Hungry for You

I heard yesterday of the sudden and tragic death of a young friend of mine. In 2003 she played flute on one of my songs, which I attach here as a tribute to Claire’s memory.

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Training in medicine (which was my career), social psychology and theology. Interests in most things, but especially the science-faith interface. The rest of my time, though, is spent writing, playing and recording music.
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2 Responses to Hungry for You

  1. Jon,

    Thanks for that. A lovely song echoing the desires of my heart.

    It is particularly sad when a young person dies.
    Recently we buried my 29 year old niece. She died from a genetically mediated gastric carcinoma, as did my sister two years ago.
    Yesterday I got the results of my own genetic tests. I’m clear. With a 1:2 chance of passing it on if I had it, and with an 80% lifetime risk of contracting the disease if you have the gene, I’m glad that my three youngsters don’t have to worry about it.

  2. Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

    Thanks Peter. She related closely to the song too, which is, I gather, a comfort for her family.

    And I’m glad you’re genetically in the clear, too.

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