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Real vs. Fake

About a year or so ago, I attended a “Science and Faith” symposium at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington. All of the panel members, representing five or six  different religious faiths, were quite clear that they supported all of the tenets of evolutionary biology. When a question was asked (by a member of the largely atheistic audience) how they could support the notion of Imago Dei when “science” has shown that human beings are merely another species in an unbroken line of primate evolution, the Protestant minister on the panel answered that  “created in the image of God” should probably  not be restricted to human beings but … Continue reading

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A big day for The Hump

As you can see, The Hump of the Camel has undergone a cosmetic makeover. But the changes are far more than visual, because today The Hump becomes a co-operative venture, with several authors and a specific focus. The camel has become a caravan. To read about the purpose, see What we are, and to read about our writers see Who we are.  New members will soon be joining the team as other commitments allow. We’re all rather excited about it, and we hope you are too, and that you’ll want to join the discussion.

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