The English, the English, the English are best…

I guess it’s now pretty well known around the world how the one successful part of Britain’s COVID policy has been its vaccine procurement and distribution. I mean, we were pretty well the first to OK the Pfizer vaccine, and we seem to have got away with it rightly judged its safety. And the Oxford vaccine, with a little tradesmen’s help from those Swedish chaps, was a close second on the scene.

Our rollout programme, as I’ve said, is the envy of the world, especially of the EU, who are grudging the success of Brexit by kicking the Irish and squabbling among themselves. Israel, admittedly has vaccinated a higher proportion, but then everybody knows how clever the Jews are, and anyway the country is much smaller. Our Chancellor of the Exchequer is even talking about the eventual repeal, to some degree, of lockdown, although The Science has let him know that is unrealistic because lockdown is the new normal.

But since yesterday, even Chris Whitty has been admitting that the winter surge has “turned the corner,” and although the cases started dropping 5 days before lockdown, and earlier in London, there can be no doubt whatever that the Government’s strict measures are the cause, as they were in the previous two lockdowns.

A chart that came to my attention yesterday proves that the lockdown has been more of a resounding success than even SAGE hoped:

As you can clearly see, our own dramatic turnaround is matched exactly by similar reversals in the USA and South Africa (despite the deadly new variant we’re told about from there), in Europe as a whole, and to a less marked degree in the totals for Africa and indeed the World. Sweden had begun to drop a week or two before, despite its disastrous “hands off” policy, but the graph shows that was faltering before our lockdown began and got it moving again.

And so, once again, the English policy has helped not only ourselves, but the pretty much the whole planet!

Now I know that there will be some Covidiots who will cavill at the idea that the British lockdown caused all this, but that is absurd. The simultaneity of the improvement surely leaves no room for the idea that whatever caused the change across the world is likely to be something different from ours, and SAGE and Boris Johnson, not to mention most of our journalists and many of the scientific commentators, have made it absolutely clear that our own improvement is the result of the national Tier 5 lockdown. It’s scarcely likely that all of them are wrong, is it? So it’s plain as a pikestaff that even our British lockdowns are the most effective in the world, benefiting all nations as befits our island’s glorious heritage and values.

If they doubt it, then what is the Skeptical Brigade’s alternative explanation? Presumably that the virus spontaneously began to infect fewer people at the end of December, like the flu outbreaks of previous years! How absurd! As if such a global pandemic – the worst in a century, remember – would end of its own accord, with all we’ve learned over the last 11 months about the lack of any lasting immunity, the new mutations, the unique effectiveness of lockdowns and mask-mandates, and of course the fundamental role of the vaccines in getting us out of this.

Come on, people! Such misinformation only plays into the hands of Johnny Foreigner in Brussels! Where is your patriotism?

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