Never let a spy treat your cough

Well, you wouldn’t, would you? “They never had the Latin,” to quote Peter Cook. The record of national Intelligence in medicine has not been good since Rudolph Nadolny of German Intelligence tried out anthrax as a weapon in the Great War.

It’s not a good look when Military Intelligence enlists real doctors into biological warfare, either. Britain led the field in this in WW2, actually at the instigation of the Canadian physician Sir Frederick Banting, the discoverer of insulin, who lobbied the British Government to develop germ weapons to counter (by mutually assured infection?) German biological attacks, which Hitler never actually considered, though the Japanese used them in China. This resulted in the bio-weapons department at Porton Down, where it is spooks who send out the Novichok rather than public health experts. It was Britain that persuaded the American military to get in on the act – no wonder our NHS is the envy of the world.

Banting’s ideas to fulfill his Hippocratic Oath included using aerial bacterial sprays and sending infections through the mail. The first still lives on in the idea of inoculating entire populations compulsorily with aerosol mRNA vaccines, and the second, you may remember, was used as a false flag by US Intelligence operatives in the series of Anthrax attacks after 9/11, in order to get the War on Terror off to a good start.

Well, now an excellent article by Debbie Lerman shows how the frankly weird worldwide response to COVID is explained by its being run by national biosecurity agencies and not, as we were led to believe, by public health doctors. Lerman has documented the fact of this in a whole series of previous articles, and it it is also confirmed in Robert F. Kennedy Jnr.’s book The Real Anthony Fauci. Not only is the evidence compelling that the US response (and therefore the world’s, given US unipolarity) was defence-led, but it makes everything that was bizarre and contrary to science and good medical practice slot into place.

Lerman describes how biosecurity planning from the early 2000s had centred on countering conjectured bio-weapons attacks by an overall strategy of entire-population quarantine until the arrival of a vaccine. She shows how all the nonsensical and, indeed, harmful policies such as masking, mass-testing and lockdowns were not simply incompetent measures flying in the face of a century of public health knowledge (though they were that), but more-or-less successful compliance measures to further the quarantine-until-vaccination policy:

They are not public health policies at all.

You can see how everything fits thereafter. Lerman describes how mass-formation operated further down the line. But the big gap in Desmet’s theory of mass formation – ie who actually forms the narrative around which the masses conform – is conceptually filled if there is an organised and authoritative organisation like US Intelligence, with a plan – or conspiracy, since they did it all in secrecy under the pretence of “The Science.”

The chain-of-command structure is not hard to see in the reality. We know we have secretive, well-funded and unaccountable US intelligence agencies which, if we did not already suspect them for other reasons to comprise a deep state, are shown by the evidence from the COVID response to operate behind the back of the elected President. Whether or not the likes of Fauci or Collins were knowingly part of this conspiracy, it is not hard to imagine how a call from the head of the CIA or NSA citing “National Security,” and darkly hinting about the consequences of betraying it, would elicit compliance in even senior officials. Fauci may have the big budget, but he probably doesn’t have the power to fake suicides of equally rich people in jail.

But American security agencies do not stand alone – through the Five Eyes consortium we already know that America, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand spy on each others’ citizens to bypass legal prohibitions against mass-surveillance of their own citizens. It’s possible that persuasive scientific arguments from Whitty and Co led Boris Johnson to change his policy tune on COVID, but it might have been simpler if the head of MI6 showed him the dirt they held on him and told him what to say, and that would explain the haunted look his old friends noticed.

The EU was the other big player in lockdown promotion, and its lockstep agreement, both internally and with the Five Eyes players in NATO, has been uncanny over both COVID and the Ukraine War. I know less about those links, though it may well be true, as has been suggested, that Britain was America’s “mole” in Europe, explaining the massive propaganda war against Brexit. But since the entire bloc passively accepts its economic collapse from inequitable sanctions and the hostile destruction of Nordstream by an ally, we know for sure that US security interests trump not only public health, but the national well-being of EU states.

Here it’s worth contrasting, briefly, the difference it makes if a pandemic response is run by public health docs or by biosecurity spooks.

