How I got suspicious

All I really want to do here is link to an excellent explanation of where we all are, and where we’re all going, politically and socially. At least before it’s taken down from YouTube

To understand why I’ve taken such a skeptical line on COVID, you have to understand that these kind of ideas had been going around in my mind for a few years, and especially through 2019, when the e-book Seeing Through Smoke was written. When the COVID nonsense arrived, it was like seeing a textbook description in real life.

You’ll see that the video-maker makes extensive use of A. M. Meerloo’s concept of “menticide,” in his 1956 book The Rape of the Mind, which was a major source for me too. In other words, this is long-established stuff gleaned from Meerloo’s experience of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union – it is not a paranoid reaction to COVID.

Pass it round.

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