The mysterious origin of Omicron

As Boris Johnson’s new baby conveniently arrives so he can take time off from defending his accumulating scandals to be with his family, despite the “national emergency” requiring Plan B, our government remains in full totalitarian mode. As the Mail headline says: “Ministers draw up plans to bring back masks in ALL indoor spaces, scanning at pubs and restaurants and vaccine passports for more venues in New Year.” And this, as I wrote yesterday, whilst nothing actually bad is happening due to COVID. The WHO has yet to report a single death from the Omicron variant.

Still, the headlines are full of the “threat” of the variant. But I’m not the only one to have reached the tentative conclusion that a variant that causes only mild symptoms, and is so transmissiable that in South Africa it has virtually replaced all the other variants, looks set to be the abrupt solution to the whole COVID phenomenon. That would be bad news for all those standing to gain from it, including the devil and all his evil geniuses.

Look at the Worldometer data across Europe, and already the surges of new cases are beginning to turn, and you can bet your life it’s not because of boosters, vaccine passports or mandates. Such patterns are, it is true, the natural outcome expected by all of us who see past the nonsense-modelling governments seem to prefer. But it’s at least interesting that they are simultaneous and correlate with Omicron, and also coincide with continued improvement in our own figures: the threatened wave has never hit us here in the UK. That’s why they had to invoke their already determined Plan B with entirely spurious fearmongering.

The variant has even been described as “a living vaccine,” and viewed in that way it may be an astonishingly better one than Pfizers’ or AstraZeca’s. For a start it is free, and it is rolling itself out at a rate massively faster than even Operation Warp Speed, starting in Subsaharan Africa where vaccines have been scarce, because profits have been small. And so far, it doesn’t seem to cause clots, myocarditis or any of the myriad of other vaccine ill-effects.

I’m beginning to see this as a rather remarkable act of special divine providence, not least because the Omicron variant, and its origins, are distinctly strange.

We learned early on that Omicron is the most mutated of the variants so far, having 50 mutations in the spike protein alone, and a big chunk of cold virus flown in from somewhere. But closer examination shows it is even more strange, not to say inexplicable. Bret Weinstein, whose professional speciality is micro-evolution, has been quick to point this out, hinting in an earlier video that it almost looks designed.

He expands on this theme in the linked piece, suggesting that, like the Wuhan virus itself, it seems difficult to account for on normal population genetics. In the latter case, a laboratory leak from the Wuhan virology lab is suggested by an increasing weight of evidence, including the unravelling CDC/NIH paper trail. But there is no advanced virology lab in Botswana, and the few scattered across the world seem unlikely to have been clandestinely working on a loss-of-function program to undo the work of Wuhan, to be released secretly in a developing nation.

Botswana does, however, have a strongly religious population, which organised at least two national days of prayer for COVID, unlike any of the western nations’ churches I’ve come across. That won’t be in the news, but may be significant.

Be that as it may, here is the scale of the anomaly:

This is a reconstructed phylogenetic tree of the known SARS-CoV-2 variants. The quality of the graphic is poor, as it’s a screenshot from Weinstein’s video, but it’s clear enough to see that the spaghetti of trees of the known SARS-2 variants at the bottom is miles apart from the lonely Omicron variant at the top. It looks even more anomalous than world average temperature data compared to the climate models’ projections, and that’s saying something.

As Weinstein explains, its closest relative appears to be the original SARS-CoV-2 Wuhan strain, and it has been magically preserved from the genetic drift and natural selection of all the other strains, until the plethora of mutations that have made it (so far) the most transmissible and least virulent strain yet seen.

The closest comparison, he says, is to a 1977 strain of flu that, because of its resemblance to a strain last seen in the 1940s, was almost certainly a lab escape. It’s as if Omicron has been stored in a fridge from 2019 until now. But, as I have said, it’s extremely implausible that Superman in his secret South Pole lab has been engineering a preserved sample from Wuhan to cure the world, and has released it in Botswana, of all places.

Even the mainstream press has carried speculations that it may have evolved naturally in an immuno-compromised patient, probably with HIV, of which Botswana is supposed to have many. But Weinstein dismisses this as vanishingly unlikely: that all of these random mutations in different organs of one patient, including lateral gene transfer from other coronaviruses, should all tend to the same increase in Omicron’s particular functionality, is just not credible.

But since the alternative, the genetic engineering that seems to have produced SARS-2, is equally unlikely for the reasons already discussed, Weinstein remains agnostic, but mystified. Indeed, the variant appears too well adapted even for lab design: the actual performance of SARS-2 in the real world no doubt held surprises even for its designers, who seem to have had no greater ambitions than to see if a bat virus could be made to infect humans (and to patent it for profit). To design the perfect antidote, without field trials, would truly require the scientific knowledge of the planet Krypton.

Well, perhaps Omicron will turn out to have a sting in its tail, such as a late-manifesting propensity to cause sudden death in everyone it infects. In that case, the eugenics conspiracists who predicted a depopulating mark 2 virus would be vindicated. But so far, I’m more in favour of divine providence as an explanation. After all, the arrival of all the benefical mutations that enable new species are equally mysterious. We just don’t see them appearing in real time.

Perhaps miraculous providences, then, are still in the public domain – provided they’re not successfully turned into fearful threats by our godless and immoral politicians and their scientists. Let’s keep our spiritual eyes open as the plan unfolds.

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