  • Medicine is governed by ethics, including the Nuremberg code. Biosecurity, even at its best, concerns “the national interest,” even when that means breaking weapons treaties or assassinations. Remember that Porton Down products are weapons of mass destruction against entire nations.
  • Medicine, even public health, is concerned with individuals within a community, and hence the insistence on individual informed consent even for measures to protect the wider population. Biosecurity is concerned only with military ends, not loss of life: the “quarantine and vaccinate” policy is about saving the State’s ability to stand, and is deliberately or ignorantly blind to the many harms of that policy.
  • Medicine (when not in thrall to Big Pharama – a sub-plot here!) is knowledge-centred: the key thing is whether the vaccine or other measures you introduce *work*, and work safely. But Biosecurity begins and ends with policy, which is achieved when the vaccines arrive, even if they turn out to kill everyone and protect nobody. And that last result is not unlikely if Security and Commercial interests effectively exclude medical expertise.
  • Medicine is transparent (once more with the provisos on the current corrupted model) – best practice is shared, policies are debated and weighed… ie all that “scientific method” stuff. Biosecurity, though, is intrinsically secretive: there is a national (or international) policy, and those opposing it are enemies to be silenced using all the dirty tricks that taxpayer funding and lack of accountability can buy.

But in closing it’s worth questioning whether, if the whole pandemic thing was indeed about biosecurity rather than public health, its instigators even did a good job in those terms. For another thing that has emerged, against concerted attempts to conceal it as natural, is that in effect SARS-CoV-2 was a bio-security threat no different from the scenarios the spooks planned for over two decades.

There is no reasonable doubt now that the virus was synthesised in a biosecurity lab and released. We are not being told if the original release was from Wuhan or from a US laboratory, or whether, if the latter, it was planted in Wuhan purposefully to damage, or implicate, China. There is nothing to suggest that it was a deliberate bio-attack on the West by China. But there is now no doubt at all that it was US funded and manned research that produced COVID, or if it wasn’t, that they were trying to produce an identical virus, and hence should have been prepared for it when it spontaneously mutated to match their patents.

Assume the commonest, most benign, belief – that SARS-CoV-2 was accidentally released in Wuhan through inadequate levels of containment, about which the US was already fully aware. In that case, the only difference in practice from a deliberate bio-attack was the requirement to cover up US involvement. The “public health” response would be the same, and indeed it was the same response as the many exercises and memos put out since George W. Bush set the ball rolling.

And it failed utterly around the world – unless the secret biosecurity exercise disguised as a public health exercise was actually an even more secret depopulation exercise disguised as a biosecurity exercise disguised as a public health exercise. In that case it had mediocre success. Far-fetched? Yeah, but then Jeffery Epstein killed himself, didn’t he?

Stepping one rung down the conspiracy ladder, though, masking produced mental illness and assisted spread of infection, mass-testing produced a few millionaires but no disease reduction, and lockdowns produced collapsed health services and economies, with zero effect on transmission. As for the long-awaited vaccines, they haven’t prevented infection, blocked transmission, or reduced deaths, but they have produced unprecedented adverse effects, reduced immunity to every bug around, and fostered the evolution of new resistant strains – all of which many of us who are doctors, rather than spies, predicted in advance.

So the moral is that, next time you manage to get an appointment with a doctor (I know I’m being unrealistic), you should ask him, her, or zhe, or they, if they’ve ever worked at GCHQ. A doctor would never lie to you, after all.

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  1. shopwindows says:

    Can it get any crazier?

    Try this

    I have to wonder has the Hadron Collider or similar done something to infantilise mankind? Everywhere you look sense has departed the stage. Jersey is a lovely place, I’ve probably visited it 30 times, so innocent yet clearly as corrupted by this madness in the institutions we all rely on.

    Stay sane, have a Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Puddings, maybe plus a pint of Tetleys.

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”

      The first article could come from Babylon Bee… but it doesn’t, suggesting that the world is now beyond parody.

      Birthday coming up soon. Local carvery does excellent roasts. And I contest that our local Badger brew is superior to Tetleys!

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