2021 – still the year of the lie

This is just to keep you aware that the “new COVID strain crisis” in the UK, or another country near you, is still just more of the same spin, and still has the same underlying agenda.

Here’s an update from the redoubtable Ivor Cummins on the end-of-year situation in Ireland, based on their official stats.

There are three salient points:
1 – the overall mortality for 2020, at end of year, isn’t significantly greater than previous recent years.
2 – There is zero correlation between the lockdowns and the case numbers, admissions or ITU occupation.
3 – These three datasets are not, as one would expect, staggered in time, but start to increase simultaneously. This is a major anomaly.

On the last point, Cummins concludes (and it’s hard to argue otherwise), that normal winter admissions, which for reasons he explains are this year dominated by COVID-19, are testing positive when in hospital and driving the stats. In other words, outside hospitals, which are stretched similarly to, but not greatly more than, previous winters, there is not a great deal happening to justify the lockdowns, and non-hospital testing is not responsible for the escalation in cases.

So I’ve checked the UK’s ONS latest stats this morning to compare, and I find a very similar situation.

Firstly, as for mortality, deaths have been almost flatlining since November, despite the panic about the new mutation and increased spread. Moreover, a look at the EuroMOMO data shows that, whilst we are having a worse winter than Ireland or Wales (Scotland and N Ireland appear to have disappeared from the data, but were similar to Wales before), excess winter deaths are not remarkable compared to recent years.

Secondly, I have already pointed out elsewhere the lack of correlation between the variations in cases, and so on, and the November 5 lockdown. Things had already started to improve before it even began, and numbers began to rise again several days before it ended. That’s not surprising because as Cummins points out, an increasing number of studies now show that lockdowns do not materially affect death rates (I believe he mentioned 26 studies in the video, but I couldn’t find the reference to check: let me know if it’s different). Lockdown was a new global experiment for 2020 which has signally failed, at immense cost – but is too big to be admitted to have failed.

Incidentally, I gather Imperial College has used its modelling wizardry, by adjusting its many parameters, to show how lockdowns were responsible for the end of the March epidemic in all the northern European countries, but unaccountably uses an entirely different model to explain the identical curve in Sweden, which had no lockdown. Never forget that quote from the polymath John von Neumann, who said: “With four parameters I can fit an elephant, and with five I can make him wiggle his trunk.”

But the curves for cases, admissions and “ventilator beds” (ONS’s nearest equivalent to ITU – odd because I thought that ventilators were no longer used in COVID) all start rising decisively from about 29th November, 3 days before national lockdown ended. And it is highly significant that since that date the curves for all are smooth and trend steadily upwards, and are quite clearly unaffected in any way by any of the subsequent musical chairs with Tiers that have made us all confused and miserable again. Cases have been rising most in the Tier 4 areas, proving, if proof were still needed, that the whole strategy of lockdowns is ineffective.

They are heading to lock us all down again soon, and no doubt will attempt to time it in anticipation of the natural decline in the infection season. It’s tricky for them because they also have to make it look as though vaccination has saved the day.

Yet a depressing number of people from shoppers to ITU consultants still believe cases are rising because feckless people are not wearing masks and washing their hands enough – to the point where I think some are seriously talking about making masks compulsory outside. The phrase “invincible ignorance” comes to mind. The streets of London are empty, meeting places are closed, families separated… but the virus is already ubiquitous, and doesn’t give a damn about your hair shirt.

So the third point is that the simultaneous rise in cases, hospitalizations and “ventilation” is just the same here as that seen in Ireland. One might nit-pick and say the last begins to rise a couple of days later, both here and in Ireland, but that is much less than the average time from admission to the need for ITU care. Cases should lead admissions by a week or so, and ITU by another week. Deaths should lag confirmed cases by 3 weeks, whereas, if there is any rise at all in the mortality figures, it coincides with the other parameters. Whatever the statistics indicate, it is not simply an accurate reflection of increasing infections across the country. But nobody at the BBC or the Guardian will notice that, of course.

Apart from the points Ivor Cummins makes on this (using the word “fraud”), I want to draw attention to the way that this clearly anomalous pattern, occurring simultaneously in independent nations, is characteristic of the lockstep policies of governments throughout this whole crisis. I drew attention to this is a recent post, but there is also an excellent, if long, discussion on it by economist Anthony P Mueller with James Delingpole, here.

Mueller is a typical example of someone who began to smell a rat from within his own mundane sphere of interest, but soon began to find grand and sinister things going on. In his case you can see his routine blogs on economics being interrupted by a surprised one on the economic dangers of lockdown, within a few days of my own similar observations in March (I came from a more sociological and medical perspective). Then a bit later he posts a couple of pieces worried about the dangers of government “fixes.” None of it seems to make sense to him, and before long he latches on to the “Great Reset” and realises the whole thing is not accidental at all. Suddenly he has become a dissident rather than a mainstream economist.

Mueller gets there from economics, Ivor Cummins from complex problem-solving, and me originally from investigating transgenderism in the church last year. Delingpole from investigating the Green Movement, Bret Weinstein from being involved the Woke rebellion at Evergreen College, Konstantin Kisin from being blacklisted as a comedian. All roads lead to uncovering soft totalitarianism, then, though not to “conspiracy theory,” because, as Mueller points out, The WEF’s Great Reset, the UN’s Agenda 2030, the Club of Rome’s earlier Limits to Growth and the Gates Foundation‘s vision of the future are all published in plain sight, and involve the same powerful players working together to bring their vision about. And in short order, too, the Great Reset being the agenda for the WEF meeting this May. Your President or Prime-Minister will probably be in the photos. They just don’t care that you know about it, because they are powerful and because they demonstrably control the media narrative too.

However you discover these characters, it pays such players (which must include the WHO, funded and controlled largely by Bill Gates and Big Pharma) to keep the COVID crisis boiling until May, when a desperate population, it is no doubt hoped, will eagerly accept the promise of salvation from any quarter, whatever the cost. “At last – huge global deal from WEF leaders promises to end COVID nightmare – and save the planet too!”

I’m increasingly thinking, nowadays, of how in Genesis Joseph’s management of the famine in Egypt ended up with the entire population putting their land, possessions and bodies in hock to Pharaoh, giving him a fifth of all their produce in perpetuity, in return for food. “You will own nothing, but you will be happy,” said Pharaoh. That same kind of feudalism, backed by electronic surveillance and AI, now goes by the name of “stakeholder capitalism.”

You have been warned.

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  1. Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

    Footnote: A Swedish academic’s critique of the Ferguson lockdown apologia was cited in the Sunday Mail today, who rather aptly said that its assumptions appeared to dictate its findings. So what else is new?

    In detail, it appears that lockdown was held to be responsible for (if I remember) 81% of the decline in cases in Europe and the US following the March lockdown (even though it started before lockdown and continued the same trajectory). Banning outside meetings only accounted for 2%.

    But in Sweden, said Ferguson, despite the lack of lockdown, open primary schools, 1m social distancing and no masks, it was the banning of outside meetings that did the entire trick.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what passes for science nowadays.

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