Joining up the frogs

Back in 2019, when I wrote Seeing through Smoke, I surprised myself by becoming not only skeptical of the whole climate science narrative, but convinced that it is part of the same deception at work in the post-modern moral system that James Lindsay usefully labels “Identity Marxism.” Up to that time I’d taken it for granted the general picture was true, despite the dishonesty of the some of the rhetoric of people like Michael Mann and David Attenborough. Enlightenment came, as it usually does, by looking beneath the bonnet.

I began the chapter of my book entitled “A climate of fear” thus:

I suspect — No, I am quite certain—that it will prove considerably
more difficult for many readers to entertain any connection between
the sexuality and gender deception, which everyone acknowledges is a
moral minefield, and concern for the environment. After all, what can
be objected to about Christians caring for God’s creation?

My prediction came true, for I got a fair bit of pushback from Christian friends, some of whom were quite sympathetic to the rest of the book. The doubts even got into reviews of my other books, one reader calling into question the whole thesis of The Generations of Heaven and Earth because they had seen my views on climate change on this blog, which called into question my judgement on anything else!

But I was interested to see what Nancy Pelosi recently said in her address to the COP26 conference, which seems to confirm the link I made:

“The ‘Build Back Better’ and bipartisan infrastructure framework recognises the interconnections of climate change and gender justice… Our legislation advances our mission to decarbonise and realign every sector of the economy.”

In fact there have been previous statements linking Climate Alarmism with the Great Reset agenda by other activists including Greta Thunberg, but this from a major policy-maker at a Climate Summit makes the connection explicit.

The third item of the Anti-trinity is, of course, COVID-19, which no less a figure than Klaus Schwab expressly linked to his Great Reset in the book of that name, which emerged last year almost as quickly as the pandemic itself. There are numerous connecting threads here, from the involvement of the same players linked to the Green Industrial Complex, using the same terminology (Pelosi and the rest’s “Build Back Better” being one example), to the vaccine passports not only using the same technology as that proposed for Universal Digital Identity, and in China already implemented, but originating and being developed by the same ID2020 people who proposed UDI in the first place, four years before COVID. At their head stand ID2020’s founders: the Rockefeller Foundation which has been promoting a new technocratic world order (and eugenics) for a century, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (through GAVI), promoting a vaccine-centred model of universal medicalisation of the world.

Although it is not so much “evidence” as shared suspicion, I was amused to read the Facebook page of John Dee, the retired NHS statistician whose in-depth analyses of ONS COVID statistics, and their revealing interpretation, I have followed for a few months. He wrote a day or two ago that before he studied the COVID nonsense, he studied the Climate nonsense. He describes them as “Same s***, Different toilets.”

The intimate connections between the three things – Intersectionality, Climate Change and COVID-19, cannot any longer be denied. There is no coincidence between the major proponents of one being the proponents of all three – they are in lockstep. For the rest of us, to the extent that we are sympathetic to the mainstream position on any of these, we need to do enough individual research to prove to ourselves that they are not inextricably linked, or we will be sucked into those we cannot support by the one we like.

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