The evils of the latest COVID measures cross a line

It seems that every Christmas letter I get speaks of these “strange/confusing/uncertain times” before telling me how the family managed to have a get together between lockdowns, or not. But all confusion and uncertainty is quickly dispelled when one understands that the times are simply evil. Once you appreciate that, the nature of your round robins probably changes. With the latest restrictions, the UK government has crossed a line from incompetence, ineffectualness and harmfulness to pure evil. Which is interesting since a majority support them unthinkingly, even in the churches.

Before listing some of the more wicked policies, let me comment on the latest news about Omicron, the variant with the less fattening spike protein, whose non-evident destructiveness has been the excuse for the latest round of pre-planned oppression.

Yesterday we were told there have now been Omicron admissions – a whole ten of them across the country, it seems. What a surge. Well, we all know how “all patients testing positive before or during admission” works, especially when the PCR that’s been allocated to testing for Omicron is the same old test, but testing negative on one of the three targeted components. This is said to be missing from Omicron. Up till now, 2 out of 3 hits indicated a negative test, but now it is specific for a particular variant – isn’t science wonderful!

Only 24 hours later, Boris Johnson now announces the first death from Omicron, a convenient 24 hours before MPs vote on the measures. What fortuitous timing! But think of what that means. On average COVID takes a week to become SARS, and one to two weeks after that to kill you, if you’re unlucky, which is increasingly uncommon with decent treatment.

Yet this strain that, in South Africa and worldwide, has been notable for causing not a single death, has managed to kill someone just a day or so after admission – or perhaps they weren’t even in hospital at all. Unprecedented. So it’s either suddenly become by far the most deadly strain on entering Britain, or Boris Johnson is bullshitting, which is far more likely. Rumours are going around that the patient was 98 years old and had terminal cancer, and though that may be apocryphal, everything about the unsubstantiated case suggests that something like that is true.

And misleading an already panic-stricken public that way, in order to cause fear and manipulate behaviour, is evil… oh yes, I was talking about evil, wasn’t I? So here’s the litany.

Vaccine passports are evil. They use threats of social limitation to coerce people to receive experimental treatments, contrary to the Nuremberg Code, and discriminate against those exercising their God-given right to bodily autonomy (and especially against ethnic groups fearful to be vaccinated). It is doubly evil to impose them when they are known from several studies, including Scotland’s, not to hinder the spread of COVID. They are nothing but superstitious medical apartheid.

Even discussing enforced vaccination is evil. It too rides roughshod over the Nuremberg Code, including its absolute prohibition on giving potentially lethal medicines to people other than professional researchers in trials. Such things should not even be mentioned among you. It is doubly evil when it is known that vaccination fully protects neither the patient nor others: a majority of COVID patients on British CCUs are now double-vaccinated. In Greece pensioners are fined 100 Euros for every month they resist: coercion through poverty of the vulnerable (and once venerated). In Australia there are already internment camps. Austria uses prisons.

Sacking people for refusing an experimental vaccine is evil. It too contradicts long established ethical guidelines and basic human rights. Medical staff, in particular, are better able to be well-informed on the risks of vaccines and of COVID than politicians or public-health operatives: but they have been sacked for sharing that knowledge, let alone acting on it in their own interests.

Coercing vaccination knowing there is no compensation for harm is evil. The Helsinki Declaration dictates that reparation be made for harmful outcomes of clinical trials such as the appallingly-conducted Phase 3 trials currently being used for vaccination. But the contracts of all the Pharma companies specifically exclude all liability, professional medical bodies exclude liability if normal practice is followed (even if the practice is flawed), and government compensation schemes are invariably financially inadequate, late, demand impossible levels of proof, and only pay out for >60% disability. If you are 50% crippled by myocarditis or transverse myelitis, or you are rendered infertile, you are on your own, even if you were vaccinated against your will.

Injecting children for a disease of virtually no risk to them is evil. The codes expressly forbid giving medication that can cause harm, for the benefit of others or society as a whole rather than the individual. The Hippocratic Oath of course begins with the injunction “First, do no harm” (to your patient). Children have died and been crippled by these vaccines: almost none except the already sick have been seriously harmed by COVID. That is a fact acknowledged by the JCVI before it was packed with yes-men. Dr Peter McCullough decribes it as robbing life-years from children to give to the old.

