was being announced in plain view without most people realising it was an invasion, but there was a more subtle point that the announcement was the invasion, in its first phase.

Fast forward to 2020 (from the 2008 setting of the strip cartoon), and the psychology of hiding an invasion by proclaiming it is in full swing. More and more people, from scientists to inquisitive journalists to orthodox priests, and certainly careful readers of the eschatological portions of Scripture, are seeing a genuine and imminent threat in the Great Reset being pushed by the World Economic Forum for next May’s meeting. This is also being hailed both directly and more subtly by famous advocates like Justin Trudeau, Prince Charles and the bevy of people adopting its slogan of “Build Back Better.”


To many concerned about the dangers of this, and in their official publicity too, it looks as if the WEF in the form of its founder Klaus Schwab and the national and international leaders, bankers, celebrities and billionaires who gather annually at Davos have reacted to the COVID Pandemic in a singularly opportunistic way. At the other end of the conspiratorial scale are those who believe the virus was synthesized for just this purpose.

A more likely middle way, though, given a number of strands of evidence, is that the architects of the Great Reset, knowing that pandemics of one or another degree of severity occur every few years, planned their campaign years ago to capitalise on the next suitable one that came along. This explains the way that a virus whose overall mortality looks like a moderately bad flu year has been catastrophised, to the mystification of all those scientists and medics who are not actually pushing the party line compliantly.

Once that strategy is realised, the logistics of the thing may still be mysterious (because unlike the advertising campaign for the Reset, the behavioural psychological tactics are kept opaque), but the present political situation is shown, like the placards of the Tenuous, to be an integral part of the plan, and not simply the excuse for it. At its simplest, the hardships of this pandemic, to be continued all-encompassingly for over a year of everyone’s life, are intended to soften us up to accept a solution, any solution, as possible salvation from our troubles. When you are desperate, you don’t question the rescuer’s motives too closely – that’s how economic migrants find themselves as sex-slaves.

This in turn explains the rather strange way in which, to the unbefuddled mind, any video of Schwab describing the current crisis, from which we are to be delivered, shows that it has been caused by the very things he advocates: centralised planning by global authorities working through oligarchic capitalists running monopolies. Only those like Taiwan or Sweden who ploughed their own furrow have done well.

If you have time, take twenty minutes out to watch this review of Schwab’s book by an Orthodox priest.

Halfway through, he recounts from Schwab’s own manifesto the future technocratic feudal system envisaged in the Great Reset. What is remarkable is how most of its elements are already foreshadowed by the unprecedented and controversial measures that have been imposed on us by governments claiming to follow some kind of science, yet totally divorced from the science on which I based my medical career.

We have limitations on personal contact, movement and communal activity; surveillance, tracking and behaviour control by smart phone and facial recognition; screen-based education; the dissolution of bourgeois entrepreneurs as a class whilst the monopolies prosper; the discouragement of untraceable cash in favour of traceable virtual transactions; the dependance of more and more ordinary, unemployed, people on state benefits rather than on their own labour (which will make labour increasingly cheap for the globalists); the beginning of a Chinese-style social credit system in “freedom-passports,” a strange obsession with vaccination replacing natural biology as the preserver of health… and so on.

Apparently separate, but suspiciously simultaneous, we have at a time of economic and personal crisis a major push towards other longstanding goals of the Great Reset, in the form of the rewriting of history, the pushing of critical race theory and sexual and gender diversity, all imposed by the suppression of dissent by institutions as diverse as universities, corporations, artistic and cultural institutions, the press and the police. All this works against our sense of place and heritage to promote some vague global identity (soon to become a digital identity, 2020 being the very year that has been pushed too.

We have an intensified crusade against climate change at the time we can least afford it, as if global warming causes virus mutations. Applied to transport, it is being more than hinted that if electric cars remain more expensive, people will just have to use more public transport – and maybe that means they won’t be allowed to live where they want to. Applied to power generation, enough of the true economics of energy has been allowed through censorship to soften us up for accepting more expensive, yet less reliable, power.

We have it all already, don’t we? If the Great Reset is just a better organised version of the same, and is necessary because COVID is never going away (which it can’t whilst we keep generating false-positive tests and vaccinating for it), what will the poeple have to complain about? More to the point, what means will be left to them to complain?

Now, the selling point to the more indoctrinated members of society is that all this is linked to buzzwords like “sustainability,” “equality,” “diversity,” “stakeholder capitalism,” and so on. Since it is confessedly a system of top-down control by wise and benevolent experts, what can we glean about their wisdom and benevolence? I leave aside the ideological critique of monolithic socialism’s proven inability to deliver what it promises, even when linked to capitalism (as it was even in the Soviet Union, surprisingly).

One pregnant example. Amazon‘s Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world, and hence the richest player of the WEF‘s Great Reset agenda. Last year he earned as much in a day as one of the child cobalt miners providing raw materials for Alexa would earn in 60,000 years – although since Amazon has tripled its profits because of lockdowns you’d better make that 180,000 years in 2020.

Yet it has been revealed that Amazon in the US hires Pinkerton agents to infiltrate its famously underpaid blue-collar (and mainly black) workforce in order to prevent any attempt at unionisation for better conditions. A recent TUC report in the UK listed a whole range of similarly abusive policies here. If such big corporations act like this when, ostensibly, there are still democratic checks and balances and legal accountability, what do you anticipate to be their moral compass should they come to control the whole world order?

We are in serious times, when power is in the hands of evildoers and virtue appears to be on the back foot. This, I think, is the time for real Christians to rejoice in weakness and depend, as the author and perfector of our faith did, on God rather than human help. We will need, increasingly, to meditate on verses like this:

He will cause deceit to prosper, and he will consider himself superior. When they feel secure, he will destroy many and take his stand against the Prince of princes. Yet he will be destroyed, but not by human power. (Dan 8:25)

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