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Training in medicine (which was my career), social psychology and theology. Interests in most things, but especially the science-faith interface. The rest of my time, though, is spent writing, playing and recording music.

The world of stupid

So the Russians offered a safe passage for Azov fighters holed up in the Azovstol Steelworks in Mariupol, including even the foreign fighters who, on Russian estimation at least, are technically mercenaries not covered by the Geneva Convention.

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Daily Skeptic gets the Hump

Just a heads up that the above on-line publication commissioned an article from me on the state of British General Practice. It’s here.

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British unexceptionalism

Just as COVID threw into sharp relief the capture of of our institutions by dark forces, acting as confirmation to those of us who had suspected we were being led into serfdom through propaganda, so the Ukraine war has clarified to what extent the mythos of the American military-industrial complex trying to impose its hegemony over the whole world is, in fact, sober truth.

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Black in tooth and claw

Just a brief nature note today. Back in 2015, in a post on genes, I mentioned the serendipity of noticing a wild black rabbit out of my study window as I was writing it.

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How to be an innocent witch

Instinctively, you’d think that the longer propaganda goes on, the more cynical and worldly-wise the population would become. Maybe that’s true in the long term, but it ain’t so in the present psychological onslaught that we have experienced particularly in the last two years.

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Thank goodness we are being lied to

I picked up on this one this morning. It’s an admission on NBC that much of the news stemming from “intelligence sources” on the Ukraine war has been based on shaky intelligence, or simply made up – by the intelligence services, that is, not by the journalists, whose task is merely to be totally compliant to the State and hype up the news so that we all hate the Russians enough to wage economic war.

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The slow suicide of the West

Yesterday I picked up in alternative media (our legacy media being awash only with propaganda) the fact that Sri Lanka’s government has collapsed in the face of riots over food and fuel shortages, and power outages.

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Subversion, schism and reformation

Apparently the inevitable has happened this last week at the Baptist Union, as it has in so many denominations in the western world. Although I only have the story through a casual conversation, it seems as if a group has introduced a motion for the Union to allow the ordination of openly gay ministers, although there is as yet no official change in policy even on the 2014 affirmation of traditional marriage. In response, a petition has been started in defence of the historical view of marriage. Fisticuffs will follow.

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What you feel is real

So we had an old college friend to stay, a female Anglican vicar… sorry, priest … who is the same age as us and not a young product of the woke educational system, though she did do her seminary training in the age of the Anglican Church as “The Labour Party at prayer.

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Equipped for war?

After five years my term as a church elder has finished. And at the same church meeting suggestions for the future direction of the fellowship were solicited.

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