Injecting children, or anyone, without full informed consent is evil. The Helsinki Code covers this. Since 2021 the NHS has wickedly changed informed consent (in its official guidelines) to mean no more than “turning up at the surgery and rolling your sleeve up.” More recently, simply going to school has been taken as informed consent for children. Gillick competence has also been redefined away against every safeguarding principle. Neither adults nor children are told the actual risks of vaccination, which are now being shown in every country to be greater than any other vaccine in history. The role of the Pharma manufacturers in suppressing data is clear to any careful analyst, and is in keeping with their long track record of clinical misdemeanour and criminal fraud. Pfizer has paid out more billions than anyone in fines since 2000.

Bribing children to be vaccinated is evil. This too is specifically forbidden by medical ethics. Here in England, the official consent forms for children majored on being able to carry on one’s social life if vaccinated (having ruined it for the previous year). Our teenagers were offered free Asda vouchers, gym memberships, and Uber rides. They were not told they might get heart disease or any of the other adverse effects.

Restricting children’s education, whether by masks, test or closing schools, when they are at no risk from COVID, is evil. Its devastating ill effects on children’s mental health, educational attainment and cognitive ability are now well researched. And there are numerous studies proving that children are mildly affected, and do not infect each other or adults at school. But we don’t value children enough to protest, or even discuss it in churches.

Forbidding care home visits is evil. It is sheer cruelty to the elderly. Last year showed this, even in the mainstream media, but on a vast scale behind the scenes. Yet it is planned in Plan C for this year too, though thousands of carers have left or been sacked and care is already compromised. It is especially twisted when it is ostensibly done to protect their health.

Putting “Do not resuscitate” orders on over 65s without consent is evil. GPs were directed to do this at a blanket level last year, though the public was not informed. The fact that it was based on spurious apocalypic computer models of COVID deaths is no excuse. It is worse when “DNR”includes sedation to death with opioids and midazolam, often without medical consultation. No wonder 50% of deaths were in homes, and a further 25% in hospitals. Since it is still not widely known to the public, this policy may well still be in place… but we will not know because whistleblowers generally lose their jobs nowadays, after social media condemnation as “anti-vaxxers.”

Deliberately implanting fear through behavioural science is evil. It has underpinned all messaging from government, through the press and NHS, since last year. See State of Fear by Laura Dodsworth. Masks are a crucial part of the fear messaging, and that is why the “Don’t wear a mask” advice here and in the US turned through 180 degrees last year, and why a mandate was imposed when there were virtually no cases last summer (not too long before cases rose!).

Suppressing effective medical cures to promote vaccination as the only treatment is evil. Governments including ours have dismissed sound evidence for safe and cheap preventive measures like Vitamin D3, and made it impossible to prescribe, or in any legal way obtain, effective drug regimes including safe and effective agents like Ivermectin. Instead, like other countries the NHS policy is to offer no treatment whatsoever until hospital admission becomes necessary, when treatment is started late. Many thousands have died as a direct result of this policy: in fact, if best practice had been followed, deaths would have been a small fraction of what we have experienced. I have copies of proven protocols which, even were I still registered, I could not use to save my patients’ lives because prescribing is constrained.

Crippling medical care on a national level to create a National Vaccination Service is evil. COVID is, and always was, only a small contributor to illness and death nationally. 5-year age adjusted averages for excess deaths were only exceeded for a very few weeks last spring. Adjusted deaths were higher in every year prior to 2008. Yet impossible workloads have been put on general practice by unendingly rolling vaccination programmes and restrictions from distancing, etc; and on hospitals by sacking unvaccinated staff, astonishingly reducing bed capacity, “pinging” staff repeatedly after near-meaningless tests, and blocking 15% of beds (currently) with patients who cannot be discharged to care homes because government policy has sacked their staff. But the recent removal of core care standards from GPs in favour of vaccination clinics means that neglect of the sick is now codified in the NHS. That was exacerbated today by prioritising booster vaccines against non-lethal Omicron over treating illness. A recently resigned GP practice manager, and vaccination centre organiser, now seriously considers the NHS causes more harm than good. Certainly it has demanded bloody sacrifices from us to “save it” these last two winters, though only 4% of beds are currently occupied by “COVID cases,” and most of those are incidental to other conditions.

Other aspects of the policy are more ineffective than evil (though to implement harmful policies against the best, readily available, evidence is in itself an evil). There are too many examples to enumerate, from the misleading recording of statistics to the known harmful ineffectiveness of new lockdowns. But it is the long list of truly evil policies that, in my view, makes complying with the demonstrably useless, and harmful, mask mandate complicity with grave evil.

And that is before one even considers the wider politico-social agenda.

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