Human/vaccine chimaeras?

Here’s some material linking The Hump’s early interest in newly understood processes of evolution and the more recent all-pervading influence of COVID policy on what I write. Any really dedicated readers will remember my enthusiasm for the work of James Shapiro a decade ago, which turns out to have relevance in the COVID vaccine story.

Shapiro’s interest was in the apparently self-directed mechanisms of evolution. He was deeply influenced by the work of his mentor, the Nobel-prize winner Barbara McClintock, who prevailed against a hostile orthodoxy in proving the existence, and importance, of transposable elements in cells (the so-called “jumping genes”). Her discovery significantly opened up the previously neat and mechanistic view of genetic evolution, widening the field for attention to important phenomena like horizontal gene transfer.

One of the mechanisms pointed out by Shapiro was the significance of reverse transcription of RNA into DNA, which in theory (and ultimately in practice) overturns the “central dogma” of Neo-Darwinism that DNA can change phenotype, but phenotype cannot change DNA. But if cellular RNA can become incorporated into the cell’s DNA permanently, as it undoubtedly can, that the central dogma no longer true and the cell, in some circumstances, controls the genes rather than vice versa. As for governments, genes don’t get to get their selfish way all the time.

One implication of this is that there is now an established mechanism for the genetic material of RNA viruses to be incorporated into the human or animal genome and change it permanently. It is already standard doctrine that many of the repetitive DNA sequences sometimes erroneously called “junk DNA” derive from viruses, and come to provide essential control functions for the cell. But there is no reason why some of them should not have arisen from reverse transcription of RNA-virus infections, as opposed to DNA-viruses. Even if this were rare, it might be of profound evolutionary importance.

But the mechanism was dismissed as of peripheral importance by many of the leading lights in evolutionary science and their acolytes at BioLogos when it was discussed by folks like me. Or rather, it was simply sidelined, transparently because it appears to challenge the random yet neat and computationally researchable story that Neo-Darwinism teaches. Often the fudge seems to have been that Neodarwinian theory’s emphasis on genetic mutation still stands even if that mutation was caused by RNA in the cell.

And so the central dogma is still taught as such, and the exceptions (which are probably very widespread and significant in nature) remain little appreciated outside the specialised evolutionary theory fields. In other words, to many with only a working knowledge of evolution, for example in medicine, cellular DNA cannot be modified by RNA in cells because the latter is invariably a downstream effect of a DNA cause, according to the central dogma.

Quite early on in the development of the novel RNA vaccines for COVID-19, people were saying that they could genetically modify our cells, to which the official reply was that this was nonsense because the proposed vaccines only enabled the cells to synthesise antigens, and specifically the spike protein, using the RNA of the virus. The body’s immune response to cells expressing that protein was just as it would be in the disease. So the human cell’s DNA was never under threat.

Once I read up on the new RNA vaccines, I remembered what I had learned from James Shapiro’s book, and realised that reverse transcription of the foreign RNA might be a real risk. Such reverse transcription is rare, to be sure, but these novel vaccines were planned from the start to be rolled out to everyone in the world. Indeed, even before COVID the shadowy (even though public) figures of the WEF, Gates Foundation and so on seemed to have an obsession with running the whole world on the basis of these new vaccines: Remember that ID2020 somehow saw a digital identity as a basic human right in connection with vaccination, and vaccination is a big plank of the WEF Great Reset too.

Now a paper reported here shows that my fears were not unfounded. It describes how early (and much-derided) claims that elements of the Wuhan virus might be incorporated into the human genome have now been confirmed in practice. Reverse transcription of SARS-CoV-2 has occurred, just a year from the start of the pandemic. Setting new evolutionary “challenges” in a population of 8 billion almost guarantees that whatever can happen will happen, somewhere in the population. It seems likely that SARS-CoV-2 has been encountered by a large proportion of that population by now.

That in itself is not hugely concerning, because it probably indicates that RNA virus elements have been incorporated into the human genome forever, and we’re still here. It is slightly more worrying if SARS-CoV-2 is indeed partially a synthetic product of gain of function research in the Wuhan lab: we know too little about reverse transcription to predict how it will deal with entirely artificial RNA components.

