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Song of another month…

Just to say I’ve replaced the song on my website front page with this new offering. This is You Ain’t Gonna Take My Home, which was another of those originally conceived for a film score. It’s about anĀ  elderly, poor, man being visited by a bureaucrat telling him he’s going to be reallocated to some kind of new accommodation. But we don’t all lie down and submit… As before, this should stay up about a month , and I’ll aim to put the whole album online when it’s finished in the New Year.

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The imposition of illusory design on science

In an exchange I’ve had with Hornspiel on BioLogos, he suggested that “design” was an unnecessary and unwelcome new addition to science as it has been practised for the last 400 years. His implication is that teleology has been rightly excluded, citing the usual arguments for methodological naturalism. I want to leave methodological naturalism aside for a moment, and look at the actual place of design in science, historically.

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