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I’ve mentioned before something of my enthusiam for the metaphysical poet Thomas Traherne. The Eclectic Orthodoxy blog has a piece which is just a fairly lengthy quotation from one of the better known parts of his Centuries of Meditations. Read, enjoy and meditate.

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  1. Ian Thompson says:

    You never enjoy the world aright, till you see how a sand exhibiteth the wisdom and power of God: And prize in everything the service which they do you . . .

    The world is a mirror of infinite beauty, yet no man sees it . . .


    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      I’m glad you appreciate it, Ian. Traherne has a good “line” on dust, which for some reason sticks in my memory more than anything else in “Centuries”. Just a couple of sections before the section quoted, he writes:

      Can you take too much joy in your Father’s works? He is Himself in everything. Some things are little on the outside, and rough and common, but I remember the time when the dust of the streets were as precious as Gold to my infant eyes, and now they are more precious to the eye of reason,

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