Lab leak narrative management

Take a look at this piece by a virologist, about his attendance at three virology conferences supposedly discussing the origins of SARS-CoV-2.

As you will see, the conferences were stage-managed to an alarming degree, including the deliberate censorship of those with awkward questions, and even the theft, by the organisers of papers left out for other delegates to read. The organisers, in other words, conspired to silence dissent from a preferred narrative.

Not only did it emerge that the organisers were, not coincidentally, all those pushing in the literature for a “natural origins” theory, but it is those very people, rather than virologists noted for concerns over biosecurity, who have been selected to man the projects set up to ensure lab safety in future.

Also notable are the hints of their connection with government security agencies.

All this is against a background of surprising ignorance among the “rank and file” virologists at the conference about the scientific literature on COVID origins, as the author discovered during informal discussions. The public thinks that their doctors have a handle on the situation, but it turns out that even the expert virologists, for the most part, keep their eyes on their own test-tubes and accept what The Guardian, or at best New Scientist, chooses to tell them about SARS-CoV-2. And so we learn, ever more clearly, that “scientific consensus” on controversial topics actually means, “We all vote the same and read the same newspapers.”

This picture of the virology establishment should give us a handle on the mainstream press reports shining a dim torch-beam on the Wuhan lab and the Communist Party of China, to suggest there might have been a lab-leak after all. If the virology community, primarily of the Western nations, is controlled to propagate a single narrative to cover up the truth, you can be utterly sure that the press passing on “US Intelligence” is doing the same in spades, since they financed and commissioned the work at Wuhan. The revelations are, beyond doubt, a “limited hangout.”

At the least, they are scapegoating their former colleagues China, with whom they partnered to evade US laws on gain-of-function research (well done, Fauci and Collins). But now they are planning a war with China anyway once Ukraine collapses, so their partners-in-crime can be sacrificed. But no less likely is that the government agencies are diverting attention away from leaky labs elsewhere, including America and the Ukraine, over which only the West had control.

Either way, the Western states, under their US masters, waged biological warfare against their populations, at least by suppressing the truth about their own criminal incompetence. These are “Western Democratic Values,” folks. An exemplary rules-based order to control the world.

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