The article points out what I had previously concluded: that if the virus can become part of the genome, then so undoubtedly can the RNA vaccines mimicking it. The risk is both more specific and more concerning, as far as I can tell. For example according to the article the vaccines contain additional synthetic RNA elements such as one to keep the vaccine components in the cell for longer. A natural virus, though small in its number of RNA bases, has many RNA elements which could be neutral or even beneficial to the genome. But the main active part of the COVID vaccines is the spike protein, which is now know to be more than just the means by which the virus gets into the cell, and a convenient antigenic handle for our immune response. The spike protein is now known to be pathogenic in itself, probably being involved in the virus’s “USP” of cardiovascular damage late in the infection, the thing that makes it more deadly to the vulnerable.

There are already concerns about our imprecise understanding of just how many of their own cells vaccinated individuals will destroy because they manifest the spike protein. Cell damage is what causes the high rate of both local and systemic adverse reactions. But quite clearly at a low, but rather alarming, rate this is sufficient to cause clotting disorders, cardiac dysfunction and probably other issues, and sometimes death.

But if reverse transcription of vaccine RNA into DNA causes many (or even all) of your cells to continue produce the spike protein long-term, then an overwhelming and lethal reaction will be the sign that we did not understand enough about the cell before we forged ahead with universal insistence on RNA-vaccines, that had already proved too dangerous in the animal stages of SARS-1 vaccine research.

From the point of view of the human race overall , this might not be too dangerous. A rare effect that rapidly kills, whilst bad for individuals who had hoped for protection, and hopefully even more destructive to the reputation of Big Pharma and hubristic technocratic governments and NGOs, rapidly disappears once the cause is removed through death. But suppose that that for some reason this DNA trait were incompletely expressed, and involved (perhaps) cells lines that matter more in middle age. In that case the trait might spread through the population as those affected had children, only to die later. In that case, our wonderfully ingenious, but incompletely trialled, vaccines would have introduced a new and devastating genetic disease into the race. And with such rapid and high rate of vaccination as we are seeing, perhaps the incorporation of the spike protein into the genome would be common enough amongst the billions of individuals so treated to cause a major scourge. In that case the world might regret acquiescing in the sidelining vitamin D, ivermection and hydroxychloroquine in favour of vaccines.

That is speculative, but I would suggest that there have already been enough surprises from the COVID vaccines – at a world scale – to demonstrate that the propaganda of the Gates Foundation and others that regular new vaccinations are safe and will be the mainstay of future world health is profoundly dangerous. Who would have predicted (I suspect some wise heads did) that the state of the art vaccines which, remember, have been proposed as the solution to pandemics for several years by the great and good, would potentially become rapidly ineffective because their mass rollout put selection pressure on SARS-CoV-2 to produce multiple new variants of spike protein? Natural herd immunity, by contrast, targets multiple elements of viruses and can easily cope with their genetic variability – the immune system has been managing viral evolution successfully for millions of years.

That is a real concern, although the main “puffing” of variants by the propaganda machine seems to have been not a recognition of the shortcomings of RNA vaccines, but part of the behavioural psychological disinformation campaign. In Britain, the “Indian variant” appears to be becoming dominant. But “case” numbers are barely changing (if that even means anything beyond a test result), and admissions and deaths continue to fall, whilst there is no evidence that immunity from infection or vaccination fails to provide good protection.

Yet last week SAGE made absolutely ridiculous and impossible projections of anything up to 20,000 new cases daily by July – of an endemic virus in an immune and vaccinated population in summer! And so it seems that, wishing to continue restrictions and in this case vaccinate everything that moves, but with no curve to flatten, no failing NHS, no deaths, few cases and a mostly vaccinated population, then raising a hue and cry over variants, as dangerous evils in their own right, is all they have left to scare us with.

At least that probably means that by the time human-vaccine chimaeras begin to be detected and die horrible deaths, most people will be immune to further fear, whilst the anxious will have already been driven too mad to notice anything more subtle than a crooked mask in the supermarket.

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  1. Peter Hickman says:

    Great post, Jon, albeit somewhat scary.

    So now we may have +ve PCR ‘cases’ that are simply the consequence of vaccination – in people that have never met the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
    A minor consideration, I realise.

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      And just to add another layer of nihilism, with mass-vaccination selecting for variants, potentially real cases that are the consequence of vaccination. But not yet (apart from the immediate post-vaccine cases, whatever their cause).

  2. Ben says:

    I’m guessing you already watched this, but just in case (and for your readers):
    “Geert Vanden Bossche is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who has specialist expertise in virology and vaccinology, Geert has worked in industry in the construction of vaccines, and in the non profit sector working to bring immunity to larger numbers of people.”

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