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Catching up

Over the last few months the BioLogos blog has helped me think through an approach to creation that does injustice neither to science or the Bible, taken as the directly inspired word of God. In particular John H Walton’s book on Genesis 1 is a must-read to discover how a functionally conceived view of creation is the literal meaning, removing at a stroke many apparent contradictions with science. During my postings on that blog I have put my thoughts in a number of essays, to which I would have linked individually here if the blog had existed at the time. Instead, here are the links all together, in no logical order. … Continue reading

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Hello, and welcome

Hi there. I finally got round to creating a blog, partly because a few people asked me to, but mainly because I accidentally moved my website from MS hosting to Linux hosting. It meant rewriting all the scripts on the website, but had a built in WordPress facility which it seemed a pity to waste. I’ll no doubt have something substantive to say in due course, but here I’ll just explain the name . The hump belongs to Potiphar, my alter-ego, who has always done my writing for me. The title is, I am told, a position in the Kama Sutra but I know nothing about that sort of thing … it does … Continue reading

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