It’s all unraveling… but what, exactly?

UK mainstream news is showing all the signs of the beginning of the end of the COVID madness, amidst signs of the unraveling of Boris Johnson’s government through scandal over its cavalier approach to its own undemocratic restrictions. Various scientists and doctors are coming out against the continuation of “Lockdown” policies for the first time, or are gaining a mainstream hearing if they’ve been banging that drum for a long time. One particularly scathing piece, by leading Israeli immunologist Ehud Qimron, is well worth reading, and rather cathartic to boot.

But whilst these changes may presage the welcome collapse of the Babylonish captivity here in the UK, and one hopes also in Australia, Canada and other police states, I think the bigger unraveling is less obvious, but ultimately more significant. Of course, any such public exposure of lies works against the theory that this particular crisis is the biblical end-time deception, a possibility I’ve been willing to entertain. But I recall that when I raised that question in Seeing through Smoke, the book was completed in August 2019, before COVID ever struck, so we may not have escaped that phase of salvation history yet. But interestingly my book was completed around the time that SARS2 escaped.

For the greatest new revelations concern the lab leak from Wuhan, and the role of the scientific community and its leaders in the matter that has been trickling out for several months. My first witness is a piece in today’s Telegraph, arising from further releases of Anthony Fauci’s e-mails.

These reveal that there was an extensive cover up by an entire scientific community suspicious that SARS-CoV-2 had leaked from a lab. Eventually, they appear to have decided to quash the idea for the sake of international relations and the good name of Science™, thus making back-covering almost appear virtuous. It’s as well to remember that Roman Catholic suppression of child abuse, for the sake of the good name of God and the Church, is not regarded as praiseworthy.

The Telegraph article makes it apparent that most of the scientists involved had no real idea of the work being done at Wuhan, and in that respect were innocent of protecting their own interests. Their guilt lies in having scientific insights on an issue of global importance and not only keeping silent, but conniving at censorship and anti-scientific lack of transparency. But a central core of conspirators knew very well what the leak was all about, and these would include anyone linked to Eco-Health Alliance, notably Peter Daszak, and those reponsible for funding its work, which of course we now know to include Anthony Fauci of the NIAID and Francis Collins of the NIH.

To me the saddest part of the article is the quote from Francis Collins to the effect that allowing the suspicions into the public domain would encourage “the conspiracists.” He has just overseen a conspiracy to perform gain-of-function research in China to bypass US law, and is now helping direct a scientific and political conspiracy to cover it up, and his excuse is that this is necessary to disarm conspiracy theorists! This displays either complete cynicism, or unbelievably blinkered ethics, of the kind that would trash Intelligent Design researchers as dangerously theocratic pseudo-scientists simply to protect Neo-Darwinian Theory from criticism. Oh, wait a minute, that was BioLogos, wasn’t it?

The release of these e-mails coincides with another timely event, that is the release of the work of a US Army scientist on the lab leak, by Project Veritas. Major Joseph Murphy has been chasing up the previously-leaked information that a military funding body, DARPA, turned down Eco-Health’s gain-of-function proposal on SARS2 in 2018 on the grounds of its potential to cause a pandemic. The explanation and full documentation are here.

In the event, as was also known before, the research was subsequently authorised by the NIAID, under the NIH umbrella, in despite of White House policy, which has led to the battle royal in Congress between Anthony Fauci and Rand Paul on accepting responsibility.

The must-read paper from the Project Veritas cache is the report from Major Murphy here .

The first thing to note is the odd fact that nobody at DARPA has raised the issue over the last two years, though it is clearly of huge public importance. Murphy finds, in connection with this, that the files were mysteriously missing until they re-appeared in a non-classified form this year, after the grant application entered the public domain. In other words, as Murphy explains, they had been hidden.

The second big thing is how much the details of the grant application, and Murphy’s analysis, reveal about both SARS-CoV-2 and the ineffectiveness of the way its (presumably) accidental release into the world was remedied by the very same people who knew most about it because they had created it, most notably Fauci.

According to Murphy from the grant application, the precursor to SARS2 was designed to be an aerosol “living vaccine” to deliver a toxic spike protein, attached to a handy Coronavirus, to bats in the caves of China, the idea being to prevent potential pandemic viruses from evolving there.

He notes that the viruses chosen for the base were those against which vaccines would not work, and in order to ensure aerosol-spread, they were passaged through masked civets. The spike protein was chosen for its toxicity. Murphy also says that it was remarked in the application that early treatment with agents like hydroxychloroquine and interferon inactivated the virus. You can read all the details yourself in the report.

It appears that, before work had advanced enough to make the virus an effective bat-vaccine, it escaped in around August 2019, rapidly evolving to greater virulence in human hosts, and the rest is (partly suppressed) history. To my mind that tells me most of what I need to know about the origin of COVID. It does, however, leave some doubt as to the possibility that the CCP military involvement in the Wuhan lab may have deliberately weaponised all or part of the stock of modified virus, which would explain its propensity to colonise humans but not bats. In this case, the possibility of a deliberate release by the Chinese military remains real, though is probably unlikely.

So all in all we would seem to have an example of the banality of evil – hubristic scientists in the best “evil genius” vein create a monster they can’t control, and rank the lives and livelihoods of millions of people below their desire to save their own reputations, and even more despicably, their funding or the religious status of Science™.

If that were all, it would make the biggest public health disaster of all time into the biggest scientific scandal of all time, and its perpetrators some of he most destructive mass-murderers in history. But unfortunately it isn’t. What this scenario doesn’t explain is how, as is now beginning to be acknowledged more and more generally, the official world response to COVID was the very opposite of what would have minimised the damage, given what its architects knew.

The main architects of the public health response, after all, included Anthony Fauci and others in on the Eco-Health Alliance work at Wuhan. If the Project Veritas documentation is genuine, it was known upfront that the virus would be spread by aerosols (as it was designed to do for bats), and not by droplets or fomites as the authorities insisted for months, and still insist on in regulations on washing, social distancing, etc, now.

It was known that masks would be useless as protection, because the virus had been selectively passaged to evade masks, but these became obligatory nevertheless and remain so.

It was known that vaccines would be unlikely to work, though being able to produce them as if by magic within months, simply through having known for years what they were dealing with, would certainly appear an impressive feat for Science™ as well as making for an endless source of revenue until their failure became clear. Yet the vaccines have, as their failure has become obvious, only become increasingly compulsory.

It was known that various existing drugs, used early enough in illness, would halt viral replication. And yet we have seen a concerted attack on every such agent – most notably Vitamin D, Hydroxychlropquine, and Ivermectin – and even those passing double-blind trials have been restricted (monoclonal antibodies) or simply sidelined (Fluvoxamine).

Now, even before this new treasure-trove of material came to light, I suggested that the best way for a cabal of scientists to suppress their involvement in an embarrassing lab leak, would have been to show uncanny insight in instituting successful management, and minimising deaths. Instead, as Bret Weinstein has insightfully observed, even incompetence would have been right half of the time, whereas our health authorities have inexplicably done everything wrong, from lockdowns to PCR testing to sending disease carriers into care homes.

Now we know that they not only did this directly against all existing pandemic planning (though remember this), but with the headstart of having designed the damned virus themselves in the first place. Do you see what I mean about the end-times deception still being a possibility, even after merely human, if grand-scale, conspiracies have been exposed?

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